Thursday, May 28, 2009

Finally~~~Amazing Week@Sepang Circuit

Sepang Circuit happened more than a month from now (6/4/09). Omg, I just wanted to update it now. Hahaha, officially, I am one of the most outdated person in the world. Anyway, with the examination over, I finally have the time to share the story.

It was a Sunday morning, I was told that the gathering was at the uni's bus stop. So, I was so excited and reached my uni an hour earlier and then, the buses came. Well, we were assigned to a lousy bus><. But, what the heck! We just wanted to enjoy the event. By the way, the tickets were about RM30.00 person including transportation. Why not? Since the usual price was about RM100.00 for students.

sepang visit
After hours of bus ride, we finally reached there - Sepang Circuit 2009; however, the drop-off point was totally way-off.

This baby was ultra-cool!!!! I felt like taking a round with this race car~~~

sepang circuit crowd
Here was the crowd. Yes, you could really see people from all walk of life!!! The merchandises there were quite dear! A simple T-shirt could cost you a leg!!!!

sepang circuit adrenaline
I was feeling the adrenaline of Sepang Circuit 2009!!! Do you?

Some interesting snap shots taken during my time there~~~

grandstand tower
Before, the real race started, I was exploring the grandstand tower thoroughly. I really loved the interior design of the premise. It was unique and wing-like.

Now, it is time for the race to start! I have to tell you all to be prepared because it is gonna be crazily noisy and freakishly exciting!!!!! Wanna to hear it? Wanna to feel it? Are you sure? It would take your hearing away! It would accelerate your heat beat! It would impact you forever! By the way, you must have earplug!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I did not bring mine, I regretted!!!!
sepang circuit~~~
Anyway, here are some still shots! Due to obselete of the camera, it was not easy to the rapid motion of the cars! Not kidding!

the star?!8tv host
Then, it was time to buy lunch. This was the time I saw a guy wearing sunglasses. Yes, I was checking a guy. Why? Because he looked so familiar. I was suspecting that he was Henry Golding - The New 8TV host!!!! Faster tell me, was it him?


Anyway, back to the lunch! Please guess how much was the food on the picture above? Surprisingly, it cost me RM25 for two cans of coca-cola and sandwich!!!! Yes, it was freaking expensive!!!! I had no choice! Well, I did. Most of my coursemates did not buy - they rather starved!!!! Anyway, I learned my lesson - don't eat one day, it won't kill you!

models of the day
Of course, it is like a tradition for My Little World blog to include models of the day picture. They are my coursemates Julv Gee and Amirah. Thanks for posing for me(^^).

the rainny day~sepang
Then, everything started to fall apart. Haha, yes, I am being dramatic! But, it was true. After buying the expensive lunch, it started to rain until the race was inevitably stopped. Then, we had to wait for hour for the bus under the rain! We had to cross the muddy field and walked under the rain><. Lastly, the shot of the day is.........................
the shot of the day
LADY BE CAREFUL! THE ROCKET DSLR IS GONNA HIT YOU...HAHAHA....I hope I can get a DSLR~~~Plz support my ads...hehe(^^)

Overall experience and advice:
  • It was cool and exciting!
  • It was rainy but it was fate.
  • Will I go again? If I really go again, I would be prepare! eye-plugs!!!!!!
p.s: One of the posts with most words and pictures. Hope you all like it!


leo7_lion said...

Lol, enjoy huh~

Borneo Falcon said...

I saw in TV it was a wet race that day but never realize a small flood happened

Hemsem Ahmike said...

Mannnnn it's him... he is so handsomeee

Anonymous said...

ahh i went the once.. swore not to go again..
dont really find the whole experience exciting at all, instead ear pain! lol =D

Xjion89 said...

haha, got discount on the ticket mah~~

[borneo falcon]
it was soaking wet day~~~ my shoes really sank into the mud and water....

hahhaha, i think is him~~~

hahahaha, i got the same feeling~~~hot , then, wet, mud~~~