Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Mountain Hiking a.k.a mountain climbing was so much fun

Yesterday, I was so bored. After quitting my job, I really had nothing to do. So, just in the spur of the moment, I decided to climb the mountain. The mountain is called Bukit Kledang. This mountain is quite famous in Menglembu, people from all walks of life go and enjoy their time climbing the mountain. Even though it was not as high as Mount Everest, it was still very challenging to me personally. I will tell you why later.

Okey, at 3.50p.m sharp, on 30th June 2008, I went to the mountain with the accompany of a friend, Mr. Bearleong a.k.a Kok Leong. He claimed that it was easy to climb the mountain. Well, actually, I climbed the mountain before, so, it was no big deal.

Then, we started at the same point, hiking through the woods, until we reached the starting point to go upwards. Of course, both of us were walking together until we reached the road diverged, omg, that is so poetic which reminds me of a poem. Well, I decided to go left, and he went right, omg, turn left;turn right, that is so dramatic again.

After that, the journey of hardship began for me. Apparently, I took the the wrong turn, nope, the challenging turn. It was also a route leading me to the top, but, the route was muddy due to the rain yesterday, and it was very slippery, somemore, it was very , hmmm, vertical. Yup, Bearleong waited for me for 10 mins, I was not hiking the mountain, practically, climbing, haha, I know I sound a bit dramatic. This is what happened when you didn't hike the mountain for so long.

But, I was able to get an amazing view. I named this photo "A Sun, A Mountain, A Person, An Umbrella"

After undergoing such exhausting journey, we did not give up. We continued our conquest for 1 hour or more. I was wishing to see the "tamat" line, but, we kept going on until a certain point, we were like super dehydrated. Then, hope arose, when we saw the little tower, yup, we had outdone ourselves. I think we passed the line already miles away.

On my way down, I was busy taking pictures again and again.

Then, just like lightning, we sped down the mountain. Just in a flash, we finished our little journey.

Well, the joy doesn't end here. Let's look at the nice photos I took.

I was like a biologist observing the ecosystem in Bukit Kledang.

The journey was tiring, but, kept our virtual to the top
We really see hope.

I was lucky to be able to take so many amazing shots.

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