Tuesday, July 8, 2008


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This time of the year, I should be studying hard for my exams. But, everything changes when you enter the new era of your life - The University Life. Therefore, I am having my holiday while most of the secondary school friends are having a difficult time in their studies. Well, I had that difficult already. Now, it is time for me to chill and relax.

In this time of total freedom and boredom, I have created a very fun group in my facebook , friendster and even hi5, which is called "I AM A BLOGGER(^^)". Basically, the name of the group tells all. But, to be clearly, I have dedicated this group to bloggers around the world. This group is actually a common gathering place for people who love to blog regardless their races, nationalities, languages(erm, I will try to learn more other languages, mainly in English and Chinese), sexes(Yup, no discrimination at all), and a lot more...

So, anybody who is interested to join this little community of mine, please click:

Friendster-I AM A BLOGGER(^^)

Facebook-I AM A BLOGGER(^^)

hi5-I AM A BLOGGER(^^)

Hopefully, you all will be in your full support. I know that there are so many groups out there, why choose mine. Well, firstly, it is fun. Secondly, a chance to meet more people who have the common interest as you, lastly, you can always promote your blog which your blog's content suits most general people.

So, wait you waiting for? Let's have fun together and join this group to meet new bloggers. Let's share our thoughts.Let's become the one of the biggest community! You can even promote your blog here!!!


papergoat said...

OMG! How can you blog frequently? So zealous to your blog? Wishing that I could be like you too..^^

Xjion89 said...

Hohoho, now, I am having my holiday mah, Of coz, I am blog very frequently.hehehe, when u hv ur holiday, u can also blog crazily(^^)