Sunday, May 19, 2013

A Nice Day To Have Present !

They are super duper cute to be my Graduation presents 2012! Yes, I have graduated for almost 1 year!!!! Now, I only find time and energy to post this ! Oh well, late better than never!!!!

Thanks (^^) Girls (Ex-Housemates and Coursemate) You know I am talking about you!

Yes, thanks my secondary school friends (Lucas and Paul, postcards from US and Canada respectively)!!! Thanks Paul for the cup and key chain too (^^). Yup, know them for almost 10 years!!! How many 10 years do we have!!!!!!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Nexus 4, My New Babe (^^)

Yes, with much considerations, I have made a choice! 
Yes, with much surprises, I have chosen NEXUS 4 over Iphone and S3 (back then).
Hahaha, not because I want to be special or anything, it is just because DIGI that time got promotion!
And, just like that, I decided took the PROMO68 with 5Gb data!

Right after my purchase, Nexus 4 (by Google) and (manufactured by LG) updated by itself to Andriod Jelly Bean 4.2.2. Yup, super duper cool! Because this is my 1st full smart phone! Actually, I was using a semi-smart phone Nokia 5730. It served my well for this 3 years!!!!

Here are the outcome of Nexus 4's camera! How are they? Nice?! Yup, with this price and specification, I am satisfied with this gorgeous phone !!!!

The only weaknesses are the short-battery life and overheating when the 3G is on! However, which phone is not energy consuming nowadays~ 

Yes, I go NEXUS. How about you!(^^)

Sunday, May 5, 2013

5th of May 2013

Today marks a significant day for Malaysia, my beautiful country. As I am at the legal age to vote (still quite young, lol), I have registered and voted for the 1st time in my entire life! Yes, this is how significant Generation Election in Malaysia.

There are just too many controversial to see, hear and speak the stories of GE13. My advice is vote wisely (^^) Anyway, regardless which winning party, if job is not well-done, we, as the citizens of Malaysia who practice democracy, can always choose again in the coming 4 years (^^).

So, let the best party win!!!! (^^) Remember to vote earlier, still got 7 hours left!!!!!!!!!!!