Friday, July 4, 2008

8tv, you broke my heart. Hotmail, you made my life miserable

Since I am having my holiday, I try my best to fill up my time. Well, just at the same moment, I come across a competition from 8tv,how HP mini changes your life. So, I was so excited because I desperately need a laptop.

But, just after I took the photos and edited, I found out that I was unable to email the photos to 8tv's email address - Well, I tried to send it out for millions times. But, my attempt was to no avail. I kept on receiving post failure emails. Until a point, I WAS LIKE SMASHING THE KEYBOARD. Another thing was that hotmail or windows live mail was so difficult to log in to. Err, it was like a Chinese saying- "adding oil into the fire".

I knew that it was partial my responsibility as well. I guessed the 8tv mailbox is full. I should have sent earlier, but, the deadline was on today. I sent it yesterday. Errrr, it was so frustrating because I put some much effort for this competition. But, what I got was a email failure.

Now, I will show you the photos which I put so much effort into it.

I have to admit that my photos are not perfect. But, at least, I want to give it a try. As you can see, the concept was simple, but, I did not have the chance to show my masterpieces. Firstly, it was not easy to find the typewriter. Secondly, it was so tiring to hop up and down.

It was disappointing, but, I still have to live on and get a life. So, 8TV and hotmail, I have a piece of advice.

8tv, please increase your mailbox size to a least 5Gb or more.

Hotmail, or windows live MSN, please be more efficient, fix the problem with MSN. so difficult to log in.


BeArLeOnG89 said...

The 1st photo is nice. But the 2nd photo is not that nice. I think u shud borrow a laptop and take another photo. Yup, Hotmail is really sucks!

Xjion89 said...

thx for ur comment, but nice anot oredi not important.Hmmmm.....very down rite nw.