Saturday, July 19, 2008

Self Room-improvement (1)

Changing is good(not including changing gf and bf frequently). Well, in life, sometimes, changing is necessary. So, to keep my life in virtual and to make life more interesting, occasionally, I have some crazy ideas to renovate my room. Therefore, I change the arrangement of my room about 2 times in a year. This is partially looking for something to fill up my time and partially, relocate a new and fresh Fengshui spot in my room.Ok, call me superstitious or anything. In this time, I found myself very hard to fall asleep. So, I decided to change again for the sake of room-improvement and for myself. In this post, I will divide it into a few parts.

Today, the first part is to plan the arrangement of furniture and to plan special feature in the room. First thing is to draw out the plan of the room. It is extremely crucial because as an experienced-arranger, I found myself finding a hard to relocate all the furniture in a limited space. So, we must have a plan before we start a plan. (Wow, so cliche!)

Just get a blank paper, and draw your room's dimension. Well, I used the old paper from my primary exercise book.(The second sentence is for promoting environmental-friendliness, go green together.)

After this, all the furniture that are wanted to be included in the room, have to be drawn and cut out in a smaller ratio. This is for the convenience to plan the arrangement of the furniture.

Again, I used unused paper. Haha, I even labeled the furniture's names on the paper.

Later, the fun begins. Well, you can arrange your furniture as you like. Therefore, I come up with a few arrangements. Some are practical but not stylish, other are just nice but difficult to execute.

Originally, this is the arrangement of my room right now.

This is the first plan. Well, I really like my bed by the window side.

The second plan is that the bed is placed opposite the door. I don't like this arrangement personally. Oh well, it is still a choice

Lastly, this is my third plan. Well, almost like the no.1, but slight different.

Finally, a choice has to be made. Therefore, I have chosen No.3 because this is what I want. Even though the design was a bit wasting space, I love it. In other words, this is your own self room-improvement. You can do anything you want.


Self Room-improvement (1) THE END


Benny said...

The original plan is better. It's not good to put the table near to your bed. Else, you tend to be lazy and hop into the bed while studying.

Seems that you're very free during the holiday. Have you start preparing and revising for the coming Semester?

Xjion89 said...

I rarely use my table to study. Like my sister, I study on my bed.(^^)

I will revise soon. Thanks for your concern.

fungwern said...

haha. i did exactly what u did before years ago. i made scaled models intentionally when i refurnished my room :P

Benny said...

That's not good. Study should be done on the table with proper posture to have optimum input ergonomically.

Ergonomics and effective anthropometry is important e.g. maintaining proper posture during studying.

Xjion89 said...

It is really fun. (^^)I guess you have fun back then

However, different situations for different cases. For me, in order to optimize my learning input, the best way is to practice improper posturing during my studies which is to enhance the stimulation of my neuron cells. This is extremely essential to maximize my knowledge.

e s t a n c u s said...

wahaha.. i tried tht too, long ago. and i thot I was weird.. lol!

good luck with it yah!


Xjion89 said...

hahaha, maybe everybody is also like that.

Benny said...

In this case, why not give me your table, and you can free up the space. Or you can even buy a bigger bed in order to enhance the stimulation of your neuron cells.

Xjion89 said...

Personally, I would like to keep the tables for display purposes. So, I don't think I can give it to you. Bigger bed can't fit into my small room.

Benny said...

Yeah. that's why you need to sacrifice your table in order to get a bigger bed which I believe will further enhance the stimulation of neuron cells.

We must fully utilize. If studying by lying on the bed can stimulate and enhance my cells, I would not hesitate to give away my table to get a bigger bed. Getting A+ is better than A rite? :) Hehe.

Xjion89 said...

Well, table that is used for display purposes has its own usefulness. I don't use it to stimulate my neuron cells, this doesn't mean that I don't need it. I need for :

1) A safe storage place for my important items.

2) A medium for me to implement my important writing tasks.

2) A playground for my sister favourite cat.

(^^) Getting A+ is important. But, it is not everything. An A will be fine because I have other great plans for my table.