Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Hey, guys!!!!!!!!!!!!The 1st 50 movies at here!!!!!!!!!

Well, I have to say that making a list of 100 unforgettable movie is no cup of tea. Practically, this is even harder than doing my IT assignments(just kidding, IT assignments definitely more horrible) To enhance my stimulation of neuron cells in order to come out with the list, I clean. Yup, I CLEAN......
Look what I found.........

Tickets, omg, this year and last year were "ticketful" years. I bought bus tickets, movie tickets, train tickets. I think that it is better I start to save some money or else I will be broke because of tickets.

This is another shocker. While cleaning, I came across a little metal box, I thought I find a treasure in my own room. But, the truth is...you can see. All 5 cents and 1cents were discovered. Is 5 cents still being used? I think so, but, unfortunately for me, it was too late for me to use the 1 cents, oh well, better keep it as antique. Who knows, maybe after 5 years, they will be priceless.(hehe, keep dreaming)

After some cleaning thoroughly, I finally came up with the list. Here is it:

  1. 情书。 (The Japanese version movie was so unforgettable when the one she loves, had a secret)
  2. Resident Evil 1 (Wow, it was awesome)
  3. Speed (Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock did it again, they are the golden on-screen couple)
  4. Legally Blonde(The Delta Nu Sorority Queen, proves that blonde can be lawyer too)
  5. P.S: I love You (Omg, Gerard Butler just stole Hilary Swank's heart)
  6. 风之谷 (A classical anime that just reminds us that bugs are not horrible(including cockroaches?))
  7. Mission Impossible (Well, Tom Cruise is impossible, does this make sense?)
  8. My Fair Lady (She sells sea shells at the seashore, excellent?A flower girl turns into a phoenix)
  9. King Kong(Well, not the new version, the middle version)
  10. The Wizard of Oz(There is no place like home!!!!!)
  11. Silent of The Lamb(Cannibalism is just so....argh....(silent)...)
  12. Cinderella (Pumpkin, rats, fairy-god-mother, stepmother, ...perhaps prince-charming)
  13. 龙猫 (My true childhood friend)
  14. Erin Brockovich (The only Oscar movie that I watch, no, I watch Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon(boring) too)
  15. Back To The Future(Omg, almost forgot about this extravagant movie)
  16. Bedazzled (The hottest devil ever alive, funny too)
  17. Dracula:Dead and Loving it (This might be silly to some people, but this is extremely funny)
  18. Jerry Maguire (You had me at hi or hello?)
  19. Starship Troopers (Oh, this is so violent, but, so exciting, oh well, people just love drama)
  20. The Mask of Zorro (So mysterious the man behind the mask)
  21. Kill Bill vol.1 (I have to confess, I haven't watched it, but, I know that this is superb)
  22. Raiders of The Lost Ark(this is the best Indiana Jones' movie ever)
  23. The Pianist (Another Oscar Winner waiting for me to watch it)
  24. The Exorcist(Another -ist in a row, don't forget the green peas)
  25. Pirates of The Caribbean 1 (The first is still the best)
  26. The Predator (Arnold still rocks, the action-packed actor)
  27. Iron Man(It was fantastic with Gwyneth Paltrow as his funny and charming assistant)
  28. 幽灵公主 (Another masterpiece from Hayao Miyazaki)
  29. Howl's Moving Castle(It was spectaculars at first, but, the ending was kind of....not cool)
  30. 穿越时空的少女(An anime that must not be missed, it was unexpected)
  31. Laputa a.ka. 天空之城 (A past that was more advanced than the future, something hidden in our hearts)
  32. Kiki's Delivery Service(A girl trying to find herself, just like anybody else)
  33. Porco Rosso a.ka. 飞天猪? (Despite the name, it was an unforgettable movie too)
  34. The Sound of Music( DO a dear , a female dear, RE a drop of golden sun...MI..)
  35. Honey, I shrink the kids( It was way better than Honey , I blew up the kids)
  36. 孤男寡女(Sammi Cheng, still can make me laugh)
  37. 大三元(Anita Yuen was terrific, it was her time)
  38. The Eye a.k.a 见鬼(she is the best actress three row in a strike)
  39. Love Potion No.9 (Well, maybe you never heard this before, but, I still remembered how strong the potion was)
  40. Hollow Man(Basically, it is for 18 and above)
  41. A Time To Kill (I rarely watch this kind of movie, but, this one caught my attention)
  42. Little Buddha(A fascination that I will never forget, a story of life, old, sick, and death)
  43. Sleepless in Seattle(Oh, how romantic that it causes sleepless in Perak too)
  44. The Astronaut's Wife( Charlize Theron is so tall, wow, she outshined Johnny Depp in the movie)
  45. Ever After(It was a not-bad-reinvented-version-of-Cinderella)
  46. Empire of the Sun(Christian Bale was so young and cute(^0^))
  47. Bridget Jones' Dairy(Again, the first is still the best)
  48. The GroundHog Day(Even I can become a superb pianist, hehe)
  49. 唐伯虎点秋香(Stephen Chow is still funny, he will always be funny, 。。。)
  50. Finally the last 1, which movie makes it to the last place----------Amy (A movie of sound and love)

Ohhhhh, finally!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!The list is completed. Omg, cryyyyyy, it was not easy because in order to make the list, I have to watch the movie before except for Kill Bill Vol.1 and The Pianist, because I haven't got the chance to come across the movie. Nonetheless, my list is not bias at all, hehe, just personal and private. (^ ^)

P.S: Not I love you. (^ ^) What I want to say to my friend, JM , who is still stuck in a muddy situation, is that wish you will find you way soon.

If you have any problem, I will be there to listen, btw, I was too tired to online that day, Sorry
(> < )

Hey, guys!!!!!!!!!!!!The 1st 50 movies at here!!!!!!!!!


BeArLeOng89 said...

I have to admit that you're a movie freak!So many movie you have watched. I only watched half of them(or less?). But I also impress of your capability to recollect all of these movie name. You must some kind of aliens. Hehe >,<

lcfu said...

wow...cool... just like me i would rather spend my time on travelling, but you must have spent most of your time on this movie/anime industry =p

Mc_Bone said...

the title says 100, but ur list only have 50

and some of the movie, u haven't watch it and you rate it?

fungwern said...

u watched quite many of the studio ghibli movies. haha. i bought the DVD lately with all the movies. i like kiki's delivery service! did u watch spirited away?

Xjion89 said...

hoho, the Alien movies are very nice. Well, maybe I am really an alien, movie alien? weird.(^ ^)

Ooo, you r the traveller, I am the movie freak. But, even though I saw so many beautiful places in the movies, I think that it is totally not the same when you go there in person. So, actually, I envy you so much, what you experience is truth, what I experience is virtual. (^ ^)

Halo, thanks for your comment. But, why so serious? hehe, actually I have already written the 1st 50 movies in previous post at here. So, check out the 1st 50. Actually, only 2 in my list that I haven watched, they are The Pianist and Kill Bill Vo1.1. But, I am pretty sure that they will be making the list whether I watch it or not because I have a little gift, when I watch the thriller, I have sixth sense whether the movie is good or not(Omg I am an alien). Again, my list is totally personal and private (^-^)

Yup, Spirited Away was my favourite. I still remember everything. Basically, I watched most of the ghibli's movies. All of them are very nice....I am a ghibli fan, a genuine 1 (^ ^)

Anonymous said...
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