Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Tagging is fun...(^^)

TAG No. 1
List eight (8) random facts about yourself.
Tag eight people at the end of this post and list their names.
Let them know they have been tagged by leaving them a comment on their blogs.

  1. I AM A BLOGGER!(^^)
  3. I HAVE A MINI ZOO AT HOME, 4 DOGS, A CAT, A GUINEA PIG, A LOT FISH, USED TO HAVE A TORTOISE.(but have to let it go,my xiao gui is getting too big, I miss you.)
  4. I HOLD GRUDGE EASILY. (most people tend to remember bad things, I am like most people)
  5. I LOVE TO WRITE.(basically love to crap(^-^))
  6. I LOVE TO BE ALONE. (can do anything I want to, including singing the bathroom without being judged by other people.
  7. I AM SINGLE NOW. (in search of the right one, who makes me feel breathless when I meet that person - which is impossible, maybe will stay single until I grow old)
  8. I AM A BEGINNER IN SWIMMING, OF ALL THE THINGS, I AM THE WORST IN SWIMMING(I can get drown at the depth of 1.2m,seriously)

TAG No. 2
8 things I am passionate about:
  1. blogging currently is my most love
  2. photographing, quite talented(hehe, please bear with my ego)
  3. singing(I don't have a great voice, but I love to sing)
  4. playing piano.( As much as I love it, now, I am hating it because of the upcoming test)
  5. watching TV( I can watch tv non-stop.)
  6. listening to music.(It just relieves my boredom)
  7. modeling photos(Not that I love to model or what, I just love to look at fashion photo and judge them as if I am an expert)

8 things I say too often:
  1. Cin chai lah.
  2. yum gong loh!!!( this one really a lot)
  3. Hmmmm............( a long one)
  4. arghhhh( which sounds like a girl, hehehe)
  5. woooiiiiii
  6. errr.....
  7. ola.....Spanish for hello
  8. Watever

8 books I’ve read recently:
  1. Flower for Algernon...(quite vivid, quite nice)
  2. 《月老》
Yup, that is all. I am not a good and consistent reader.

8 songs I could listen to over and over again FOR THE MOMENT
  1. Mariah Carey - Bye Bye (Very touching)
  2. Gwen Stefani - Running (Also very touching)
  3. 王力宏 - 我们的歌 (超好听的)
  4. 周杰伦 - 黑色幽默 (A very old song that I love very much)
  5. Christina Aguilera - The Voice Within (When there's no one else,...[lyric])
  6. Enya - Orinoco Flow( I am not sure of the song name, something like that, but the song was very nice, a must-listen song)
  7. Disney's Cartoon songs, especially Aladdin's A Whole New World and Beauty and The Beast.
  8. My no.8 is at no.7 already.
I have a lot songs that I can listen to it non-stop, 8 spaces are not enough.

TAG No.3
  1. Would you go out with you?
  2. State the reasons why you would, and why you wouldn't, and then come to a conclusion at the end.
  1. Definitely , I would go out with me. (That sounds pathetic). Without hesitation, I would go out with me..yeah...yeah...reasons?
  2. I am fun, I am crazy, I am unpredictable, I am an exciting person, I am childish( Yup, my uni friends are too mature), I am friendly, I am cool, I am hot, I have good personality, I am camera freak who takes photos anywhere and anytime.
  3. conclusion? Well, I am easy to hang out with, you will love me when you go out with me. I am just rocking it.(^_^)
I'm tagging:
1. Zi yang
2. kok leong
4. fung wern
5. celestia
6. seen
7. - No more name, I have little friend at my own blog(so cham)
8. -Double disappointment.



the same tag again...


Benny said...

"I HOLD GRUDGE EASILY. (most people tend to remember bad things, I am like most people)"

Not good. :)

Xjion89 said...

haha, more or least the same. hehe, so, hopefully, u dun get the same tag.

haha, it is me.