Thursday, November 13, 2008

AllMalaysian - I Am Proud To Be The Winner (^^)

Ooo, assignments are not going to let me go this week.(Mathematic assigns and Lab report). But, since I moved it moved it last time, I think that it is the time to move again to a brand new event in my life. Haha, maybe I sound dramatic. But, what if I say that Duffy "Heart" Malaysia 50+1!!!!

Haha, I am sure you all are now super confused with what I am talking about. Well, since I am busy, no more hints; I will now only give the truth straight away. (^^)

All Malaysian Bloggers ProjectAll Malaysian Bloggers ProjectAll Malaysian Bloggers Project

Yes, last time, I was MalaysianToday Winner; Today, I am AllMalaysian winner(^^)

Well, it was months ago since I joined that competitionS from AllMalaysia. The contests were Malaysia 50+1 and Duffy:Warwick Avenue (Click on the links for the posts). Actually, my posts were not really superb; but, I wrote them with all my heart. For Malaysia 50+1, I was using a little bit of sense of humour while for Duffy: Warwick Avenue, I was trying to tapped into her emotion. The song was really special and I truly love it(^^).

Anyway, here are the prizes::::::::::::::(^^):::::::::::::::::

allm'sia winner
A cute little booklet with all the info about Malaysia(^^)

A gorgeous CD of Duffy's Rockberry(^^)

I really love them(^^)

allm'sia winnerPhotobucketallm'sia winner

At end of the day, blogging is really something that I am passionate about. It also brings out the good side in me. Plus, I can even win so cool stuffs (^^).

allm'sia winner



Borneo Falcon said...

Enjoy your prizes

PehHwa said...

Hey cool man. I intended join but no time to write. lol.

Elsa said...

wow, congratulations on your winning! i love listening to Duffy's Mercy :) hope you love her album as much as i do

Dan* said...

Congratzzzzzzz !!!

renaye said...

congratulations! how did u win?

u r welcome with the gift!

WanWan said...

congrat wor.. hehe...

MakeTraffic said...

Hi my friends, how r u? Sorry for the late reply as i have been very busy lately (what's new right? haha). Thanks for the comment and being such a pal by visting my blog so regularly,and congrats on your win. Cheers! Maketraffic

techniqueal t. said...

some guys have aaaall the luck! ^_^

when it rains, it pours! CONGRATULATIONS bro ^_^

magma3637 said...

congrats about the winning. are you sure you are proud to be malaysian? then check this out

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CazzyCazz said...

Wahhhh congrats!!!

Xjion89 said...

Hey guys, super sorry for the super late reply. Busy ., busy,. busy (> <)

[Borneo Falcon]
Really thank you for ur support(^^)

I join this contest when I was still free. Now, not time liao(> <)

My favourite is still Warwick Avenue.Thanks(^^)


Oooo, i juz join this contest from AllMalaysian.

Hehe. tq(^^)

Haha, i am oso busy until i 4got to reply u all. My bad.

[techniqueal t.]
thanks, my friend.

I will definitely check it out when i hv time. Thanks(^^)

hehehehe, thank you!