Monday, March 22, 2010

My Wonderland (72 Tenants, Avatar, Burger King)

Omg, I just realised that I hadn't updated for more than a week! There were a lot in my mind! But, some of them were washed away by time. Yet, I would try my best to remember some beautiful memories! That's is why My Little World is My Wonderland! Haha, isn't this obvious? I am going to talk about Alice in Wonderland! But, at the same time, I will talk a bit about 72 TENANTS and also AVATAR!!!~~~ I warned you all, this is gonna be a super duper long post!

Chapter 1: 72 Tenants

Firstly, 72 tenants! Well, it was a bit over-rated! Even though Anita Yuen is still my favourite actress, she seems to lose her own style already! But, the complimentary passes were really worthy because the whole cinema was full-house even in Jusco Balakong there! Crazy ~~~~~~The storyline was a bit predictable - all well that ends well ~~~ But, several guest actors really did make a huge impression!
  • Shermaine 佘诗曼 - The Landlord lady - super fierce and totally not her image at all! It was a great try for her. But, her appearance was too short!!!!!~~~
  • 钟嘉欣 had to kiss 王祖蓝 so many times(@@)~~~
  1. Cast: 8/10
  2. Storyline: 5/10
  3. Development: 4/10 (climax)

Chapter 2: Alice's Wonderland in Midvalley
Last Wednesday (17-3-10), after class, me and my gang of friends wondered our way to a Wonderland - Midvalley! Our plan was to watch Alice in Wonderland. But, to our surprise, the wonderland was filled with people! Yes, we were drowned in a sea of people. Horrible!!! Then, when we queued for the tickets for 4.30pm show. The screen were showing selling fast, but there were still about 30 reserve tickets left. But, the stupid staff would not check for us! Super lousy!!!! Anyway, at the end, we ended up buying tickets at GSC SIGNATURE GARDEN!!!! YES, THE TICKETS WERE 100% more expensive(RM15)! 


Oh, in conjunction of Alice's Wonderland showing, Mivalley also created a Wonderland of its own! I have to say: it was amazing!!!! Everything there was quite detailed and beautiful!!!!~~~~Gonna show you all more photos^^. Anyway, can you all see the GSC Signature!? It was super grand! and all the seats there were double seated which was suitable for couple! I was lucky to have the double seat all by myself. I felt like a RED QUEEN there. hohohoho, laying there, and enjoying the show!

Before the show, we headed for lunch! Yes, we were starved to death thanks to GSC Midvalley! If you got the cash, just go for GSC Signature lah~~~ but, not always lah~~~..hahaha. We had BURGER KING for lunch and thanks to Elaine - she treated us ooooooooooooo !!! Thanks~~~

burger king

Yes, certain restaurants, the bill can be paid via Touch-n-Go card. How convenient!!!!~~~ Again, thanks Elaine for the treat! Thanks~~~~~~~~Milllion thanks~~~~~~~~

burger king

Well, the burgers were super nice! Of course, it was much more tastier than McDonald, but, the price also more expensive. One thing I was surprise and dislike was that there was no more free flow of soft drinks. Haizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz~~~~~~~~~~


Here are the models of the day! Hahaha, it was indeed a fun day to relax! But, the crowd was too great! It was super difficult to take photos. People kept on wrecking the scene. ~~~

The Wonderland of Midvalley really attracted people! Wonder why they didn't make Pandora for Avatar?~~~~Anyway, guys, I really had a great time! We should do it more often!(^^)~~~ 

Chapter 3: Avatar in Wonderland 

Well, how would I start this?!~~~ Avatar and Wonderland are both great movies in their own ways! Avatar, took its time to explore the world of Pandora. However, Alice rushed her revisit of the Wonderland. If Tim Burton took another 30 mins to show us how beautiful Wonderland was, I would vote for Wonderland to win! Now, both of them are in tie! Avatar lacked of interaction between human and Navee~~ When everything happened in 3D, it stuck to 3D. There were no direct interactions! In Wonderland, Alice interacted with all the 3D characters like the rabbit, the animals. But, the casts in Wonderland had rather short appearance which led to limitation of acting. Johnny Depp was a colourful vase~~~ So, the rating are~~~
  1. Cast: 6/10 (Well, most of them are in 3D)
  2. Storyline: 7/10 (predictable)
  3. Development: 9/10 (climax was great!)  
Alice's Wonderland
  1. Cast: 7.5/10 (lack of development of characters)
  2. Storyline: 9/10 (Revisiting was a great theme)
  3. Development: 7/10 (climax was too much! need to lengthen the story and time of movie)


Saturday, March 13, 2010

SHE is The One Concert!

It had been a week since my SHE IS THE ONE CONCERT 2010! Yup, on last Saturday, my sis won a pair of tickets for SHE concert (6/3/10). This was my second concert! Last year, on the same month, I was given a pair of free tickets from my housemate for their same-door-brothers (同门师弟)- Fahrenheit 's 想入飞飞 concert! Anyway, even though it had been a week, I could still remember vividly almost every scene there! My sis got us a pair of RM138 tickets. Well, it was a bit far from the stage! But, I was super contented!

Before the concert started, we went there and collected the tickets! The crowd was great even though it was quite hot there! The pic below tells the story!You can see all the SHE fans there~~~hohoho:


Then, after loitering for half an hour, we went into the outdoor stadium. To our surprise, it was a like a festival there. You can see lok lok, nuggets, drinks, and etc. Then, when we went in, it was quite disappointing to see that our seats were on far right side of the stadium! Nonetheless, from the view, the stage was spectaculars! According to the newspaper, the stage was practically transported from Taiwan(^^)~~~Wowowowo~~~. From the pics, the camouflaging stage gave us a lot of surprise~~~ 


Here they were! The Charmed One..hahaha, no lah, They are SHERO (NEW ALBUM)~~~ Yes, the quality is super bad, I know. They are definitely not Selina, Hebe, and Ella~~~Hahaha~~~At the beginning of the concert, they were dancing like there was no tomorrow! They really had a lot of energy! I have to say  this, I love all their songs~~~~~~~~~hohohohoh~~~~~Then, they rose to the mid-air with a shining bird nest to sing some beautiful serenading love songs~~~


After that, they had some special segments. First, they were doing the 百老汇  or like a musical. Haha, they looked amazing in their cocktail dresses! Ella looked special with her Nike sneakers.....Off course, they invited Yoga Lim (林宥嘉) as their guest singer oooo~~~ He was definitely a good singer. But, his song was a bit weird~~~There came the Karaoke segment which they chose their songs~~
  • Ella - Simple Love by Jay Zhou (简单爱 -周董)
  • Selina - Admire by Fish Leong (崇拜- 梁静茹)
  • Hebe - Love Letter by Faye Wong [Cantonese] (情书[粤语] 王菲
Their performance was so strong from the start to the end! The whole night, I was waiting for my all-time-S.H.E-song. It was only sung as the last song of the encore - 恋人未满. I was a bit touched because it was a moment there that we had the same thought!

Here is the song lists for the night adapted from :
Super Star / Boom / Super Model / 宇宙小姐 / 612星球 / 热带雨林 / 天灰 / 五月天 / 你最近还好吗 / 花都开好了 / 伦敦大桥垮下来 / 怎么办 / 可爱万岁 / Hebe - Dream A Little Dream of Me / Selina – Wake Me Up before You Go-Go / Ella – 我就是我 / 触电 / 远方 / 天亮了 / 半糖主义 / 我爱烦恼 / 痛快 / 爱我的资格(林宥嘉合唱)/ 林宥嘉 – 看见什么吃什么 / 金钟罩铁布衫+ 梦田 / 老婆 / 爱到疯癫 / 安静了 / 说你爱我 / Ella - 简单爱 / Selina - 崇拜 / Hebe - 给自己的情书 / 终结孤单+三天三夜 / 魔力 / I.O.I.O / 波斯猫 / 不想长大 / Beauty Up My Life / Remember / 美丽新世界 / 中国话 / 恋人未满
Then, we rushed to the HILTON KL for their after-concert party! Yes, this means that we will have the chance to meet them in person. While waiting for their arrival, we were having a feast in the midnight!!!!. Yes, supper ....omg it was super fattening - nasi lemak, fried chicken, porridge, a lot of deserts~~~~ 


Well, one of the worst things in my life just happened! Even though we were only a few feet away from SHE, Yoga, we were not allowed to take photos! Yes, the organiser was very strict! They even hired big size bodyguard to take care of us~~~~~~But, at least, I took photos with them in a group ( which I believed that it will never surface at all) and shook Ella's hand....hahahaha, that is enough liao~~~~~


    Friday, March 5, 2010

    Strange Encounter - 奇遇 -

    Last Wednesday, it was one of the weirdest day ever. On my way back walking to my home, a yoga instructor from Mumbai, was kinda lost there. He was asking me direction to Putra via ktm....I was not sure at that time. Then, he said: " the next stop after Bank Negara!"

    Oh, I realised it was the train to Rawang. So, I pointed the direction to him. But, just before he left, he thanked me and shook my hand. Well, the story didn't just end there. With his hypnotic eyes, he said to me:" please wait! I noticed you have a nice line near your forehead~~ this indicated that you will be a very good in doing your own business." I was a bit skeptical about his "facial reading". But, wait, he did not stop!

    Then, from his claim, I will be having 2 boys and 1 girl or 2 girls and 1 boy in the future@@. Hmmmm, okay, I was just nodding. When I was trying to leave, he stopped him again. He took out a piece of paper and asked me to speak out any 4 numbers. Before this, he put a folded paper into my hands. and the number in the folded paper was the same as the number I said~~~~~~~Omg~~~~~~~~~~

    Anyway, I was so afraid that "kena" hypnotized that I tried my best to get away. But, then, he stopped me again and gave me a paper with 4 numbers on it and asked me to buy magnum~~After that,I rushed back home and asked my housemate whether anything wrong with me! But, it seemed that he did not cheat me or anything. Well, this is the strangest part of the story!

    So, he did not cheat me, steal my stuff, follow me ...... this might be his way to thank me!!!!???? But, he was not entire right about the future!!1 The number he gave me didn't even make it to the consolation lists~~~