Friday, October 8, 2010

The Beginning and The End of Internship

I am working at the top of the mountain(^^). The little safety that i wore for 3 months(^^). The cute smiley face(^^).  The mountain that is almost can be reached by my hands(^^). A lot of monkeys here, trust me(^^) My lovely pc with Windows ME(^^)

The last day of my internship was on 30 August 2010, the day before Merdeka Celebration of Malaysia. Yes, after about 5 weeks "losing" my job, I finally have something to say! It is a final closure of my internship after doing the logbooks, 2 presentations, and the tedious industrial training report!

It was the first time I am exposed to the real working environment in a plant.  Not to reveal too much of my company, what I can say it that it is a company that produces or refines some of the everyday products we use or eat~ Yup, that's all!~

The Beginning
I was rather clueless of what my job scope was. But, as time goes by, I was assigned to several projects like initiation of waste-water treatment plant. Therefore, my job was to read and propose. But, it was still a bit "misty" for me! My head was spinning and full of questions! Then, just like that, everything just went on and I gained a lot!

Lesson Learned:
  • A lot of interesting technical processing knowledge
  • People skills?
  • How to spend time wisely(^^)~~

The End
After spending 3 months there, it woke me up! It showed me how tiny I was in the industry! What I am learning from Uni is actually lacking! I was actually not helping there! For the 1st time, I think of myself being a bit useless there. But, thanks to the people there, my supervisor, engineers and also other personnel, they show me how to work, how to speak, how to think! I admitted that I am rather weak in my technical skills. Haiz, yet, I was gaining a lot of exposure in processing and waste-water related theories.

Lesson Learned:
  • It actually show me in which aspect I am more prone to ~~
  • It directs my path to the future!
Of course, working ain;t easy! But, I really saw a lot(^^)~~Thanks every1 for helping out during my internship!


fufu said...

wow huge monitor :) lol anyway i had my internship at government department in japan before...their working environment was damn super tension!!

Xjion89 said...

hahaha, i know^^~~huge rite!
becoz i am still new, so it was less tense for me~~
but, i really did wish to be tense tense tense..hahaha

Pete said...

Looks like a palm oil processing plant. They are always located very near to plantation because palm fruits can turn sour very fast! LOL!

ç£@Réñ©€ said...

=) The best thing about industrial training is it gives you a gist of the real working world, and how much you learn in uni actually applies! lol

And most importantly, you learn a lot about the industry. Not to mention the people you work with. You can learn a lot from them too.


Thanks for sharing. ^^

Anonymous said...

Finally u ended ur industrial training with experices gained! Welldone~ But Im sure that u 38 alot during the period!! Haha~ I know u, Jay!!

Wei Han said...

macam not really interesting o. :P

Lisa717 said...

bro, not bad.. haha.. got monkeys accompanied u all the time^^ hehe.. :P

good to see that u knew what u have learnt in this internship~ i m sure you can good result for your internship!! all the best to you^^

Xjion89 said...

[Pete] well, my place is near mountain side though^^

[Clarence[I also think tat u learn a lot too~~Ganbatte 2gether^^

[Anonymous]hmmmm, u sound very familiar~~~~anyway, thanks!

[Wei han]still can lah~~

[Lisa] hahaha, yes , really a mountain of monkeys!~~ yES, i really learn a lot , hope to get good results 2^^

Anonymous said...

Wat grade u gained from your internship? U really should thanks your 'supervisor' oh!

Xjion89 said...

hahahah, hv to belanja him oredy!!!!hahahaha~