Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Window Break In !!!!!!!!

Yesterdy was a tiring day for me. After staying a night at my friend's place, I was forced to wake up early in the morning around 6.30am. Anyway, I joined my module trip - Sustainability to Bukit Tagar Sanitation Landfill. The trip was truly an eye-opening experience for me.Yup, it was a place where rubbishes gathered.

Okay, for this post, I really have no mood to talk about my trip. I will talk it in my next post. Because something horrible happened that night, it was such an unexpected event to me. I had not updated for so long. Haiz, nobody would know that I was so super unlucky!!!

It was so exhausted after the trip. Plus, I straight took another bus back to my place. When it was night, I was totally worn out. But, I still had a lab report to finish. So, that night, I tried my best to stay up to finish my work. Then, until 12.30am, I was really really super tired until my eye lids just could not withstand the tiredness. In a semi-conscious mentality, I went to take a short nap in my room. Then, I woke up at aroud 3.30am to do my work again.

At that time, I was so tired. I did not feel anything was amiss. After 30 minutes, I accidentally fell asleep in front of the laptop. Then, just when I opened my eyes, I saw a figure! Omg, it was the backside of a guy who was not a Malaysian, holding my sis’s laptop! I was still in an unconscious mode, but, I straight away yelled at him. As fast as lightning, he sped to the kitchen. I was following to the kitchen until I lost sight of him. He jumped out of the window. Then, I realized that he cut off the grills of the window! Yup, what well-planned window break in!

After that, I was still so blurred because of the sudden change of tempo. He got away!!!with my sis laptop, my pendrive which contained all my works, and my sis handphone. This was my sis second time to lose her phone. Her first time was here. It was an really expensive lesson.
In fact, I was really surprised that stupid thief!! Useless thief!! Dared to come into my house while I was lying down in the living room.

If I had not accidentally fell asleep, stupid thief would not had the chance to steal my sis’ laptop. I really l felt badddddddddddddddddddddddddd!!!!!

I also regretted that I did not backup my data until now; I still had an assignment to rush!
P.S: If I had been a little more alert, I am am am sorry because of my carelessness. Sorry!!!!!!


Borneo Falcon said...

Stop putting the blame on yourself. Not really your fault. Hopefully that thief get caught some day. I would say you are brave enough to even give him a chase

Anonymous said...

Walao, I feel sorry to hear this, hope you are doing fine now. Hehe, dont worry, I help you to damn that thief! From 24

renaye said...

gosh. that was utterly horrible!! but i'm happy that u r still alive. nowadays there r so many cases where victims of theft been killed and such...

my place here has a lot of theft too. the thieves break in even though they know the home owners are at home. they don't care.

so maybe next time u might want to get a baseball bat? or some shooting darts for long distance protection? i actually have an idea of making a bed of nails in front of my balcony. oops.

jasonmighty said...

Dropping by from innit.

It is not your fault. You are just unlucky at that very moment.

Install alarm system. Buy a notebook lock or something too.

Take care. Don't think too much.

AtelierGal said...

Oh my... install an alarm system immediately.

Sweetylove88 said...

Omg,u didn't backup ur data,how r u going to rush ur assignment on time...too bad. The smart thief has alrdy escaped with ur sis hphone,laptop & ur pendrive.It's indeed u learned an expensive lesson.I suggest u check and lock all windows all the times.

WanWan said...

Really dangerous.. You should be thankful at least he didn't harm you anything except took your lappy and hp...

anyway.. stay alert and be more careful all the time....

slumbeRAJA said...

agree with WanWan. next time better not to chase the thief. they're willing to kill if they had to. just call the cop.

clicked ur ads. give u some money to cover ur losses

PehHwa said...

Sorry to hear that. Cheers ya =)

Xjion89 said...

[Borneo Falcon]
I realised that right now. Thanks, buddy! I had been so busy lately. Hope that the thief would have the punishment that he deserves.

haizzzzz, very sad leh!!! But, I think I will be fine.

You are really right. Nowadays, people would juz do anything for money. I still feel unsafe. But, I will be okay. Thanks for ur comment. I feel a lot better.

Thanks for ur advice, I think I will get a notebook lock.

[Atelier Gal]
I have gottan myself a living alarm. I think that shud be fine.

It is really really an expensive lesson. Now, i hv become more paranoid than ever.

Come to think of it, i am glad that he din take my life.

Yup, I will juz let go. Hehehe, thanks $$.

Ooo, I am fine now. But, super busy! Keep holding on. Thanks for ur comment(^^)