Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Window Break In !!!!!!!!

Yesterdy was a tiring day for me. After staying a night at my friend's place, I was forced to wake up early in the morning around 6.30am. Anyway, I joined my module trip - Sustainability to Bukit Tagar Sanitation Landfill. The trip was truly an eye-opening experience for me.Yup, it was a place where rubbishes gathered.

Okay, for this post, I really have no mood to talk about my trip. I will talk it in my next post. Because something horrible happened that night, it was such an unexpected event to me. I had not updated for so long. Haiz, nobody would know that I was so super unlucky!!!

It was so exhausted after the trip. Plus, I straight took another bus back to my place. When it was night, I was totally worn out. But, I still had a lab report to finish. So, that night, I tried my best to stay up to finish my work. Then, until 12.30am, I was really really super tired until my eye lids just could not withstand the tiredness. In a semi-conscious mentality, I went to take a short nap in my room. Then, I woke up at aroud 3.30am to do my work again.

At that time, I was so tired. I did not feel anything was amiss. After 30 minutes, I accidentally fell asleep in front of the laptop. Then, just when I opened my eyes, I saw a figure! Omg, it was the backside of a guy who was not a Malaysian, holding my sis’s laptop! I was still in an unconscious mode, but, I straight away yelled at him. As fast as lightning, he sped to the kitchen. I was following to the kitchen until I lost sight of him. He jumped out of the window. Then, I realized that he cut off the grills of the window! Yup, what well-planned window break in!

After that, I was still so blurred because of the sudden change of tempo. He got away!!!with my sis laptop, my pendrive which contained all my works, and my sis handphone. This was my sis second time to lose her phone. Her first time was here. It was an really expensive lesson.
In fact, I was really surprised that stupid thief!! Useless thief!! Dared to come into my house while I was lying down in the living room.

If I had not accidentally fell asleep, stupid thief would not had the chance to steal my sis’ laptop. I really l felt badddddddddddddddddddddddddd!!!!!

I also regretted that I did not backup my data until now; I still had an assignment to rush!
P.S: If I had been a little more alert, I am am am sorry because of my carelessness. Sorry!!!!!!

Friday, November 21, 2008

I am Back With A Blogger Friend Award!!!!(^^)

Ooo, just finished my oral presentation in just 8 minutes ago!!!! Now, I am all relieved now even though I think that I totally suck at it!!!! did not that good. Why every time I am nervous until my brain stops to function during my oral presentation?????????

Anyway, that already passed!!! Now, it is time to move on again. Okay, Yeaaahhhh, I can finally update my blog. It had been another a while since I update my blog. Totally sorry for my busy life with all assignments and oral presentation (Not to forget). I was awarded by renaye, my new blogger friend!!! Thank you for this award and I am loving it (^^).


So here are the Rules!
1. If you have been tagged, you can put the logo on your blog.
2. Link the person from whom you received the award.
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Blogs that I loved:

1. Billy - Philosophy of Life His story is lovely!

2.Fung_Wern's Xanga Site Her adventure is loving fun!

3. Ahmike Dot Net His personality is loving (^^)

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Thursday, November 13, 2008

AllMalaysian - I Am Proud To Be The Winner (^^)

Ooo, assignments are not going to let me go this week.(Mathematic assigns and Lab report). But, since I moved it moved it last time, I think that it is the time to move again to a brand new event in my life. Haha, maybe I sound dramatic. But, what if I say that Duffy "Heart" Malaysia 50+1!!!!

Haha, I am sure you all are now super confused with what I am talking about. Well, since I am busy, no more hints; I will now only give the truth straight away. (^^)

All Malaysian Bloggers ProjectAll Malaysian Bloggers ProjectAll Malaysian Bloggers Project

Yes, last time, I was MalaysianToday Winner; Today, I am AllMalaysian winner(^^)

Well, it was months ago since I joined that competitionS from AllMalaysia. The contests were Malaysia 50+1 and Duffy:Warwick Avenue (Click on the links for the posts). Actually, my posts were not really superb; but, I wrote them with all my heart. For Malaysia 50+1, I was using a little bit of sense of humour while for Duffy: Warwick Avenue, I was trying to tapped into her emotion. The song was really special and I truly love it(^^).

Anyway, here are the prizes::::::::::::::(^^):::::::::::::::::

allm'sia winner
A cute little booklet with all the info about Malaysia(^^)

A gorgeous CD of Duffy's Rockberry(^^)

I really love them(^^)

allm'sia winnerPhotobucketallm'sia winner

At end of the day, blogging is really something that I am passionate about. It also brings out the good side in me. Plus, I can even win so cool stuffs (^^).

allm'sia winner


Saturday, November 8, 2008

Madagascar Adventure For Me and My Siblings!!!

Yesterday(which was few hours ago), my sis and I went to Midvalley by KTM train. Well, since it was Saturday, the KTM station was extremely congested. To make the matter worse, the train was late for more than 7 minutes!!!! Omg, isn't it super horrible!!! According to the newspaper, the bullet train in Japan's delay time is less than 30 seconds. That is what I called efficiency!

Anyway, after pushing our way into the train, my sis noticed that her handphone was missing. It was placed inside my sis jean's pocket. Even though her jean was tight, she still did not notice when it was stolen. Omg! We wanted to cry already! Why did this happen?! Why? The security in the KTM station really disappointed us! I heard from so many friends that they lost their phone during their time in KTM. However, from the delay train to the security, there were not any improvement at all. Plus, according to hearsay, the KTM currently are not making profits? even though KTM has the most consumers using its service compared to LRT, Monorail, ... Well, what I can see was that so many people would push themselves into the the train until becoming a gigantic sardine can and would risk losing their belongings in the process. Isn't that imply something? You figure it out.

When we reached there, it was fast. But, our moods were down because of the incident just now. We took that as an important lesson went to meet up with our brother. So, my bro was there earlier. We asked him to buy the tickets for three of us. To our surprise, we got the 3rd front seats. My bro said that the booth vendor did not tell him where was the display. Omg! dear booth vendor, if you did not tell people where the screen, how would we know?! Strike two for my bro where we could watch the movie in extreme closeness.

After the movie, we went to have lunch. The place was flooded with mountains and seas of people. We ended in Nando. But, to my dismay, I was having a horrible stomach problem! Since the place was packed, it was darn hard to find a toilet! Strike three for me!

Finally, we went to Jusco and shopped till us dropped. So, before I go to the movie, let me advise on keeping your handphone safe on commuting train, especially KTM.
  • Don't ever put your handphones' string outside. (People can pull your handphone easily)
  • If you have a beg, it is advisable to keep them inside a beg.
  • If you insist on keeping your belongings in your pocket, please put your hands in the pocket.(To prevent thieves)
  • You can listen to mp3 with your handphone. (This can help to safeguard your phone)

These are my little advices that might save you from eternal sorrow caused by KTM train. Therefore, we have to be extremely careful while taking the train. Anyway, let's put that aside. We went to Midvalley to have fun;so, don't let that incident spoils our moods.

I love to move it move it; She loves to move it move it; He loves to move it move it (^^)
Haha, yes, my siblings and I went to watch Madagascar 2: Escape 2 Africa instead of Quantum of Solace. Well, it had been a while that I had written movie review. Haha, I am getting a little bit rusty. But, I am still doing it. I still remember last time, I was on a movie trip, watching numerous of super nice movies and here are they:

Moving Back To Move it Move it

Anyway, back to Madagascar 2. The movie was actually very funny. The four main characters are Alex/Alakay, Marty, Gloria, and shy Melman. It all started when they were about to leave for another place which at the end, ended up in Africa! That is so ironic because Africa is their roots.

Anyway, the story becomes more interesting when Alex becomes Alakay?Marty becomes Marties? Gloria is humongous? Melman is in love? Okay, I won't go further into the movie; I don't want to become the spoiler.

You just go and watch the movie. Personally, this movie is not bad! So, bring your children along or your partner to watch! Have a great movie time and KTM, you are "great".

Monday, November 3, 2008

Omg, I am already one of the richest men alive and I am getting richer!!!?

I had a really fun time back home for the weekend. Anyway, I could not stay there longer since I had class on Monday. After I went back to my home, I checked my email. To my surprise, I had received an email claiming that I had won 750,000.00 British Paun from!!!!! Omg,there was even an image to show all the sponsor companies like Nike, Yahoo, MSNSearch... I am already one of the richest men alive(Haha, if you don't remember my previous post, check the link(^^)) Now, I am getting richer. Plus, the Notification Letter seemed so real or is it real? Should I believe this?

Should I believe this?!
It really looked so real!!!! Even got a picture of a claim-to-be Dr Khan. Hmmm, well, to me, everything seemed fishy!!!!!

Anyway, I am not greedy. I love money, but, there are still things that are more important. So, people don't be greedy or else you will regret!!!!Because of greed, there are still many people fall for this kind of scam. I heard a beautiful quotation which really says it all:

“Earth provides enough to satisfy every man's need, but not every man's greed” [Mahatma Gandhi]

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Back To My Hometown!

Finally, I went back to my hometown. Ooo, actually, I have to admit that I am a little bit childish and stubborn. Well, I can go back during Deepavali. . . . (Happy Belated Deepavali To Everybody).

But, right now, I am just back to my beautiful hometown - Ipoh! (^^)

P.S: A big thanks to Lik Yin (A guy) who gave me a ride to the ktm station.
P.S: So sorry for posting this short. But, will give a great post next time(^^)
P.S: I made a tag for short post(^^)