Friday, October 22, 2010

A Rather Political Post - Budget Malaysia 2010/11

Haiz, what a busy me! I have been gone for quite some time! It is time to resurface back to my blog! Anyway, there is this urge or a spur of a moment for me to write this post~ Reason? Well, even though I rarely touch about politics in my blog (afraid of kena banned and etc), this time, I feel that I must express my thoughts as Malaysia is the place where I was growing up. 

Anyhow, just cut to the chase. The Budget 2010/11 Malaysia got some good ideas, and a lot of bad ideas. Let's me analysis a bit. 

Good Ideas:
  • Promoting Green Tech (Obviously good for environment and business)
  • Toll price will not increase woh (Good for us, bad for debt)
  • Tax free for branded accessories( Wow, all moms will be so happy)
Bad Ideas
  • Approximately 1600 million for government administration budget while development budget is about 450 million ( Not sure about the exact values, but this is definitely not logical at all) Supposed we wan to save admin fee mah, how come budget give one more zero for this case? Haiz, development is so cheap in Malaysia? 
  • Build another Mega-Tower towering KL Tower and Twin Towers (Yes, this sentence has a lot of "Tower" , so is Malaysia! So, save the money and build other stuffs lah, enough Royal Palaces too)~~
 Here are some of points I notice. Well, can't read all of them, really no time because my research project is here(><)! If you have any interesting points, feel free to add in the comment section. and I have a great suggestion. Since Budget Malaysia is like our own budget, isn't it best that we can vote for some policies and deny some? Budget is like a constructive way to control the usage of money. But, planning poor budget definitely would only waste a lot of money~~ Think before you spend!

Suggestion: Let the People of Malaysia to vote how to use our country money? Is building a taller tower, really makes Malaysia look tall?

tata for now! Time to go to sleep and write my essay(><)~~`


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Crow and The Uncle

You know, I love taking pics. Reason? Because we can't always remember everything that happens in our lives, but, through photography, bits and pieces of our lives could be recorded down! If one day, I accidentally lost all my memories; these photos would be the best memory ever being recorded down and words are the best storytellers to remind me of my life.

I know that this post is a bit boring and crappy. But, it would really make my day to show everybody what interesting "stories" I saw in my daily life. This time, my story title is "The Crow and The Uncle". (Bear with my crapping imagination). The lonely crow who is looking for a friend. Yet, nobody wants to be his friend!

Anyway, I am rather busy these days mainly due to my own inefficiency. Always facebook and lazying around (><) And, of course, 3 projects in hand(><) A lot of literature research to do(><)~~~~~


Friday, October 8, 2010

The Beginning and The End of Internship

I am working at the top of the mountain(^^). The little safety that i wore for 3 months(^^). The cute smiley face(^^).  The mountain that is almost can be reached by my hands(^^). A lot of monkeys here, trust me(^^) My lovely pc with Windows ME(^^)

The last day of my internship was on 30 August 2010, the day before Merdeka Celebration of Malaysia. Yes, after about 5 weeks "losing" my job, I finally have something to say! It is a final closure of my internship after doing the logbooks, 2 presentations, and the tedious industrial training report!

It was the first time I am exposed to the real working environment in a plant.  Not to reveal too much of my company, what I can say it that it is a company that produces or refines some of the everyday products we use or eat~ Yup, that's all!~

The Beginning
I was rather clueless of what my job scope was. But, as time goes by, I was assigned to several projects like initiation of waste-water treatment plant. Therefore, my job was to read and propose. But, it was still a bit "misty" for me! My head was spinning and full of questions! Then, just like that, everything just went on and I gained a lot!

Lesson Learned:
  • A lot of interesting technical processing knowledge
  • People skills?
  • How to spend time wisely(^^)~~

The End
After spending 3 months there, it woke me up! It showed me how tiny I was in the industry! What I am learning from Uni is actually lacking! I was actually not helping there! For the 1st time, I think of myself being a bit useless there. But, thanks to the people there, my supervisor, engineers and also other personnel, they show me how to work, how to speak, how to think! I admitted that I am rather weak in my technical skills. Haiz, yet, I was gaining a lot of exposure in processing and waste-water related theories.

Lesson Learned:
  • It actually show me in which aspect I am more prone to ~~
  • It directs my path to the future!
Of course, working ain;t easy! But, I really saw a lot(^^)~~Thanks every1 for helping out during my internship!