Saturday, July 12, 2008

Hellboy 2 is here!!!

As you can see from my blog picture, I am crazy about "Hellboy II: The Golden Army" right now. Therefore, about 3 hours ago, I went to watch the movie with a friend. My friend was just in time when I was about to go into the cinema all by myself, leaving him outside. Hahaha, he was lucky that he was not late.

Well, about the movie, as expected, it was of course a magnificent movie. But, unexpectedly, it was more fantasy this time. I think this is all because of the director of "Pan's Labyrinth", Guillermo del Toro. "Pan's Labyrinth was one of my favourite movie - a combination of reality and fantasy. Well, in this case for Hellboy 2, he created another fantasy world, another land of the mystical, and another success.

The storyline was actually like a fairytale, or a bedtime story. However, in actual, the fairytale was history between the humans and the mystical creatures. There was a deal between them. But, Prince Nuada was not satisfied with deal, he wanted to fight for more. Thus, he planned to revive the Golden Army. Of course, hellboy and his gang tried their best in stopping him.

In this new sequel, hellboy was still the same. But, he finally got his girl,Liz who learned to control her fiery power. Also don't forget about Mr. Sapien, he found his love one, Princess Nuala. They had the same power of feeling. Just with a touch, they could read the mind.

In the movie, I love his big gun!

She is as cool as ever. Well, she is cranky because...

He is in love in the movie.

Oh, he is very good with his spear.

The honourable princess.

The Angel of Death, reminds me of the pale man in "Pan's Labyrinth", but, the angel of death is very different because it is not evil nor good. However, Pale Man was evil who consumed real children. (One of my favourite character- really authentic )

In this movie, actually my most favourite scene was when the God of the Forest was finally vanished in the city of modern day. But, after it was banished by the hellboy, God of the Forest left something very nice behind - a forest in the middle of a city.

At the end of movie, hellboy really got a hell of a surprise, make it double. What to know the surprise, faster check the movie at your nearest cinema.(Hahaha, I sound like the spokeman of the movie.). This movie is a must-watch movie. Don't miss it.(^_^)

By the way, there is a little treat from me. I have made a handphone theme for this movie.
If you like it, just click here to download.

For more themes, just scroll down to the lowest part of my blog! Haha, have fun.


Harish said...

i would like to watch the movie.
liked the first part.
not released in India yet

Xjion89 said...

oh, then, u hv to wait patiently. But, the movie is terrific. You must catch it when it is aired.

lcfu said...

yeah i just finished hellboy 1
gonna catch hellboy 2 later next weekend =) this weekend gonna watch red cliff

Xjion89 said...

ooo, movie week for u. So nice, but i am going to watch Dark Knight this week too.

Kok Leong said...

Well, this drama is really interesting and fresh! I will watch it starts from next week. Hehe. I dun wan this power lah, what if I can touch my gf, my mom, and everything around me? I will be alone. The conclusion is I DUN wan this power. Kaka.

Xjion89 said...

hohoho, luckily, u dun have tat power.