Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Pushing What? Daisies.....

I have always dreamed of possessing superpowers. I wish I could fly, throw fire ball, control thoughts, be invisible, have the speeding of lightning,... That is an endless list of my wishes. However, what if you were given a power of a touch, not just any touch, a touch of living and death. That is what the new, bizarre, amazing, breathtaking drama-"Pushing Daisies" talks about.

The drama starts when the main actor-Ned, discovers that he can bring dead people, animals, plants alive with just one touch. When he discovers his ability, he feels amazed. But, unbeknown to the consequences of using his power, he causes another death of another equivalent living things. There is a cost for using his power. (This reminds me of the anime-"Fullmetal Alchemist"). His power works on a equivalent trade, if he brings alive a person, another person has to die. Therefore, when he touches a dead person, that person will stay alive unless the second touch is applied. That is why he has the touch of living and death. He brings alive a person with the first touch, and kills the person forever with second touch. Apart from that, there is also a limit to his power, if he brought a dead person alive more that 1 minute, another living person would have to fill the dead person's place.

The storyline becomes more interesting when he brings alive his first and true love, "Chuck" a.k.a Charlotte. When Chuck and Emerson, they forms a detective group which Ned will bring alive the dead to get the information he needs to solve the case. Basically, this is what the drama is all about.

As you can see from the picture above, there is a group of interesting casts.
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1) Ned
Played by Pace Lee: He really portraits the character well in a humorous way. Apart from that he also shows the sensitive side of a guy vividly. He loves his dog and Chuck, but, he can't touch them. What he can do is to feel the love from within. He just captures that feel very well.

2) Chuck a.k.a Charlotte
Played by Anna Friel: She is just dazzling in the drama even though her manly nickname-Chuck. She is charming and died as a lonely traveler. But, she meets the man she loves with all this years and he brought her to life again. Most of all, she is expressive and interesting. She can speak I-don't-know how many languages. Her smile can kill a person and all the clothes in the show are amazingly colourful.She just gives me a witchy feel in the show.

Played by Kristin Chenoweth. She is madly in love with Ned. But, Ned has his heart for another person, you know who. But, she does not give up. She is going to fight till the end even though she loses the battles since day one. By the way , she can really sing.
Played by Chi McBride. He is a little greedy but, loves to knit. Weird, but, amusing!!!
Voiced by Jim Dale. He always reminds people how many years,months, weeks,days, hours, minutes, seconds, they live. Well, roughly, I am (19 years old, 7 months, 1 week, 1 day, 8 hours, 40 mins, 40 secs) , sitting in front of the computer, writing this post.

With all the information that I am giving, you know that I am crazy of "Pushing Daisies". I love it because it is just a simple love story with a really unexpected twist. The story of each episode is also very unique in its own way, just giving the feel of real fairytale.

I love the narrator of the show, giving me a sense of exquisite story-telling skills. In "Pushing Daisies", you can find true love. Even though they can't touch, they are love each other. That is true love. After watching the show, there is a sense of sweetness of love...................I don't why but, maybe the colour of the show just gives everybody a new fresh life. I feel every single ingredient in the show - love, hate, desperate,...

P.S: The theme song is very niceeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! But, I can't find it. So, anybody knows where to find it. Please tell me!(^^)

Here are the few moments that I love about this show:


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Intersting drama. When will it be shown on local TV?

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Xjion89 said...

Thanks for your comment too.

Now, it is currently being shown on 8tv.
On Tuesday, frm 930-1030pm.

So, I am not sure abt your place.

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