Sunday, July 6, 2008

Chasing the stars....."Heart of Great" a.k.a 《溏心风暴》

Well , I am glad to say that I have the chance to meet the famous Hong Kong stars in person. It was just a brief moment for meeting them, but a long moment for waiting them. But, at the end, I was glad that I went for it.

The reasons? I had the opportunities to almost becoming a can of sardine, to experience human-heat-generated sauna, to lose weight in hours only, to shout my lung out for their names, and to meet them in person in about 10 feet away. Sounds kind of silly? But, it was worth it because I had fun.

Today, Ipoh Parade was really crowded thanked to the casts of "Heart of Greed" a.k.a 《溏心风暴》. Kok Leong and I went there about 2pm, but, at that time, the place was already packed. We would have to squeeze in. After securing our spot, we waited there for ages. In the mist of waiting, we were feeling extremely hot and occupied. Hahaha, it was like we were in a can of sardine. But, we did not give up that easily just like we conquered the mountain.(exaggerating). Well, you all should see the crowd. If you were there, you would know I mean. Better I show some pictures, "picture speaks the thousand words." they said.

People were not just on the ground, they were everywhere.

Even the escalator was filled with people.

Can you see the hands in front of me? I had to struggle to take pictures, by the way, nice handphones.

After waiting for an hour or so, people were getting agitated. Some of them were leaving. We moved our position to a little front. Due to the long hours of waiting, a lot of people were not pleased. Well, the organizers thought of that and acutally, arranged some performances for the audience. First, there were the Golden Melodies winners performing some classical songs, they were very good. Then, there were the Astro Talent contestents performing some modern pop songs. They were not bad either. Their performances were about 1 hour again.

Finally, the long wait was over. They were here -Louise Lee(李司棋),Moses Chan( 陈豪),Tavia Yeung( 杨怡),and last but not least, Linda Chung(钟嘉欣) {P.S: it was not easy to find their English name}

I was surprised to see them all looked so slim and fit. Maybe, the dimension of television really can make somebody look fat.

This was quite a shock to me because she looked so pretty in person until I did not recognize her. Not that in drama, she was not pretty or what, but she seemed so different in person.

Of course, Tavia were dazzling with smiles. She was quite friendly. As for Mose, the tall guy was humorous and charming at the same time( He even impersonate Tavia's voice, hahaha)

Last, of course, not least, the main character - Big Godmum(大契), was looking her best. Well, a little secret to share, actually, ten years ago, I took a picture with her while she was filming a famous Hong Kong Drama- The longest drama in Hong Kong history. She did not change much compared to now.

Game time. But, nothing for me.

At the end of the day, I would say chasing stars are worth it. Even virtually, they are untouchable, I still could feel their warm light from within. Oh, wait~or it was just the stuffy surrounding. Haha, just kidding, definitely, I had a lot of fun seeing and chasing the stars today.


Benny said...

Wow...not bad. Excellent.

Xjion89 said...

Well, thanks for your compliment.
I am glad that you like my writing and photos.

papergoat said...

Argh!!! Damn it! No one told me that Tavia and Linda were coming! Otherwise I would have come back for them! Ishhhh..btw, Moses becomes so fit nowadays, walao!

Xjion89 said...

Too bad. But, I am sure they will come again. So, dun feel down lah. Maybe, next time, they come in bigger group!