Monday, October 27, 2008

The Longest Roll of Sushi


Why were there so many people at The Mines' Sushi King?

Well, it all began after a tiring class. My sis, my sis's friend, and me went to the Mines for the Sushi King Promotion. Yup, some selected sushi are charged only RM2.00 per plate provided you had a member card. Hoho, my sis's friend has the card.

We reached there around 7.30 pm. That time, people were already queuing up. We waited for more than an hour before we could get our seats. This was really for the sake of promotion. Anyway, this was my first time I go to Sushi King {I am really outdated}Therefore, I was quite excited despite the long hour of waiting.

Finally, we got our seats. Even we went into the shop, the row of people was still very long. Okay, at that time, we were all super hungry. No kidding, if you try and wait for more than an hour for food, you would know how I felt. Besides, we were quite picky of our seats. Since my sis said that it is not fun to sit away from the spinning sushi thingy, we insisted to get a place there.

Then, the fun began! We just picked up what you want to eat. Of course, we picked the expensive ones which was promoted into RM2.00. Haha, I should stop talking and enjoy my meal now. (^^)

nak sushioooo sushisususushishisshisu or shushisushisushi

hmmm sushiiiiishmmm sushisu...shisushi(^^)

sushiiiiisushiiiiiisushi sushi

sushi Khmmm sushi

oo sushi plates

Yup, the longest row/roll of sushi! Too bad! I was too enthralled in eating, I forgot to snatch some of the nicest sushi pictures. After finished eating, we went home already. But, the queue was still long. This was the magic of Sushi Promotion. However, I was a little bit disappointed with the sushi rice. It was too dry because when I used the chopstick to hold, it just shattered. Hmmmmm, anyway. it was still a splendid experience.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

When Disneyland Meets Ocean Park(^^)

Hong Kong, it is not unfamiliar to me at all. From tender age of x-year-old, I was exposed to the world of Hong Kong movies and dramas. That is why I can speak Cantonese. Ooo, I hope that I can set foot in Hong Kong Disneyland. Oh well, that would have to wait.

Today, I just want to thank a friend of mine who just went to Hong Kong. She would like to remain anonymous. So, I nicknamed her "J". Well, indeed, she was the only one who could make Disneyland in Hong Kong Met With Ocean Park in Hong Kong. Haha, I am exaggerating again(^^)

Actually, I just want to thank her for her gifts from Hong Kong. Well, I don't think I have to say more. Let's the pictures do the talking!

HOng Kong Gift

Haha, this beg is from Hong Kong! COOL leh(^^). Inside this?

Love it(^^)Hong Kong g

The gifts were definitely cool! A beautiful handphone chain with a cute jellyfish! & A marvelous pen with a Mickey Mouse pants ! Plus the pen is so special because you pull upwards to use it(^^)

Hence, this special little note is for "J": (Note: This "J" is not my jay)

Dear lovely "J",

I have only known you for a year or so. But, our friendship is more than a year old. It is already like 100 years. Haha, you know that I am always hilarious and exaggerating. So, sometimes, what I said is not what I meant. Forgive my reckless in speech. (^^)

Even though we come from the same place, we are so different. Okay, I am a little bit weird. But, that differences make us who we are. I am glad that you accept who I am and still consider me as a friend. I know that I am quite difficult to deal with.

Lastly, I know that you are a friendly person. Last year, I was knocking your door non-stop to bother you. But, you still stay your cool. You are the nicest person (^^).

Are you flatter? Don't be because you deserve it and this is how you are - A friendly, not to mention a very clever person(^^)

Again, thanks for your gifts because they make Disneyland and Ocean Park Meet(^^)


Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Eco-Friendly Fun(^^) - Panasonic Eco Exhibition!

Another fast update from me(^^). Not really an update, it is just an old story. Oh well, it all began on a Sunny Sunday when my sis and I decided to visit the Panasonic Eco-Friendly Exhibition at Midvalley. It was last Sunday(Haiz, too busy to update my life). Anyway, everything was stormy that day. Yup, after we reached the KTM, in just minutes, it started to pour down the sky!!!

I was like, the KTM sure delay one. To my surprise, it was on time. But, it was super crowded. What to do! We wanted to go green. So, we went there by public transport because it was cost-saving and environmental-friendly. However, I had to be frank, the public transport needs a lot of improvement. But, we reached there quite fast! {Surprise, surprise!}

Then, we straight away went to the exhibition. Well, I had a great time there with my sis. Firstly, we got to see a lot of "green" products. Well, Panasonic Green Products were all about energy-saving. Apart from that, we also had a class of Sustainability there where we learned more on the cause of global warming.

Then, the fun began! There was a distribution of eco-begs if you answer all the questions correct!. Haha, of course, we tried our luck! Our rewards were great!!!!

Panasonic Eco

Well, great things don't just end here!!!(^^)

Inside my nice green beg!!!!!!

A light bulb that save 80% of energy(^^)

Now, we got free goodies begs. Move on to other fun stuff! Well, as I had said earlier, we had a class! So after learning for 5 minutes, we tested ourselves on the environmental topic. Ooo, surprise again, we did quite bad. I was so ashamed because I am doing Environmental Engineering lah! Okay, second try, we won gloriously (^^). Our prize:


Haha, a picture with a rainbow! Silly, right? But, I was as happy as a child(^^)

Okay, now the final treat! Too bad! No picture. But, it was really a great experience. Yup, I had steamed my face in the public!!!!!! It was actually a free steam facial using a RM1599 steamer machine. Hehe, oh well, I was the only guy at that time.

It was just enjoyable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

I am MalaysianToday Grand Prize Winner!!!!

Oh my gosh, I think that I have abandoned my blog for ages. Well, I am really sorry about that because my hands are really tight. Currently, I have 2 assignments - lab report and Data Presentation. Data Presentation is due tomorrow!!!! Anyway, I was planning to rest for a while more{Not really, work a while more} before I start to update my blog. (Super Busy!!!!!)

But, fate just force led me back to my uni computer lab to share this great news which took place last Tuesday!(I missed my bus lah!!! So, now, I have 40 minutes to be exact to blog about my horrible life!). In short (because I am really busy), I was Malaysian Today Grand Prize Winner!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Yes, this is the first time I participated in MalaysianToday's competition! I was the Grand Prize Winner. Lucky me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I never thought that after winning so many stuffs, I can still win a Grand Prize!!!!!!! {Okay, you can hate me for flaunting!}haha!!!!!

Anyway, wanna know what did I win?!

Grand Prize Winner
Here they are! It was totally not easy to get them! Well, after my class, I rushed back to my house, it was already 4.45pm. MalaysianToday Paper closes at 5.30pm. I was asking my sister should we try. Then, what the heck! We just headed to the office which was near PJ Hilton Hotel and Amanda Hotel.

Now, going deeper into my Grand Prize Goodies Bag!!!!
Goodies Grand Prizes
Yup, there were 3 prized there, yeah!!! But, again, me and my sis had a difficult time in the road of KL. When we were about to reach the office, we saw the building already. However, usually, bad things happened at this moment. Well, we were too focused on the building that we forgot to take the turn into the building. We ended up in a horrible jam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!It took us about 20 minutes to get back to that place, which was approximately 5.40pm when we reached there.

Yup, my prizes in details!!!!!!!!
Beautiful pendanthuloupendicure and mendicure

Here are my 3 jewels!!!!
  • HOJB Pendant - According to the pamphlet inside my goodies bag, this pendant can do numerous of things. Well, it is powerful!!!! It can cure fatigue, tiredness, and back luck....the list just keeps going on!!! My sis is wearing it now.
  • HOJB Tassel - Oooo, I really love this tassel. Now, finding a great place to hang it!
  • Painted Skin Manicure Set - hmmmmm, well, I think that guys also can do manicure..........

Back to the story, after a tiring short drive back to the office, it was already 5.45pm. My sis and I were devastated! Because of the jam, we almost missed the office hour. Actually, maybe due to the rain, they closed late !!!!! How lucky were we!!!!!

I really miss blogging. I have million of stories of my life I want to share with everybody, but, I really don't have enough time! Haizzzz, I will do my best to blog it on~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

P.S : KL traffic is horrible. The commuting service is "great"!!!(^^)

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

A Short and Fast Post

Currently, I am doing my Professional Skills Studies assignment. I have not updated my blog quite some time. Well, what can I do? I am not a pro-blogger, plus the assignment is really "killing"me. Anyway, this assignment is quite challenging!!!

Haizzzzz, just work hard!(> <) The due date is this Friday!!!!!Omg, gotta go!

P.S : Well, this is really a short and fast post!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Those Were The Days (Primary School Memory)

Yesterday, while attending Hari Raya Open House, I bumped into a very long time friend. She was my primary school friend. It was still a little bit surprise even though every time we almost meet up at this event. Well, she changed a lot, so did I. Anyway, we were really busy catching up with all the news of our old friends{Gossiping}(^^)

Definitely, it was great to bump into her again. I was really happy because a couple of years ago, me and another friend tried to hold a gathering. To our dismay, we had lost most of our friends' contact. Therefore, that experience taught me to appreciate my friends more or else when you lost contact, you might lost them forever. {Sentimental Mood}

Primary School was the best time of my life. Unlike my secondary school life, it was all about academic achievements and being active in clubs and society. For uni life, it was also about growing up and stepping into the society. Each stage was totally a different phrase for all of us, I think. In my primary school life, it was simple and fun. Nothing was so complicated that we had to commit suicide. Honestly, at that time, we just tried our best and the results were always fruitful, except for a few failures(^^). It was like everything was very easy at that time. Back then, I was a scout at my primary school. Well, don't ask me why I join, because it was just a spur of a moment. But, during my scout years, I had the greatest moments!

old days

I still kept this hat and scarf after so many years{almost 10 years}. Maybe there were so many good memories that I just don't want to let go!

For starters, I really enjoyed my time there:
  1. I was the scout leader for my year{Really unbelievable to me and many people too because that time, I was quite chubby, fair, and soft-spoken}
  2. I was in love with marching even though it tanned my skin{My skin recovered super fast}
  3. I was in love with scout knots {They tested me 6-9 different knots}
  4. I was in love with shouting out orders. {Never knew that there was a great voice hidden within me}
  5. I was in love with climbing about everything from trees to low building. {I was once a monkey}
  6. I was in love with scout tests {I had the chance to build a tent and even walk in a river}
  7. I was in love with all my scout friends {They gave me total obedience - I was Hitler back then}
  8. I was in love with all the activities. {I acted, sang, told stories,...the confession of a Drama King}
  9. I was in love with all the hardship. {We had to march for whole day long- not really still have break.}
  10. I was in love with scout! {One of the greatest moments in my life}

Yes, joining scout in my primary school years was one of the best decisions I had ever made. Till now, when I am intimidated by the situation or the people in my life, I will remember to stand tall and face them without any fear! Those were the days I shone the most! Those were the days I would never forget!

  1. P.S : Super busy!!!! Assignment week!!!! Please be patient if I do not reply your tags immediately!
  2. P.S(2) : I love to blog! Hahaha, I will face my Engineering Mathematics, Applied Physics, Professional Skills Lab Report 30% without fear!
  3. P.S(3) : This is only my 1st week back to my uni!!!!
  4. P.S(4) : Going back to KL! (> <) ! Have to pack later!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

A Special Award From New Blogger Friend

This is the first time I received an award from my blogger friend, AHMIKE. I am quite flattered(^^). AHMIKE, thanks for the tag and now, thanks for the award. Personally, I think that this award is quite fun.

Apart from that, I have the chance to pass this torch to other 10 deserving bloggers. Therefore, it is like passing down a culture. Yes, my blog is cool for some people {Well, we can't please everybody} There will be some people just hate you for no reason. Haha(^^)

Well, the big task now is to nominate another 10 deserving blogger! Ooo, it is not easy to make a list. Therefore, in the consideration of all aspects from blogging to socializing, I have decided to nominate....before a short commercial break(^^):

For those who decide to accept this award, please follow the few easy steps:
  1. Put the logo on your blog.
  2. Add a link to the person who awarded you.
  3. Nominate 10 other blogs.
  4. Add links to those blogs on yours.
  5. Leave a message for your nominees on their blogs.

Okay, stop the wild goose chase, they are :

  1. Cyren :Well, his blog is very cool of green, animal and of course, butterflies!
  2. Erlina :She is a cool girl, of course, her blog is cool too(^^)
  3. CazzyCazz :Personally, I think that she is cool cat lover, so am I!
  4. amging :She is a genuine person who writes what she feels. That is totally cool!
  5. ateliergal :Fabulously cool blog!
  6. karmern :Her blog is rainbow-ly cool (^^)
  7. ♥dollies :Cool girl who knows how to be cool!(^^)
  8. ting :I definitely think that her blog is absolutely cool! Love it(^^)
  9. Borneo Falcon:His tips are very cool! Really a talented guy!
  10. <<ßén>> : His blog is really twisted-cool!(^^)

Here are the top 10 list for my nomination. This is done after deep consideration and all personal and private! {Oh, my first time to give out an award, I feel like I am Emmy or Oscar}Haha!

P.S : It is not easy to make a list.
P.S : There is a post on "Blogging Heals" in Chinese at {{{{{{Here}}}}}