Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I AM A BLOGGER AWARD(^^) + A Busy Week Ahead

Hey, guys(^0^).I am super busy due to next week horrible schedule again!! Therefore, I can update that often! If you remember I had 4 due dates in a week last time, well, I have another one coming next week! However, before I "brag" about my busy week, I am gonna share an award with you all from Erlina~~~~


I am really thanking Erlina for this award. Now, as a tradition, I am passing it down to a few bloggers who deserve it(^^)

Now, it is time say good bye for a while because:

Due Dates:
Process Engineering Project Final Report
Energy Technology Test
Mathematics Test
Thermodynamic Coursework


[~*Erlina~*] said...

good luck and all the best oh~

fufu said...

wow manage your time properly then...i will fly to sabah tomorrow...see you after i am back home next sat!!

Anonymous said...

all the best! =)

Xjion89 said...


WAAA, super nice~~~

thanks, all the best to u too(^^)