Saturday, June 30, 2012

The Return from Sabah


After an eventful awesome 5 days 4 nights trip to Sabah, I am ultra-exhausted. While tripping, I was required to handle the graduation matters. It was truly challenging; but, thank goodness with my friends' data plan, I was able to survive..Hahahah, the road trip, the accommodation, the plans... were memorable!

Will blog more details soon! Now, just look at the insects hatching at the window's panel was interesting (^^). Anyhow, 2moro is another big day for me to take my graduation photos, need to do facial and sleep early..(^^) Tata for now ~~~

Sunday, June 24, 2012

It Is Time To Say Hi To Kota Kinabalu (^^)


In less than 12 hours, I will be on my way to Sabah - The Land Below The Wind (^^)
Totally Exhausted, because just had a Perak Free and Easy Tour (^^)
Tatata, see you guys soon (^^)

BRUCE LEE is definitely cool - perhaps an Idol to almost all the boys in the world once? (^^)

Friday, June 22, 2012

The Change in Ipoh; The Change in Me

If you have read my previous post on the unhealthy property development in Ipoh , the downside is that the price of property in Ipoh is so freaking expensive; consequently, the living cost is also quite high. Now, chicken rice is no more RM 3.00. ~ Anyhow, development is inevitable. But, sustainable and good development is the key role of ensuring the strength of the states. With everything rises up in price, the salary doesn't seemed to increase more. KL suffers a more severe condition.

I remembered reading an article stating that Perak basically is not among the wealthy states in Malaysia. Why? BAD MANAGEMENT! Ipoh can be like Malacca, a tourist central !!!! Ipoh can be green land with abundant of natural resources. However, what I can see now is:
  1. Expensive building ( RM 3 million house )
  2. Expensive yet delicious food ....
  3. State that refuse to go green - poor public transportation (despite some improvements); landfill-orientated without recycling scheme. 
Yeah, the new Jusco really creates a lot of employment opportunities. But, I still don't see a lot of green development in Perak. Sad case. Anyhow, I am quite delighted to see the "metamorphosis" of the new bridge though (^^).

What I hope to see:
  1. Renewable energy (too much to ask for)
  2. Waste categorization (3Rs)
  3. Better transportation (ie: LRT, a bit dreamy of me ^^)
 So, what change in Me? I grew up to learn that Ipoh can be a better place! (^^)

Note: The above post is purely a random-thought young lad who think only the good for Ipoh; Therefore, he is just hoping for a better future. Any comments are welcome ~



Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Paper Chicken(纸包鸡)(Serdang) 2 @ Liang Ya (梁雅)

4 years ago, just after I had finished my foundation studies, I packed endlessly before leaving Semenyih for a long holiday. 4 years later, I embarked on a similar journey; but the main difference was that I most probably would leave Semenyih more than a holiday?. 

Anyhow, the ritual was almost the same - packing and then, lunch at Serdang. Since it was just nearby, I decided to have the final luncheon there once and for all. Reading back my post (here), it was plain funny that I was utterly naive with child-like language. Yet, I still treasured the old me because it made me feel special?~ Moreover, the photos were taken using my Nokia 5300 which I used during my foundation time (Yeah, only 2 MP). It was such a nostalgic moment, everything seemed to be fresh and enlightening! Omg, I sound so old (^^)


So, this time around, I will explain more on the dishes we ordered.Basically, this restaurant (near The Mines) and on the same row as TM Serdang serves Hakka delicacies for don't-know-how-many-years.

This was the meat combo. Basically, it has two different style of cooking. 
The restaurant also got this ginger garlic fish, quite okay!
This was quite nice too - The Fupei with vegetable combo (^^) Healthy~
Hakka people also known to prepare some of the finest yang taufoh in the world..hahahaha, there were mixture of various type of "yang" vege, eggplant, chilil, ,,,,,etc~

Lastly, it was the most famous dish in the restaurant - Paper Chicken. With the chicken being wrapped using special paper along with other ingredients, this dish was rather special because the chicken was still quite smooth. Therefore, in Serdang, this restaurant is always a must-go for my parents. 


Saturday, June 16, 2012

The Legacy of Dark Angel - Luxcy Lee

1 year, 10 months, 9 days, 16 hours, 16 minutes, 39 seconds

This is amount of time I have been missing my lost dog - Luxcy Lee. If you remember quite some time ago, I post a lost and found ads on my bloggie (here). She is a beautiful pincher with silky black fur with a superstrong voice! 

In 2006, while I was still having my SPM examination (final paper). My mom said she have a surprise for me. Yes, when she came to fetch me from school just now, a dog suddenly came into our house. She was really quiet. My mom was trying to get her off our house, but to no avail. Then, just like that, she became a part of family. 

She reminded of the old dog - another golden pincher we used to have - Goldie who ran away a couple of years ago. Yup, it was such a heart-broken moment. So, in my mind, I always think that Luxcy might be Goldie's daughter. hahahaha ~ silly me! That;s why, we named her Luxcy from Goldielocks...@@ ~

She is always fearless because when it comes to protecting our family, she never step back at all. Once, she dared to challenge a cobra's poison venom. One of her eyes suffered the consequences. Ever since, we love her more each day. Then, she gave birth to a bunch of puppies! We managed to keep one (Muffin), a silly greyish pincher who almost looks like her mother but nothing like her in term of characters. 

On an unexpected morning, while my mom rushed out from the house, the almost-blind Luxcy decided to run away. We never know the reason she run away. But, to be honest, PINCHERS HAVE HIGH TENDENCY TO RUN AWAY (Our neighbour's dog which happens to be Luxcy's daughter also ran away recently). Therefore, it is never too cautious about pincher!

I managed to track down her trail. But, according to the Indo maid, she tried to ask her to go into her house, but Luxcy refused. It was just one hour (7 AM) before she was taken away by a motorcyclist couple. To me, the hope of finding her is really small. Hopefully, right now, she is another angel to the new family she is with. 

I wish her love and happiness forever. The six years of companionship is really a memory I would treasure for the rest of my life.  Below is the video I made for this beautiful dark angel - Luxcy Lee (2006 - 2010 (to be continued)). 


Saturday, June 9, 2012

Domino Pizza Testing ~

Personal Life Update
Totally feeling unease with lots of uncertainties in mind now. Yup, despite graduating soon, I totally have no idea on what job to look for, perhaps, I should rest more before going into the eternal working hours of 9 to 5? Or, should I be more like my coursemates who already started to work before graduation.......

Domino Pizza Testing
Domino Pizza is quite a well-known franchise in Malaysia. What is so unique of Domino P is that it offers a totally different taste of pizzas as compared to another franchise in Malaysia Pizza Hut. 

This outlet is at Damansara. Domino P mainly handles delivery unlike its counterpart of Pizza Hut which provides better dine-in service and delivery too. Nonetheless, despite more expensive compared to Pizza Hut, its pizzas are quite nice overall.


As you can see, despite we were dining in, they still gave us can of soft drinks and pizzas in boxes (@@) ~~~ So, not environmentally-friendly. However, the tastes of the pizza was quite nice along with the bizarre banana dessert.

Hopefully, Domino Pizza can do better in dine-in services? Except for that, I prefer the pizza from Domino Pizza (Sorry Pizza hut)~~~

Sunday, June 3, 2012

My First Bite on Little Apple

Omg!!!! Yeahhhhh~~~ Oh Yessssss!!!! Despite a horrible ending, I managed to submit the final assignment in my life!!!!! Next is graduation before I really truthfully look for a job! Totally need to rest for a while since in my final sem, I practically used up all my "YOUTH". Anyhow, it is another fresh start for me (^^).

So, I am sure that you are curious what type of APPLE did I bit on? Hahahaha, more and more of my friends are using APPLE product. Yet, I still can't afford any product until now! Not that I use my money get it, I WON an IPOD APPLE~~~~~


From the package, I totally felt the creativeness of APPLE, no wonder they are still not bankrupt; instead, they are growing strong! I have to say that the earpieces are amazing! The music played from IPOD is impeccably clear. That's why it worth RM199~~ So expensive!!!!


I totally in love with my Little Blue Apple; despite I need to install itunes to handle the music transferring! Other than that, it won my heart over any other MP4s etc...... (^^)