Saturday, July 26, 2008


Since my holiday, I have become a movie freak. Well, there is nothing bad about this. At least, I can:

  1. Improve my American-English.
  2. Gain some weight.(People say that I am too slender,how flattering, but, I still think I am fat)
  3. Learn more celebrity names.(Heath Ledger, Maggie Gyllenhaal(Wow, did I spell it right), ...)
  4. Get encouragement from the movie.(I can become a superstar if I go to Hollywood(^^))
  5. Obtain more materials to write my blog(basically, crap more lah)
Okey, without wasting any time, let's go the 100 Most Unforgettable Movie(Best)- First 50.

  • Personal and Private view of myself (This list is not about marks)
  • Memorable impression(Unforgettable scenes)
  • Randomly chosen(Not about box-office or gross)
  • Arguable of its credibility( Not everyone likes the same movie)

The List is shown below:
  1. Gone With The Wind(Oh well, as expected, classical movie just rocks)
  2. 我的野蛮女友 also "My Sassy Girl" (My All-time favourite, she is just everything)
  3. The Matrix 1(Difficult to understand at the beginning, but, captures the audience later)
  4. Jumanji (Oh, my childhood buddy, a game that has to be finished)
  5. Forrest Gump( Very touching, best of the best)
  6. 大话西游:盘丝洞 (The Chinese Classical, Stephen Chow, Funny)
  7. Spiderman 1(The first sometimes, is the best)
  8. Wanted (Surprise, this is a 2008 movie, but, it really takes breath away)
  9. My Best Friend's Wedding(Oh please, Made of Honour is really no match to this, who can beat Julia Roberts and Cameron Diaz?)
  10. A.I-Artificial Intelligence (Little modern-Pinocchio wanted to become a real boy)
  11. Star Wars (Omg, the classical of all time.P.S- this is the old movie, not the new one)
  12. Jurassic Park 1 (Dinosaur chasing is never been more fun)
  13. Bicentennial Man (Another touching A.I that stole my heart with its piano duet)
  14. Jaws (My main reason for afraid to go into the water)
  15. The Sphere (This movie is not that famous, but, it was really a thriller)
  16. 金枝玉叶 also "He's a Woman She's a Man " (by Anita Yuan and Leslie Cheung, it was so funny until I still remember now, I was a kid when I watched it)
  17. The Sixth Sense( A ghost movie that the little boy stole the show)
  18. 大话西游:盘丝洞 (The Chinese Classical, Stephen Chow, Funny)
  19. Titanic (Must be on the list, well, they say" you jump, I jump", so, it must be in.)
  20. 难兄难弟 (By Tony Leung, along with Carina Lau as his mother, haha)
  21. 重庆森林(really like Fei Wong's performance, really, really unforgettable)
  22. 东邪西毒( Maggie Cheung was totally different back to those days, she was super-funny)
  23. 梁山伯与祝英台(the butterflies lover, so heart-breaking)
  24. 少林足球(A movie that leads to the trend of kungfu)
  25. 新龙门客栈(Again, Maggie Cheung was super-sassy in her role)

Right now, I am already half-way through in first 50, a quarter in 100. As you can see, in my list, the newest movie is WANTED, the movie was just unforgettable. The oldest is GONE WITH THE WIND, the classical version of my sassy girl. For Chinese movie, I was so disappointed with the new movies. None of them were truly memorable, they all are too commercialized. In my opinion, the peak of the Hong Kong movie was during the 1980-2000.

Continue with list

26. 千与千寻 also "Spirited Away" (A majestically Japanese Anime, so pure and so full of
27. Beauty and The Beast(Emphasize on inner-beauty)
28. Lion King 1 (Disney's great movie)
29. Mulan (Another cartoon that really teaches us a lesson)
30. Click (Touching, funny comedy that makes us laugh until we drop)
31. Stardust( To my surprise, it was not bad at all, some more, it was very hilarious)
32. Pan's Labyrinth (Of course, this is one of the most unforgettable movie ever, Ofelia, the
33. Mummy (The Egypt-mystique-inspired movie, just watch Mummy 2 on TV3, so nice)
34. Mummy 2 ( Just watch on TV3, so cool , I like the Egyptian Princess Nertiri I am looking
forward for Mummy 3)
35. The Fifth Element (Never thought that Sarah Brightman would be the blue alien who
sings, really nice)
36. Aladdin (I have a heart for Arabian Night)
37. Charlie's Angel ( Really kiss a** babes)
38. Freaky Friday ( The movie that shot Lindsay Lohan to stardom)
39. Miss Congeniality(Omg, World Peace, the best dialogue ever)
40. Edward's Scissors Hand (Winona Ryder was the angel-like devil, Edward was the
demon-like angel)
41. Alien 4(Alien series were the best, really disgusted me with the Alien)
42. Lara Croft:Tomb Raider (Ooo, she was so action-packed,so unforgettable)
43. Minority Report (Agatha the minority report provider, a truth in another truth)
44. Independence Day (Will Smith just wooed me away in fighting the alien invasion)
45. Terminator:Judgment Day (I WILL BE BACK)
46. The Mask (Jim Carrey, the weirdest hero ever)
47. There's is something about Mary (She is a man-eater, just mesmerizes all the man around
48. The Bodyguard (Whitney Houston's performances, I will always love you)
49. 爱你爱到杀死你 (Sammi Cheng and Leon Lai 's funniest performances, can fight the
American Version)
50. Ghost (Demi Moore, Whoopi Goldberg, ... , they just made the most unforgettable ever)

Wow, after long hours of crapping analyzing, I finally finished the first part of the 100 most unforgettable movie ever. I am so tired now. Need to exhausting update.(^^)

purple - normal+must_watch
green - good+must_watch
red - (best)must+must_watch

If I have left out any great and unforgettable movie, please leave a comment.
If you disagree with my list, suggest yours.

Again, this post is opened for debate.



lcfu said...

wow, you have seen a lot of movies man! an you remember the title! i gonna watch the mummy 3 sooner

Xjion89 said...

Yup, those 50 movies,I have conquered them already. Hahaha...
Too bad, I am still thinking whether to watch Mummy 3, becoz this year, I have watched too many movies already, need to curb myself, dun wan to get addicted.(^^)