Friday, December 31, 2010

Wow, it is New Year 2011 ~~

Well, to be exact, it is New Year 2011 Eve. I am still in the midst of doing my revision for my finals. So sad! Anyway, life keeps running! In a blink of an eye, it is another year! I grew older vaguely as if losing bits and bits of me as time went by. Frightening, but, it is a new start of 2011. The pictures above is the symbol for my hope of 2011 - A break of Dawn that Shines through the Darkness, Giving Life to The Future. 

2011 Resolution - Nothing special, but to redefine myself! Who I hope to become ! That's all. Wow, I sound horribly serious! Maybe because of falling for 2 weeks already, the near-death experience really wakens me....Hahahaa, sorry for being that exaggerating! 

Btw, guys can u share this video ? Thanks^^

Happy 2011 and A Great Year is Here!


Thursday, December 23, 2010

KL Tower Jump!!! 2010!!!

I feel like jumping KL Tower not for suicide! (Note: Suicide is irresponsible and reckless! Say NO to Suicidal action). Due to my out-of-the-sudden emo-attack, I was rather down this time. Plus, suffering from 4-in-1 symptoms (sore throat, running nose, neck pain and fever), this was one of the darkest moment in my life.

Anyway, less than 10 days, another year is going to take over! Yes, a fresh new start! I need some huge modifications in life! I don't want to be always that weak! So, let's jump and toss everything into the air!!!!!!!!!!!Hahaha, so, this time, I was surprised to be one of the winners for KL Tower International Jump! Super duper cool! I was hoping to jump, oh well, it was just as an invitation for spectators. 

Along with my friend, we took the train and walked to KL tower. Oh my, going to KL tower via public transportation really troublesome, we were lost and walked like there was no tomorrow!

kl TOWER JUMP 2010

As always, poised at the heart of Kuala Lumpur, KL tower still remained its beauty. But, the lack of utilisation was really sad to see. Anyway, at least now got a jumping event over there!

kl TOWER JUMP 2010

Anyway, after registering at the counter, we were escorted to take the elevator. Omg, it took don't know how long for the elevator to arrive, this really means that KL Tower is tall, I guess. While waiting, my itchy hand was taking photos of the participants or jumpers! Most of the jumpers were foreigners and male! Yup, only a few ladies there!

kl TOWER JUMP 2010
After waiting for quite some time, we reached the open area of KL Tower. Wow, it was a bit crazy seeing people just jump like that. I got the chance to sit at the edge of the tower! It was rather cool! I might have jump if I got the parachute(^^)! It would be great to experience free fall....hahahaha~~~

Trust me! It was blood-pumping to see people just jump like that! After getting my insurance, maybe one day, I will try (^^)!!!~~

kl TOWER JUMP 2010
Finally, a very leng zai jumper decided to jump at my area! But, I got only 5 minutes left. So sad! Seeing him preparing his safety gears and attires, it was really an eye-opening experience! But, too bad, I was blocked by another jumper because he wanted to see that leng zai jump woh(white shirt guy with the hand)! Omg, blocking my view only. Sad becoz sooner or later, he was going to join the lengzai mah~~~!Note: a very pretty foreign lady was also in the picture, really like a model!!!~~

kl TOWER JUMP 2010
Before we leave, we got some little gift begs! Oh well, at least got a free T-shirt^^ Oh yes, before ending my post, share you guys a video(^^)


Monday, December 20, 2010

Exhaustion, An Excruciating Torment of Uncertain Life

This semester just passed by like nothing! Yes, I had chosen to do 4 Years of MEng (Master of Engineering) if you still remembered my dilemma a few  months ago. I regretted almost every moment~ Oh well, a bit too late. Anyway, this semester wasn't busy, but super duper busy! Because of some external commitments, everything seems to be piling up so fast that I can;t really stand it!

Anyhow, currently, I am having my study weeks. Next year, it is time to face yet another challenging final examination. Time really flew, just like that I am already in my 3rd year! So fast, I don't feel like graduating, but at the same time, I also feel like leaving my uni(><)

Exhaustion, an excruciating torment of uncertain life. Anyway, I realised that less and less people are reading my bloggie. What a sad scene to see(><) It is just a matter of time that it is being completely abandoned by people)><


Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Return of Perak Cave Temple@Ipoh - 霹靂洞的回歸!

It is time to give my readers some real blogging posts! OH YES! After slacking for so long, off with the movie posts. This time, I am gonna promote Perak Caves@ Ipoh. It is also known as 霹雳洞。Actually, this famous cave was closed down for about a year due to this incident (here).Therefore, it only reopened this year 2010!  (WARNING: REALLY A LOT PHOTOS - LOADING WILL TAKE SOME TIME, PLZ BE PATIENT BECOZ A LOT NICE PHOTOS(^^))

As Ipoh-rian, I had been there a few times. Actually, I went there when I was really small. I still remembered that time I was really timid and afraid to climb the stairs. As for my cousins and siblings, they were fearlessly running up and down. So, I was like a little prince back then as my aunts and parents took turn to carry me up the mountain(^^)~!~~~Anyway, those were the good old days. 

Coming to the future, this time, I went along with my besties  - Kokleong and Kaheng. Yes, since Mr. KL stayed at home during his summer break, it was ashamed to not go out and explore Ipoh. Therefore, I picked this particular cave because it was ngam ngam reopened. 

Perak Cave

The entrance and the surrounding of Perak Cave Temple. It really incorporated the true essence of Chinese-style architecture in its premises. I really fell in love with this temple again and again. 

Perak Cave

Walking inside towards the cave temple, there were a lot of wall-paintings, mostly on the Gods and Goddesses of Chinese Odyssey. Of course, the statues of Buddha was also stunning, poising in the temple. 

Perak Cave

What is so unique about Perak Caves is that there are a lot of small little passages that lead you to the same place. Oh yeah, it is really like a little labyrinth there. So, as explorers, we ventured to the behind part of the temple which has the staircase up to the top of the mountain. After walking for roughly 10 - 20 minutes, we reached the upper part of the mountain. 


At the upper part, it was like another realm with a small temple there. Yes, really special. On our way, the little visitors - monkeys were following us. Our lovely friend, Kaheng was really afraid of the monkey. Hmmm, anyway, only me and KL continued to the top even tough little raindrops started to pour down!

peak of perak cave

Omg, the panoramic view up there was superb! It was really breathtaking . However, may I warn you all there, the track up there was really steep! Therefore, you all might be extra careful. If raining, not advisable to climb the stairs and also around 4 or 4.30pm, visitors are prohibited to climb the stairs. Therefore, be early a bit^^.

  Small gallery

My favourite site: The “佛” is my Zen(^^)

The industrial Area - Tasek.

Our Footprint @ Perak Cave Temple