Wednesday, July 30, 2008

My Favourite Computer Game of All-Time

Recently, Nuffnang has organized a lot of contests, from Nuffnang Gift Ideas Contest to even Counter-strike at the WCG. However, I am not a Counter-strike fan;therefore, this means that I am not capable or not interested in this event. But, what I like Nuffnang and Samsung so much is that they even have contest for non-Counter-striker. Cheer for both of you!!!!!(^ _^)

Therefore, for the non-counter-strikers, you can play their games and even write a post on your favourite computer game of all-time. Obviously, right now, I am doing the later one.

In my opinion, the hardest thing in life is not to say "I'm Sorry", but, it is to make a choice in life. Definitely, I hate doing there. But, we have no choice, but to choose.

During the process of choosing My Favourite Computer Game of All-Time, I had a week of headache and migraine. Because I had so many favourites, it really took a lot of my time to choose. Finally, I narrowed down to two very, very, and definitely different games of All-Time. When you put these two games together, they are like the sky and the earth due to their huge differences. However, they are really famous and actually quite old already. Call me "outdater", "old-man" or anything you like, but, I am really going retro-minded these days.

It is time to unveil them already................................................................................................................

I choose you, Pokemon and Red Alert.

[adapted from "Reference 1"and "Reference 2"]

(This time around, people are so particular about plagiarism, so, it is better I do some referencing homework which I proudly learned during my 3 semesters English Class. Due to the lack of practice, if my referencing produces any errors, please forgive, I am a human too, I makes mistakes )-----------Totally going off the is time to go back............

Okey, the problem now is that, which one do I choose? They are so different. Either I choose the cute, childish, yet appealing Pokemon or I choose the exciting, a-little-bit-violent, yet alluring Red Alert. I am really torn, but, I still have to make a choice, right!? Omg, how can I be this extremist? I can be as cute as Pikachu and can be as aggresive as soldier.....(Don't play play with me, I WILL REALLY TAKE YOU DOWN[Inner voices])-{I am not mentally-ill (^-^)}---off topic again........

So, there will be a match between Pokemon and Red Alert. Now, for the final showdown, round 2.

I choose you , Pikachu and Yuri..................................................

[adapted from "Reference 3"and "Reference 4"]

Who is going to be the winner?Which one is going to be My Favourite Computer Game of All-Time? Is it the shockingly cute Pikachu? or, Is it the manipulative Yuri?


Actually, I have the answer deep down my heart already. The one on one is just for a little excitement. MY MOST FAVOURITE COMPUTER GAME OF ALL-TIME IS............................

RED ALERT (^_^).........................

My reasons are:

  1. Red Alert is just rocking!!!
  2. Red Alert is just amazing!!!!
  3. Red Alert is just fun!!!
  4. Red Alert is just My All-Time Favourite!!!

To top up my choice, I like because Red Alert is like a mind-game that requires a lot of strategies and thinkings. As for Pokemon, it is fun, but, formulative.......(I am still a Pokemon fan though, but a bigger fan of Red Alert). Their match was a close one....

My most favourite phrase of computer game-------"Mission Accomplished"

It is time to say it!!!!!!

----------------------------------Mission Accomplished-----------------------------------------

Images References:


(P.S: This referencing is not entirely correct, for more precise way of referencing, please go to Owl Purdue for APA style referencing)

Sorry, Miss A, I will be practising the correct 1, as soon as my holiday finishes(hehe)

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Hey, guys!!!!!!!!!!!!The 1st 50 movies at here!!!!!!!!!

Well, I have to say that making a list of 100 unforgettable movie is no cup of tea. Practically, this is even harder than doing my IT assignments(just kidding, IT assignments definitely more horrible) To enhance my stimulation of neuron cells in order to come out with the list, I clean. Yup, I CLEAN......
Look what I found.........

Tickets, omg, this year and last year were "ticketful" years. I bought bus tickets, movie tickets, train tickets. I think that it is better I start to save some money or else I will be broke because of tickets.

This is another shocker. While cleaning, I came across a little metal box, I thought I find a treasure in my own room. But, the truth can see. All 5 cents and 1cents were discovered. Is 5 cents still being used? I think so, but, unfortunately for me, it was too late for me to use the 1 cents, oh well, better keep it as antique. Who knows, maybe after 5 years, they will be priceless.(hehe, keep dreaming)

After some cleaning thoroughly, I finally came up with the list. Here is it:

  1. 情书。 (The Japanese version movie was so unforgettable when the one she loves, had a secret)
  2. Resident Evil 1 (Wow, it was awesome)
  3. Speed (Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock did it again, they are the golden on-screen couple)
  4. Legally Blonde(The Delta Nu Sorority Queen, proves that blonde can be lawyer too)
  5. P.S: I love You (Omg, Gerard Butler just stole Hilary Swank's heart)
  6. 风之谷 (A classical anime that just reminds us that bugs are not horrible(including cockroaches?))
  7. Mission Impossible (Well, Tom Cruise is impossible, does this make sense?)
  8. My Fair Lady (She sells sea shells at the seashore, excellent?A flower girl turns into a phoenix)
  9. King Kong(Well, not the new version, the middle version)
  10. The Wizard of Oz(There is no place like home!!!!!)
  11. Silent of The Lamb(Cannibalism is just so....argh....(silent)...)
  12. Cinderella (Pumpkin, rats, fairy-god-mother, stepmother, ...perhaps prince-charming)
  13. 龙猫 (My true childhood friend)
  14. Erin Brockovich (The only Oscar movie that I watch, no, I watch Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon(boring) too)
  15. Back To The Future(Omg, almost forgot about this extravagant movie)
  16. Bedazzled (The hottest devil ever alive, funny too)
  17. Dracula:Dead and Loving it (This might be silly to some people, but this is extremely funny)
  18. Jerry Maguire (You had me at hi or hello?)
  19. Starship Troopers (Oh, this is so violent, but, so exciting, oh well, people just love drama)
  20. The Mask of Zorro (So mysterious the man behind the mask)
  21. Kill Bill vol.1 (I have to confess, I haven't watched it, but, I know that this is superb)
  22. Raiders of The Lost Ark(this is the best Indiana Jones' movie ever)
  23. The Pianist (Another Oscar Winner waiting for me to watch it)
  24. The Exorcist(Another -ist in a row, don't forget the green peas)
  25. Pirates of The Caribbean 1 (The first is still the best)
  26. The Predator (Arnold still rocks, the action-packed actor)
  27. Iron Man(It was fantastic with Gwyneth Paltrow as his funny and charming assistant)
  28. 幽灵公主 (Another masterpiece from Hayao Miyazaki)
  29. Howl's Moving Castle(It was spectaculars at first, but, the ending was kind of....not cool)
  30. 穿越时空的少女(An anime that must not be missed, it was unexpected)
  31. Laputa a.ka. 天空之城 (A past that was more advanced than the future, something hidden in our hearts)
  32. Kiki's Delivery Service(A girl trying to find herself, just like anybody else)
  33. Porco Rosso a.ka. 飞天猪? (Despite the name, it was an unforgettable movie too)
  34. The Sound of Music( DO a dear , a female dear, RE a drop of golden sun...MI..)
  35. Honey, I shrink the kids( It was way better than Honey , I blew up the kids)
  36. 孤男寡女(Sammi Cheng, still can make me laugh)
  37. 大三元(Anita Yuen was terrific, it was her time)
  38. The Eye a.k.a 见鬼(she is the best actress three row in a strike)
  39. Love Potion No.9 (Well, maybe you never heard this before, but, I still remembered how strong the potion was)
  40. Hollow Man(Basically, it is for 18 and above)
  41. A Time To Kill (I rarely watch this kind of movie, but, this one caught my attention)
  42. Little Buddha(A fascination that I will never forget, a story of life, old, sick, and death)
  43. Sleepless in Seattle(Oh, how romantic that it causes sleepless in Perak too)
  44. The Astronaut's Wife( Charlize Theron is so tall, wow, she outshined Johnny Depp in the movie)
  45. Ever After(It was a not-bad-reinvented-version-of-Cinderella)
  46. Empire of the Sun(Christian Bale was so young and cute(^0^))
  47. Bridget Jones' Dairy(Again, the first is still the best)
  48. The GroundHog Day(Even I can become a superb pianist, hehe)
  49. 唐伯虎点秋香(Stephen Chow is still funny, he will always be funny, 。。。)
  50. Finally the last 1, which movie makes it to the last place----------Amy (A movie of sound and love)

Ohhhhh, finally!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!The list is completed. Omg, cryyyyyy, it was not easy because in order to make the list, I have to watch the movie before except for Kill Bill Vol.1 and The Pianist, because I haven't got the chance to come across the movie. Nonetheless, my list is not bias at all, hehe, just personal and private. (^ ^)

P.S: Not I love you. (^ ^) What I want to say to my friend, JM , who is still stuck in a muddy situation, is that wish you will find you way soon.

If you have any problem, I will be there to listen, btw, I was too tired to online that day, Sorry
(> < )

Hey, guys!!!!!!!!!!!!The 1st 50 movies at here!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Love Philosopher - Just For A Friend.

William Shakespeare once say that "love is blind" from "The Merchant of Venice" . When a person falls in love, everything he or she does is not logical and rational. This might be a fact because people are being blinded by their affection and their emotion towards their love ones. Subsequently, the results are either full of happiness or full of agony.

Well, for this post, obviously, from my intro, you might know that I am going to talk about love and relationship between a couple. Okey, to be frank, I am no professional myself, I am no lover, I am just a normal person who lives a normal that wants to express my thought.

This all started yesterday night, or today's early morning when a friend of mine, JM, was troubled in her relationship with her boyfriend. Therefore, she was so angry and devastated that she needed a pair of beautiful ears(not really, a pair beautiful eyes) to listen to her problems. Well, who is the best candidate for this task besides me. Well, the main reason is that I am having my holiday, I am the most free person in the planet. Hahaha, just crapping. Actually, I am always online and personally, MSN nowadays in my opinion, is the best communication tool. Therefore, I was just onlined when she needed a friend to listen.

After reading all the problems, I realized that a relationship is not an easy task to tackle. Reasons:
  1. First, a relationship, you need two persons who are compatible to each other.
  2. Second, comes the 3 main science subjects.Actually, I heard from my ex-teachers. Two persons need chemistry to be together; they need physical interaction, like holding hands and little kissing.that is all, no more(hehe); Finally, biology is extremely important, boys and girls are totally different mentally and physically. So, naturally, girls are more sensitive while guys are more careless. There are exceptions for this case though. But, this is the general view. Therefore, guys have to be careful in treating girls.
  3. It also needs what we call "tolerate". Some people might think that love requires sacrifice. Personally, tolerate is already enough, because sacrifice is for marriage when you need to give up your job for family and so on. Well, in a relationship, if one person tolerates more than the other, what will happen? Argument, frustration, unsatisfactory, ...
  4. Lastly, honesty is the most important of them all. While some people might think that some beautiful lies are necessary in a relationship, I have no objections. But, if a relationship is built purely on lies, it is just the matter of time when the love starts to fade.
Right now, continue to the story. She was angry because her boyfriend did not have anytime for her. He also always gives excuses like busy of homework, assignments, and studies. These were the reasons why she rarely see him. Actually, as a normal person, I could not help to feel unbelievable that a couple rarely date. Well, please forgive my narrow-mind, because I think that a couple should at least date once every fortnight. Because when you rarely see a person like your family, your pets, ..., there will be a little gap there. The gap is cracking as time goes by, so, I advised her to call him out and talk about their relationship. But, she said that she tried already, but, he kept on like avoiding her, giving her all sort of excuses. Personally, I am person who would not take "No" for an answer, so, I told her that she really needed to talk to him. So, hopefully, she could finally talk to him in person to resolve their problems. Talking face to face honestly might be the best way to solve the problem, but, she did not have the chance to meet him. I think that avoidance is never the best way to run a relationship, so, JM, you must tell him how you feel.

Actually, you might wander why not just break up with that guy, well, JM, still feels really happy just beside him. That is the brief yet extremely-contented happiness she experienced when she is with him. That is why she still don't want to let go. Wow, she is so couragous. If this situation happens to me, I will ... Oh well, again, different people have their own ways to handle things. In this matter, I would also like to hightlight that busy is not the best excuse to avoid spending time to your love one. Oh please, I had that busy time before my holiday. I didn't sleep for days to finish my assigments, but, at the end, I still hang out with my friends at Midvalley for so many hours. So, dear boyfriend, please spare at least 2 hours for your girlfriend, same to the girlfriends to the boyfriends in a week. That is really the minimum requirement.

JM also told me that her boyfriend put her family first, studies second, ... The most important part is that she is not the first in his list. Haizzz, apparently, he is a family guy, that is good. He has intergrity, but, you just can't start a relationship without giving any importantence to it.

Lastly, this story is published with the appoval of JM. She wanted me to share her story to all of you. Okey, this is what I think no matter guys or girls, both also responsible in this relationship. So, both also have to contribute. For this case, I really can't justify because I am not involved in their relationship , simply a passer-by. But, what I can say it that, when you start a relationship, make sure you really handle it well like business, or else, at the end, what will be waiting for you is "bankruptcy" or the end of your relationship.

OMG, during the holiday, I have become a lotus-eater, an operator, a blogger, an artist, a movie dweller, .....

Now, I am a Love Philosopher for the sake a friend. So, hopefully, when she reads the post, she will be fine. And May her relationship with her boyfriend goes well. We have to always hope for the best. (^-^). Optimism with a lot of reality check is good for relationship, meaning if abuse is involved, don't hesitate to kick that person out of your life.

Saturday, July 26, 2008


Since my holiday, I have become a movie freak. Well, there is nothing bad about this. At least, I can:

  1. Improve my American-English.
  2. Gain some weight.(People say that I am too slender,how flattering, but, I still think I am fat)
  3. Learn more celebrity names.(Heath Ledger, Maggie Gyllenhaal(Wow, did I spell it right), ...)
  4. Get encouragement from the movie.(I can become a superstar if I go to Hollywood(^^))
  5. Obtain more materials to write my blog(basically, crap more lah)
Okey, without wasting any time, let's go the 100 Most Unforgettable Movie(Best)- First 50.

  • Personal and Private view of myself (This list is not about marks)
  • Memorable impression(Unforgettable scenes)
  • Randomly chosen(Not about box-office or gross)
  • Arguable of its credibility( Not everyone likes the same movie)

The List is shown below:
  1. Gone With The Wind(Oh well, as expected, classical movie just rocks)
  2. 我的野蛮女友 also "My Sassy Girl" (My All-time favourite, she is just everything)
  3. The Matrix 1(Difficult to understand at the beginning, but, captures the audience later)
  4. Jumanji (Oh, my childhood buddy, a game that has to be finished)
  5. Forrest Gump( Very touching, best of the best)
  6. 大话西游:盘丝洞 (The Chinese Classical, Stephen Chow, Funny)
  7. Spiderman 1(The first sometimes, is the best)
  8. Wanted (Surprise, this is a 2008 movie, but, it really takes breath away)
  9. My Best Friend's Wedding(Oh please, Made of Honour is really no match to this, who can beat Julia Roberts and Cameron Diaz?)
  10. A.I-Artificial Intelligence (Little modern-Pinocchio wanted to become a real boy)
  11. Star Wars (Omg, the classical of all time.P.S- this is the old movie, not the new one)
  12. Jurassic Park 1 (Dinosaur chasing is never been more fun)
  13. Bicentennial Man (Another touching A.I that stole my heart with its piano duet)
  14. Jaws (My main reason for afraid to go into the water)
  15. The Sphere (This movie is not that famous, but, it was really a thriller)
  16. 金枝玉叶 also "He's a Woman She's a Man " (by Anita Yuan and Leslie Cheung, it was so funny until I still remember now, I was a kid when I watched it)
  17. The Sixth Sense( A ghost movie that the little boy stole the show)
  18. 大话西游:盘丝洞 (The Chinese Classical, Stephen Chow, Funny)
  19. Titanic (Must be on the list, well, they say" you jump, I jump", so, it must be in.)
  20. 难兄难弟 (By Tony Leung, along with Carina Lau as his mother, haha)
  21. 重庆森林(really like Fei Wong's performance, really, really unforgettable)
  22. 东邪西毒( Maggie Cheung was totally different back to those days, she was super-funny)
  23. 梁山伯与祝英台(the butterflies lover, so heart-breaking)
  24. 少林足球(A movie that leads to the trend of kungfu)
  25. 新龙门客栈(Again, Maggie Cheung was super-sassy in her role)

Right now, I am already half-way through in first 50, a quarter in 100. As you can see, in my list, the newest movie is WANTED, the movie was just unforgettable. The oldest is GONE WITH THE WIND, the classical version of my sassy girl. For Chinese movie, I was so disappointed with the new movies. None of them were truly memorable, they all are too commercialized. In my opinion, the peak of the Hong Kong movie was during the 1980-2000.

Continue with list

26. 千与千寻 also "Spirited Away" (A majestically Japanese Anime, so pure and so full of
27. Beauty and The Beast(Emphasize on inner-beauty)
28. Lion King 1 (Disney's great movie)
29. Mulan (Another cartoon that really teaches us a lesson)
30. Click (Touching, funny comedy that makes us laugh until we drop)
31. Stardust( To my surprise, it was not bad at all, some more, it was very hilarious)
32. Pan's Labyrinth (Of course, this is one of the most unforgettable movie ever, Ofelia, the
33. Mummy (The Egypt-mystique-inspired movie, just watch Mummy 2 on TV3, so nice)
34. Mummy 2 ( Just watch on TV3, so cool , I like the Egyptian Princess Nertiri I am looking
forward for Mummy 3)
35. The Fifth Element (Never thought that Sarah Brightman would be the blue alien who
sings, really nice)
36. Aladdin (I have a heart for Arabian Night)
37. Charlie's Angel ( Really kiss a** babes)
38. Freaky Friday ( The movie that shot Lindsay Lohan to stardom)
39. Miss Congeniality(Omg, World Peace, the best dialogue ever)
40. Edward's Scissors Hand (Winona Ryder was the angel-like devil, Edward was the
demon-like angel)
41. Alien 4(Alien series were the best, really disgusted me with the Alien)
42. Lara Croft:Tomb Raider (Ooo, she was so action-packed,so unforgettable)
43. Minority Report (Agatha the minority report provider, a truth in another truth)
44. Independence Day (Will Smith just wooed me away in fighting the alien invasion)
45. Terminator:Judgment Day (I WILL BE BACK)
46. The Mask (Jim Carrey, the weirdest hero ever)
47. There's is something about Mary (She is a man-eater, just mesmerizes all the man around
48. The Bodyguard (Whitney Houston's performances, I will always love you)
49. 爱你爱到杀死你 (Sammi Cheng and Leon Lai 's funniest performances, can fight the
American Version)
50. Ghost (Demi Moore, Whoopi Goldberg, ... , they just made the most unforgettable ever)

Wow, after long hours of crapping analyzing, I finally finished the first part of the 100 most unforgettable movie ever. I am so tired now. Need to exhausting update.(^^)

purple - normal+must_watch
green - good+must_watch
red - (best)must+must_watch

If I have left out any great and unforgettable movie, please leave a comment.
If you disagree with my list, suggest yours.

Again, this post is opened for debate.


Thursday, July 24, 2008

Extravagant Nuffnang Gift Idea(^^) - Awesomely cool.

I really like the idea of giving a gift to a special person and nuffnang gift idea contest has given me a chance to do so without troubling myself. This is all because of, an online-shopping mall that provides shoppers all sort of conveniences, like I don't have to drive all the way to the shopping to look for the perfect gift.(Petrol is very expensive nowadays(^-^)). Furthermore, there are so many products, that I think I will have no problem finding a good gift at all.

Nuffnang means "cool" in Jafaikan. Yup, I am giving a nuffnang gift a.k.a a cool gift to a fellow nuffnanger. It is very difficult for me because I have to decide who to give to, what gift, and why I give this gift.

Before I reveal everything, haha, let's me show you what were the gifts that I was planning to give that lucky person.

At first, I was planning to give the lucky nuffnanger this magnificent vacuum cleaner. Well, the vacuum cleaner is for her to "suck" tightly her future husband. Haha, but, after second thought, hmm, I think she most probably don't need it and this sounded a bit harsh.

Porcelain Aromatherapy Night Light

Coming up next, it was an exquisite porcelain aromatherapy. Personally, I really like this gift myself. I think she will love it too. I want to give this gift because this can really "zen" her soul and spirit. However, when I check this item's details, it was currently sold out. Too bad!!!(><). I guess I have to make another choice.

Finally, I have chosen something very nice, suitable,common, yet, very in need. Waaala........

SOEHNLE Volga Body Balane Bathroom Scale

Now, officially, I am going to present this gift to the fellow nuffnanger,


Actually, I have noticed that seen is very busy recently doing her work. She hardly has any time to update her blog. I feel guilty because I recommended her to start her own blog. This is why I am going to give her a scale or a balance - to balance up her miserable, busy, and tired life , by the way, don't forget to balance her weight.(^^)

This has been a very pleasant experience to me because choosing gifts online is definitely interesting. Besides, it is also very convenient.

Finally, I hope that seen will really like my gift to her.

P.S: Sorry, guys!!! Actually, I wanted to spread the gifts to all the blogger's friends that I have known and linked. So, if I have another chance, I will definitely dedicate the gifts to you all.(^^)

Post content: Sincerity 90%, creativity 10%, effort priceless(^^)

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

It is time to be serious! University Admission(> <)

Personally, I rarely care about serious social matters. As you can see from my previous posts, I am a free-spirited person who just loves "sugar, spice, and everything nice, plus, a little bit of chemical x".(adapted Power puff Girls) Honestly, that is me which I still don't know why I had chosen to take an engineering course. Oh well, maybe, in my next entry, I will explain.

Okey, back to the serious matter that I am going to discuss today. With the unlimited amount of time in hand, I find time to really think about the recent issues. Today, I read about an article in the newspaper(Sin Chew Daily, 2008) about a girl who received her STPM(Sijil Tinggi Persekolahan Malaysia a.k.a Malaysian Higher School Certificate)(Wikipedia, 2008)results. Well, she scored straight A for her tests, which is about 5 A. Congrats to her! However, with that kind of good results, she was not given the first choice of her application, which was medicine in a local university. She was absolutely disappointed. According to the article, she said that she studied very hard in order to gain a place in medicine, if studying hard is no guarantee to secure a place in local university, then, what is the point of studying hard. I agreed with what she said. This is mainly because not only she was a straight A student, she was even awarded as one of the top scorers in the country. That award should have act like a plus point to her. At the end, she decided to go to Singapore to further her studies. She even added that the government is letting the professional people to other countries. This is absolutely the main reason why our country lacks of talented people in certain fields. In the article, there is also a mention the regulation for applying the admission. 90 percents for the results and 10 percents for extra-curriculum. From the point system, it is very obvious that the results is the main contributor to determine whether the admission is successful or not. By blaming on the shortfall of extra-curriculum, it is not logical at all due to the fact that extra-curriculum only play a very minor role in the application. Based on the point system, it shows that results will be prioritized. (Sin Chew Daily, 2008)

Apart from that, I also went back to my secondary school to have a visit. It was shock to me because currently, there are more and more students giving up to continue Form 6. I could understand the reason because I also decided to continue my studies in elsewhere. The top 3 reason for me and most students not choosing Form 6.

  1. It is a waste of time, the duration of Form 6 is about 2 years.
  2. It is not safe for students who is planning to take medicine because matriculation students have privilege in choosing course.
  3. The syllabus is just too hard.

Well, these are the reasons that I can come up with. If you have any more, feel free to add on.

Moreover, I also feel that Form 6 students are in weaker spots compared to matriculation students. Not only matric students can save a year in their course, they even have privilege in obtaining a spot in local universities. Well, with that kind of disadvantages, I think Form 6 is going to "bankrupt" soon.

In my thought, being a Form 6 student is not easy, even if you score straight A, there is not secure, especially for medic students. Oh well, this is my personal thought.

Agree or Disagree - It is opened for argument.

  1. Sin Chew Daily(2008, July 22).没获首选马大医学系:全国最佳考生就读新国大. Sin Chew Daily, p.11.
  2. Wikipedia(2008).Sijil Tinggi Persekolahan Malaysia. Retrieved July 22, 2008, from World Wide Web:

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Dark Knight, Joker, Nemesis, Two-Face

Today, I was so excited because I was finally going to catch the well-rated, well-promoted, and well-produced movie, Batman:Dark Knight. If you have visited my blog earlier, you might noticed that my blog's picture is the movie's poster. After so many days, hours, minutes, seconds, I could watch the movie with my friends, it was something that I was looking forward to.

To be honest, I really like the action, but, the storyline was a bit dull. Maybe due to the over-rated compliments from most people, we really had high hope. We expected more. The story begins with the robbery of a bank by the Joker. It was a genius plan. After that, the movie introduced a white knight who was going to save the corrupted Gotham City, Harvey Dent by Aaron Eckhart . Of course, don't we forget the leading female actress, Rachael Dawes by Maggie Gyllenhaal. Harvey and Rachael were lovers in the movie, proving that batman is a curse to Bruce Wayne. Last but not least, our biggest villain - Joker by the late Heath Ledger.

Actually, in the movie, there was compassion, romance, love, loneliness,... Everything was in the movie. But, the timing of the movie was just not right. The showdown between the batman and his nemesis-Joker was not action-packed enough. Even though the explosions were amazing, I couldn't help to feel sleepy towards the end of the movie which too much dialogues were involved. Nonetheless, this was a must-watch movie. I had to admit that Joker quite stole the show from batman.

In this movie, I had 2 favourite scences. Well , to my surprise, they were not those violent scences. The first scence was when the batman had to choose between Rachael and Harvey. To save Gotham, guess who he had chosen. The second scence was when the people from two ships had to decide their own fates. At the end, the consciences inside the people had shown that there is still hope. Well, I can't be too specific, it would only spoil the fun. Why so serious?

In the end, the dark knight will always be the dark knight. But, who is going to be the two-face. Want to find out? Check out the movie by yourself again.

P.S : The movie is about 2 and a half hours long. Brace yourself for this extravagant movie.

B.T.W: I also made a handphone theme, click here to download. or scroll to the lowest part of my blog

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Self Room-improvement (1)

Changing is good(not including changing gf and bf frequently). Well, in life, sometimes, changing is necessary. So, to keep my life in virtual and to make life more interesting, occasionally, I have some crazy ideas to renovate my room. Therefore, I change the arrangement of my room about 2 times in a year. This is partially looking for something to fill up my time and partially, relocate a new and fresh Fengshui spot in my room.Ok, call me superstitious or anything. In this time, I found myself very hard to fall asleep. So, I decided to change again for the sake of room-improvement and for myself. In this post, I will divide it into a few parts.

Today, the first part is to plan the arrangement of furniture and to plan special feature in the room. First thing is to draw out the plan of the room. It is extremely crucial because as an experienced-arranger, I found myself finding a hard to relocate all the furniture in a limited space. So, we must have a plan before we start a plan. (Wow, so cliche!)

Just get a blank paper, and draw your room's dimension. Well, I used the old paper from my primary exercise book.(The second sentence is for promoting environmental-friendliness, go green together.)

After this, all the furniture that are wanted to be included in the room, have to be drawn and cut out in a smaller ratio. This is for the convenience to plan the arrangement of the furniture.

Again, I used unused paper. Haha, I even labeled the furniture's names on the paper.

Later, the fun begins. Well, you can arrange your furniture as you like. Therefore, I come up with a few arrangements. Some are practical but not stylish, other are just nice but difficult to execute.

Originally, this is the arrangement of my room right now.

This is the first plan. Well, I really like my bed by the window side.

The second plan is that the bed is placed opposite the door. I don't like this arrangement personally. Oh well, it is still a choice

Lastly, this is my third plan. Well, almost like the no.1, but slight different.

Finally, a choice has to be made. Therefore, I have chosen No.3 because this is what I want. Even though the design was a bit wasting space, I love it. In other words, this is your own self room-improvement. You can do anything you want.


Self Room-improvement (1) THE END

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Shop till Everybody drops!!!

Today was not like any other days, it was a day of J. Hahaha, not me, Jay. But, the J cards member day for Aeon (formerly known as Jaya Jusco)[which is listed in their voucher]. Mum and I were determined to shop today eversince we received the flyer from Jaya Jusco.

Due to several unexpected obstacles( I forgot the time of my piano lesson and it was extremely difficult to find a parking lot), we reached there about 3 p.m. We were wandering around the complex to look for a space(pratically wasting our petrol). At the end, we decided to park to the housing area. In exchange, we had to walk to Jaya Jusco in a short while.

When we reached there, people were filling the shopping complex so fast that the corridor was almost fully-packed. Well, for the sake of shopping, we survived. The goods there some were very cheap and some were more or less the same.

In just about 15 minutes of walking, I found my targets. I had been waiting for so long,finally, there was a 50-percent discount for my lovely Japanese drama. They were not just any Japanese Drama. They were legends that guided me through my younger days. Therefore, I bought 3 sets of old, famous, fabulous Japanese Drama.

My triplet is just amazing,they are my babies(Even though I sound sick, I still love them)

No.1。 庶务二课 (1), this is the best of the best. Funny, charming, cool,...just about everything.

No.2. 爱美大作战(2), never watch this before, I just watch the 1st series, but, I am putting a lot of faith in it.

NO.3.恶作剧之吻-The original drama from Japan, not from Taiwan. I watch the Taiwan version, I have to be honest, it is not even close to the original( I know that a lot of people will going to hate me, but, this is my own opinion) Well, because, the Japan version had something more intriguing - authenticity. This is really important.
(They all cost me about RM40, so cheap, later, I will be able to speak Japanese. Gambateh, hehehe!!!(^-^))

After that, of course, we went to the men's and women's department. Oh my gosh , the situation there could be described by only a word - "Chaotic". People were crazy of the discounted attire such as blouse, dress, undergarment, shoes, and socks. Right now, I am going to reveal the true nature of most aunties. Beware, if you find this uneasy, just continue reading my blog. Hahaha, here is it.(Okey, I admit I am exaggerating again)

Actually, aunties were fighting for men underwear.......for their husband, son,, you don't want to mess with them . After that, there were happy hours for lady handbegs, watches, and....
The price of this scene is just priceless.

Well, after 3 hours of hustling and bustling in the crowd, we bought all the neccessary goods. It was time to go home. Right now, I am very tired and exhausted. So, in just few more minutes, I might need to go to sleep.

P.S : I change my header pictures already, guess who is coming into my blog?

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Tagging is fun...(^^)

TAG No. 1
List eight (8) random facts about yourself.
Tag eight people at the end of this post and list their names.
Let them know they have been tagged by leaving them a comment on their blogs.

  1. I AM A BLOGGER!(^^)
  3. I HAVE A MINI ZOO AT HOME, 4 DOGS, A CAT, A GUINEA PIG, A LOT FISH, USED TO HAVE A TORTOISE.(but have to let it go,my xiao gui is getting too big, I miss you.)
  4. I HOLD GRUDGE EASILY. (most people tend to remember bad things, I am like most people)
  5. I LOVE TO WRITE.(basically love to crap(^-^))
  6. I LOVE TO BE ALONE. (can do anything I want to, including singing the bathroom without being judged by other people.
  7. I AM SINGLE NOW. (in search of the right one, who makes me feel breathless when I meet that person - which is impossible, maybe will stay single until I grow old)
  8. I AM A BEGINNER IN SWIMMING, OF ALL THE THINGS, I AM THE WORST IN SWIMMING(I can get drown at the depth of 1.2m,seriously)

TAG No. 2
8 things I am passionate about:
  1. blogging currently is my most love
  2. photographing, quite talented(hehe, please bear with my ego)
  3. singing(I don't have a great voice, but I love to sing)
  4. playing piano.( As much as I love it, now, I am hating it because of the upcoming test)
  5. watching TV( I can watch tv non-stop.)
  6. listening to music.(It just relieves my boredom)
  7. modeling photos(Not that I love to model or what, I just love to look at fashion photo and judge them as if I am an expert)

8 things I say too often:
  1. Cin chai lah.
  2. yum gong loh!!!( this one really a lot)
  3. Hmmmm............( a long one)
  4. arghhhh( which sounds like a girl, hehehe)
  5. woooiiiiii
  6. errr.....
  7. ola.....Spanish for hello
  8. Watever

8 books I’ve read recently:
  1. Flower for Algernon...(quite vivid, quite nice)
  2. 《月老》
Yup, that is all. I am not a good and consistent reader.

8 songs I could listen to over and over again FOR THE MOMENT
  1. Mariah Carey - Bye Bye (Very touching)
  2. Gwen Stefani - Running (Also very touching)
  3. 王力宏 - 我们的歌 (超好听的)
  4. 周杰伦 - 黑色幽默 (A very old song that I love very much)
  5. Christina Aguilera - The Voice Within (When there's no one else,...[lyric])
  6. Enya - Orinoco Flow( I am not sure of the song name, something like that, but the song was very nice, a must-listen song)
  7. Disney's Cartoon songs, especially Aladdin's A Whole New World and Beauty and The Beast.
  8. My no.8 is at no.7 already.
I have a lot songs that I can listen to it non-stop, 8 spaces are not enough.

TAG No.3
  1. Would you go out with you?
  2. State the reasons why you would, and why you wouldn't, and then come to a conclusion at the end.
  1. Definitely , I would go out with me. (That sounds pathetic). Without hesitation, I would go out with me..yeah...yeah...reasons?
  2. I am fun, I am crazy, I am unpredictable, I am an exciting person, I am childish( Yup, my uni friends are too mature), I am friendly, I am cool, I am hot, I have good personality, I am camera freak who takes photos anywhere and anytime.
  3. conclusion? Well, I am easy to hang out with, you will love me when you go out with me. I am just rocking it.(^_^)
I'm tagging:
1. Zi yang
2. kok leong
4. fung wern
5. celestia
6. seen
7. - No more name, I have little friend at my own blog(so cham)
8. -Double disappointment.

Monday, July 14, 2008

A Day Free from Technology!(TVless, Laptopless, radioless) and I make an artwork!

Sunday night was not a pleasant night. I was so angry that night. Some personal reasons which I want to keep to myself. Well, after that night, I was so energetic because of the anger and madness. So, I stayed up very late.

During that time, I was thinking a lot. There was nothing bad about being angry. In fact, I was so full of energy that I made a lot of plan that night. I think that occasionally being angry, is quite good. Hahaha, it gives motivation, energy, determination, ... It drives people to the fullest. However, the resentment is still there. I have to admit that I hold grudge easily. So, be careful, don't make me angry, I will remember forever. Hmmm, maybe a couple of years...(Don't freak out). Hahaha, in person, I am quite okey.Okey, back to my huge plan.

List of My Plans:
  1. No laptop or online from Sunday night to Monday night( I made it, I waited until 8.30pm just now)
  2. I will renovate my room (In the midst of doing that, to be continued tomorrow)
  3. I will try to be more environmentally-friendly.( Hahaha, I am making organic-fertilizer - I dug a big hole, throw every organic waste I have into.)
  4. I will practise more for my up-coming piano test.
  5. I will plan for more plans.

For my plan no.2, I had made something. Well, I was going to rearrange my room totally and I made a little something to match it. So, before revealing my renovated-room, let's have a look at the table lamp that I made. It was very easy. To begin, let's prepare some of the materials.

You can see clearly that there are photo frames, scissor, pen knife, color papers, and some glue.

After finishing the design, you can see that they are very pretty, especially the 3D dimension of the colorpaper parts, they are my favourite.

Here are the almost final looks. The left side is the red and green designs, while the right side is the yellow and red designs. They look stunning with the light shinning behind them.

Wala, the final product is being displayed on the very pretty stone table.

Anger, madness, stubborness, sadness..even though they are all negative influences, they have their good sides as well. They sometimes inspire, motivate, push people to the top. Well, I have to say that it is not good to rely on them. But, at one time, they do wanders.

A day without technology was fun, I made a piece of artwork, I became more environmental-friendly, I saved electric energy... But, at the end of the day, I still have to depend on technology to blog.(^-^). In this era of techno, something are meant to stay. They have rooted their existence in human history, maybe in the future, they are our future-technology.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Hellboy 2 is here!!!

As you can see from my blog picture, I am crazy about "Hellboy II: The Golden Army" right now. Therefore, about 3 hours ago, I went to watch the movie with a friend. My friend was just in time when I was about to go into the cinema all by myself, leaving him outside. Hahaha, he was lucky that he was not late.

Well, about the movie, as expected, it was of course a magnificent movie. But, unexpectedly, it was more fantasy this time. I think this is all because of the director of "Pan's Labyrinth", Guillermo del Toro. "Pan's Labyrinth was one of my favourite movie - a combination of reality and fantasy. Well, in this case for Hellboy 2, he created another fantasy world, another land of the mystical, and another success.

The storyline was actually like a fairytale, or a bedtime story. However, in actual, the fairytale was history between the humans and the mystical creatures. There was a deal between them. But, Prince Nuada was not satisfied with deal, he wanted to fight for more. Thus, he planned to revive the Golden Army. Of course, hellboy and his gang tried their best in stopping him.

In this new sequel, hellboy was still the same. But, he finally got his girl,Liz who learned to control her fiery power. Also don't forget about Mr. Sapien, he found his love one, Princess Nuala. They had the same power of feeling. Just with a touch, they could read the mind.

In the movie, I love his big gun!

She is as cool as ever. Well, she is cranky because...

He is in love in the movie.

Oh, he is very good with his spear.

The honourable princess.

The Angel of Death, reminds me of the pale man in "Pan's Labyrinth", but, the angel of death is very different because it is not evil nor good. However, Pale Man was evil who consumed real children. (One of my favourite character- really authentic )

In this movie, actually my most favourite scene was when the God of the Forest was finally vanished in the city of modern day. But, after it was banished by the hellboy, God of the Forest left something very nice behind - a forest in the middle of a city.

At the end of movie, hellboy really got a hell of a surprise, make it double. What to know the surprise, faster check the movie at your nearest cinema.(Hahaha, I sound like the spokeman of the movie.). This movie is a must-watch movie. Don't miss it.(^_^)

By the way, there is a little treat from me. I have made a handphone theme for this movie.
If you like it, just click here to download.

For more themes, just scroll down to the lowest part of my blog! Haha, have fun.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Pushing What? Daisies.....

I have always dreamed of possessing superpowers. I wish I could fly, throw fire ball, control thoughts, be invisible, have the speeding of lightning,... That is an endless list of my wishes. However, what if you were given a power of a touch, not just any touch, a touch of living and death. That is what the new, bizarre, amazing, breathtaking drama-"Pushing Daisies" talks about.

The drama starts when the main actor-Ned, discovers that he can bring dead people, animals, plants alive with just one touch. When he discovers his ability, he feels amazed. But, unbeknown to the consequences of using his power, he causes another death of another equivalent living things. There is a cost for using his power. (This reminds me of the anime-"Fullmetal Alchemist"). His power works on a equivalent trade, if he brings alive a person, another person has to die. Therefore, when he touches a dead person, that person will stay alive unless the second touch is applied. That is why he has the touch of living and death. He brings alive a person with the first touch, and kills the person forever with second touch. Apart from that, there is also a limit to his power, if he brought a dead person alive more that 1 minute, another living person would have to fill the dead person's place.

The storyline becomes more interesting when he brings alive his first and true love, "Chuck" a.k.a Charlotte. When Chuck and Emerson, they forms a detective group which Ned will bring alive the dead to get the information he needs to solve the case. Basically, this is what the drama is all about.

As you can see from the picture above, there is a group of interesting casts.
(scroll down for more info, technical problem)(^^)(Please forgive!)

1) Ned
Played by Pace Lee: He really portraits the character well in a humorous way. Apart from that he also shows the sensitive side of a guy vividly. He loves his dog and Chuck, but, he can't touch them. What he can do is to feel the love from within. He just captures that feel very well.

2) Chuck a.k.a Charlotte
Played by Anna Friel: She is just dazzling in the drama even though her manly nickname-Chuck. She is charming and died as a lonely traveler. But, she meets the man she loves with all this years and he brought her to life again. Most of all, she is expressive and interesting. She can speak I-don't-know how many languages. Her smile can kill a person and all the clothes in the show are amazingly colourful.She just gives me a witchy feel in the show.

Played by Kristin Chenoweth. She is madly in love with Ned. But, Ned has his heart for another person, you know who. But, she does not give up. She is going to fight till the end even though she loses the battles since day one. By the way , she can really sing.
Played by Chi McBride. He is a little greedy but, loves to knit. Weird, but, amusing!!!
Voiced by Jim Dale. He always reminds people how many years,months, weeks,days, hours, minutes, seconds, they live. Well, roughly, I am (19 years old, 7 months, 1 week, 1 day, 8 hours, 40 mins, 40 secs) , sitting in front of the computer, writing this post.

With all the information that I am giving, you know that I am crazy of "Pushing Daisies". I love it because it is just a simple love story with a really unexpected twist. The story of each episode is also very unique in its own way, just giving the feel of real fairytale.

I love the narrator of the show, giving me a sense of exquisite story-telling skills. In "Pushing Daisies", you can find true love. Even though they can't touch, they are love each other. That is true love. After watching the show, there is a sense of sweetness of love...................I don't why but, maybe the colour of the show just gives everybody a new fresh life. I feel every single ingredient in the show - love, hate, desperate,...

P.S: The theme song is very niceeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! But, I can't find it. So, anybody knows where to find it. Please tell me!(^^)

Here are the few moments that I love about this show: