Monday, July 14, 2008

A Day Free from Technology!(TVless, Laptopless, radioless) and I make an artwork!

Sunday night was not a pleasant night. I was so angry that night. Some personal reasons which I want to keep to myself. Well, after that night, I was so energetic because of the anger and madness. So, I stayed up very late.

During that time, I was thinking a lot. There was nothing bad about being angry. In fact, I was so full of energy that I made a lot of plan that night. I think that occasionally being angry, is quite good. Hahaha, it gives motivation, energy, determination, ... It drives people to the fullest. However, the resentment is still there. I have to admit that I hold grudge easily. So, be careful, don't make me angry, I will remember forever. Hmmm, maybe a couple of years...(Don't freak out). Hahaha, in person, I am quite okey.Okey, back to my huge plan.

List of My Plans:
  1. No laptop or online from Sunday night to Monday night( I made it, I waited until 8.30pm just now)
  2. I will renovate my room (In the midst of doing that, to be continued tomorrow)
  3. I will try to be more environmentally-friendly.( Hahaha, I am making organic-fertilizer - I dug a big hole, throw every organic waste I have into.)
  4. I will practise more for my up-coming piano test.
  5. I will plan for more plans.

For my plan no.2, I had made something. Well, I was going to rearrange my room totally and I made a little something to match it. So, before revealing my renovated-room, let's have a look at the table lamp that I made. It was very easy. To begin, let's prepare some of the materials.

You can see clearly that there are photo frames, scissor, pen knife, color papers, and some glue.

After finishing the design, you can see that they are very pretty, especially the 3D dimension of the colorpaper parts, they are my favourite.

Here are the almost final looks. The left side is the red and green designs, while the right side is the yellow and red designs. They look stunning with the light shinning behind them.

Wala, the final product is being displayed on the very pretty stone table.

Anger, madness, stubborness, sadness..even though they are all negative influences, they have their good sides as well. They sometimes inspire, motivate, push people to the top. Well, I have to say that it is not good to rely on them. But, at one time, they do wanders.

A day without technology was fun, I made a piece of artwork, I became more environmental-friendly, I saved electric energy... But, at the end of the day, I still have to depend on technology to blog.(^-^). In this era of techno, something are meant to stay. They have rooted their existence in human history, maybe in the future, they are our future-technology.


e s t a n c u s said...

so cleaver la you!! hehe

Xjion89 said...

[e s t a n c u s]
Wow, what a word!

Benny said...

"Sunday night was not a pleasant night. I was so angry that night"

So, why so angry? :-P

Xjion89 said...

Some personal reasons which I want to keep to myself. Well,... That is my explanation....