Friday, April 24, 2009

Finally~~~Amazing Week@Fahrenheit Concert

This post, yes, this particular post, is what I wanted to share with you all for quite some time ago. Do you still remember March 28 2009? What was so special about that day except that it was Earth Hour Day?

Yes, it was Fahrenheit Concert 2009 at Bukit Jalil. This was my first concert.(Really did not expect to go to their concert, some more it was my first). You all might wonder why did I go~~~ Because my housemate got free tickets from her company. Yes, it was indeed a lucky treat.(^^)

fahrenheit 2009

Hehe, those are the tickets! I was quite excited to be honest. Then, along with my sis and her bf, we went there about 6.30pm(Of course, we had our dinner first)

fahrenheit 2009

This was how the stage was like before the show started. We were waiting super patiently until about 8.30pm. Omg, the tickets said that it was 8.00pm - Malaysian Time.

Then, the first performer came out~~~~~Yes, she was Karen Kong. Actually, I have to say, she was quite an artist. Well, she performed quite well and she was quite daring as well. Her advice was " after the concert, we all can go home and switch off the lights for 1 hour" since it was Earth Hour that day. Hehe, they did turned off the lights for 1 min though..........

After her performance, they popped out like a superstar!!!!!
fahrenheit 2009
Actually, I really like the stage. It was so cool and nice~~~If you don't believe me, just keep on reading.

fahrenheit 2009 concert
This was one of my favourite scene. The colourful stage just kept on capturing my attention and their performance was quite okay!!!!

fahrenheit 2009 concert
Now, here was the climax when the Fahrenheit Board was lit!!! It was totally cool@!!!!!

fahrenheit 2009

Well, all things would come to an end. This was almost the end of the show. Waiting for their encore~~~~~~~~~~

Overall, I had a blast of time in their concert. FYI, my sis just fell in love with Wu Zhun and their song "Ai Dao"

I would say that they are the true performer as they danced, sang, and wooed all the fans. This is the meaning of true performer. As for me, this had left a good impression on me~~~

In the future, I just can't wait for another concert of my life(Hopefully, it will be free again). Next time, a 12 megapixel camera and a binocular scope are really needed as they will be my "new weapon"!


fufu said...

hahahhaa... or save more money to buy a better/closer seat =)

BeArLeOnG89 said...

Wow, exactly the same content as your wretch. You just translate the content from Mandarin to English. (^<^)

WanWan said...

I did went for this concert.. disappointed one for me... hehehe...

Xjion89 said...

yalor, can't really see them

i am a good translator mah(^^)

haha, it was okay since this was my 1st concert.later, will wan more(^^)...

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