Monday, May 4, 2009

Finally~~~Amazing Week @Biang Birthday Dinner at Chilis

I just reached KL from Ipoh. I totally missed Ipoh a lot already. The weather, the food, the food, and the people there are super cool!!!! Yes, I had a blast at home until I forgot to revise for my finals, update my blog..etc...I am going down. Anyway, before going down, today, I took the train from Ipoh to KL. Actually, it is quite convenient. However, every time I reach KL Central, I need to take the KTM. Haiz, I wonder why the train from Ipoh to KL could be that on time; on the hand, the intercity KTM train would always encounter unforeseen incident.

Okay, after today post, I would take a super long break really prepare for my finals since at home, there were temptations everywhere.

Biang Birthday Celebration at Chilis

Yes, on the same week after enjoying a concert at Bukit Jalil and having a feast at Jogoya, I went to Chilis on Friday (4/4/09) along with Yeanthing, Jane, Milo, Biang... and Shirley was releasing bird again.~~~Ooo, it was actually an early celebration. (I am so pai seh to take so long to update this post). Anyway, I wish her Happy Birthday A Few Times already.hehehe~~~~Happy Belated Birthday for a month, Biang(^^)

Hehe, love this pic. She seemed so blur that time.hahaha~~~~

Since we were waiting for the whole gang to show up, a few of us ordered a bottomless chips. Yes, I was eating non-stop again. I really need to praised myself for the enormous appetite I have. Hehe, we refilled 3 times.~~~

The Menu of The Day is as below : ) The portion was quite big! (1 plate can feed at least 3 person)
Ooo, this dish was quite interesting. It was sizzling hot (Can you see the steam?)and to top this dish, it was accompanied by the side dishes below~~~ Cool leh(^^)

This plate is a mixed dishes with several sauces.

Lastly, we were actually quite full~~~(After drinking 6 and half glass of bottomless fruit juice)The last dish was quite huge in portion as well. But, this would not stop me ~~~~

The Model of The Day: Yeanthing(^^)~~~

P.S:I just realised that I do not have some pictures during the gathering~~~~My friend, please remember to give me lah~~~~


fufu said...

yeah the suckzzzz...wonder why still no improvement/action taken since i am back 2yr ago...i still remember i took it right after i came back from japan....arrgghhhh....ok forget it!!

wow...nice food!!! =p

yeanthing is so charming =)

milo×米咯 said...

yup!some photo that belong to Jane I haven't get too~

Borneo Falcon said...

You pick the right model. Ha....Ha...

BeArLeOnG89 said...

Before I came back to Msia, you're the champ. But now I am finally back, the champ is still here! I must eat a lot before dieting.

yenniedoll said...

teh model look so charming. =)

renaye said...

the birthday girl didn't get free brownie?

LeeChien said...

wow.. these are so tempting....

Xjion89 said...

Hey, guys sorry for the late reply.I finished my finals yesterday!!!!

haha, ktm in Malaysia would take N years to improve. She was indeed charming!!!haha

really hv to wait for 8 yearss!!!

[borneo falcon]
haha, she is really the top model!!!

omg, stop eating liao b4 it is too late!! an advice from a friend.

haha, again she is the Malaysian next top model

nope, she din. We actually celebrated her birthday a day earlier. but , later my friend said tat still can request for 1...><

haha, thanks(^^)