Sunday, April 26, 2009

Finally~~~Amazing Week@Joyoya Feast Starhill

After weeks of business, I could finally share with you all some news about my life. (even though I know that I should be studying for my finals). Anyway, let's cut the chase. On 28 of March, I had attended Fahrenheit Concert at Bukit Jalil. After 3 days, on Monday (31 of March), I was quite excited because I had "ajak" a group of coursemates to go to have a feast at JOGOYA!!!!!!!!

The people who really understand me from inside and out might wonder why this miser >>>> me would waste that kind of money to eat Japanese Buffet. Well, the main reason is that one of my coursemates has the VIP card. Because of this, 9 people with 2 cars straight away drove to Starhill after our class.

Then, it was "KONICHIWA MINASEN" by the models of the day (with permission)
jogoya 2009
Both of them are my coursemates, Elaine and Ah Shir! (Thanks again for modeling for a day)

Since we had reserved a table there, we were walking in like VIP(thanks to Pooi Shuen for the VIP card). Without wasting any time, it was time to feast!!!!!!!!! Let the pictures do the talking!
Jogoya 2009

The Starting Menu of The day(^^)~~~Sore throat (All Fried Foods)

jogoya 2009

This was The VIP dishes (^^) Since we were VIP (thanks to the card), we could order food only for VIP!!!!! (However, the crab was not that fresh though)


Well, the main highlight or my own highlight of JOGOYA was its delicious dessert temptation!!!! I drank 3 cups of Haagen Dazs and ate numerous scoops of them (p.s: RM 10.50 per scoop)

jogoya 2009

Of course, apart from sexy haagen dazs, we also had sexy green tea cheese cakes and sexy coconut drinks? (Model: Bolwin, another coursemate)>>

Jogoya 2009

At the end, we broke the coconut drinks traditional! YES, I WAS holding the Puding!!!!!!!

That day, I was having a whale of time. It was not about the fancy food, fancy Pavillion, fancy... I had some time to know more about my coursemates. All of us are different individual~~~~

Elaine: The Princess
Ah Shir: Happy Gal
Lih Chi: The Cool Girl
Michelle: The Angel
KC TaN: The Quiet One
Pooi Shuen: Kind Girl
Sook Hwa: The Loud 1
Kar Sheng: The Legendary Singer???



Hemsem Ahmike said...

Wow bro, nice week you fully enjoyed :)

off topic:
Google Reader rocks! I get your fresh update yeah :)

2) DSLR. After owning a dslr for such a long time, I really learn a lot in term of taking photos. If you want me to suggest, I would say go for semi pro first such Lumix FZ28, Sony HSF50(if not mistaken). those are very good too. You can learn online the basics of camera such as ISO, Noise, Aperture, Shutter speed, lots more before buying one.

Other than that, DSLR means you get to waste lots of money. You will need to buy lenses and flash and others. However, I would suggest you got for Sony A200, Nikon D60, D40x, Canon 1000D, 400D. They are for beginner stage. Also, cheaper than those pro DSLR. :)

Let me know if you buy one :)

Xjion89 said...

Thanks for all the info.

Ya, i tot of getting 1 but it is quite expensive. Therefore, really nid some good guidance!!!

Now, i can start to do some research!!! Thanks, bro(^^)

Borneo Falcon said...

I'm a miser too :)

KahJoon_AJ said...

xinjiat...y so weird ar,ur photo i cant view leh...haiz...

fufu said...

wow...nice good i heard that restaurant is not bad... gotta try myself next time...

renaye said...

march 31 got concert in bukit jalil?! how come i don't know? and how come my area was not jam at all?!

WanWan said...

nice nice.... coz still expensive that's y still havent try this yet..

Xjion89 said...

[Borneo Falcon]
haha, we are in the same group then~~~

Hmmm, line problem???

haha, u shud, u can eat all u wan~~~

no lah, on 28 March ~~~Fahrenheit Concert (^^)

haha, i oso wait until the promotion or else wun try~~~