Monday, October 27, 2008

The Longest Roll of Sushi


Why were there so many people at The Mines' Sushi King?

Well, it all began after a tiring class. My sis, my sis's friend, and me went to the Mines for the Sushi King Promotion. Yup, some selected sushi are charged only RM2.00 per plate provided you had a member card. Hoho, my sis's friend has the card.

We reached there around 7.30 pm. That time, people were already queuing up. We waited for more than an hour before we could get our seats. This was really for the sake of promotion. Anyway, this was my first time I go to Sushi King {I am really outdated}Therefore, I was quite excited despite the long hour of waiting.

Finally, we got our seats. Even we went into the shop, the row of people was still very long. Okay, at that time, we were all super hungry. No kidding, if you try and wait for more than an hour for food, you would know how I felt. Besides, we were quite picky of our seats. Since my sis said that it is not fun to sit away from the spinning sushi thingy, we insisted to get a place there.

Then, the fun began! We just picked up what you want to eat. Of course, we picked the expensive ones which was promoted into RM2.00. Haha, I should stop talking and enjoy my meal now. (^^)

nak sushioooo sushisususushishisshisu or shushisushisushi

hmmm sushiiiiishmmm sushisu...shisushi(^^)

sushiiiiisushiiiiiisushi sushi

sushi Khmmm sushi

oo sushi plates

Yup, the longest row/roll of sushi! Too bad! I was too enthralled in eating, I forgot to snatch some of the nicest sushi pictures. After finished eating, we went home already. But, the queue was still long. This was the magic of Sushi Promotion. However, I was a little bit disappointed with the sushi rice. It was too dry because when I used the chopstick to hold, it just shattered. Hmmmmm, anyway. it was still a splendid experience.


WanWan said...

what a nice promo that i miss it.. coz dont have sushi card.. hehe...

renaye said...

geez. u r now making me hungry.

techniqueal t. said...

pretty yummy photos ^_^

CS said...

waa... very long time never eat sushi liao....
yummy yummyy

Borneo Falcon said...

Wow! You guys have the patience to wait that long for a seat.

lcfu said...

rm 2 per plate? kinda expensive lor....
anyway still i wont try the sushi outside of japan unless made by japanese

Xjion89 said...

ooo, they will hv another 1 next time. So, u rmb to find a friend who has the card.(^^)

[renaye ]
haha, then, faster go and eat at thre. but, rmb tat it is an hour long wait.

[techniqueal t.]
thanks, i love those sushi pics too.

Haha, if free, should go and try (^^)

[Borneo Falcon ]
People will do just about anything for food(^^)

[lcfu ]
Hmmm, rmb, it is not easy to find japanese food in M'sia. Haha, i also haven had a chance to eat real sushi in Japan. Haha, next time, u can make sushi and treat me to eat {U look like a Japanese)(^^)

renaye said...

i also heard that sungei wang has one sushi buffet!

thanks for dropping by!

iCalvyn said...

cost you how much this days?

cazzycazz said...

wahh, worth eating and waiting man!! That's really cheap!! How could i missed it??? Aiyoyo..

Xjion89 said...

I am not sure. But, next time go thre, sure will hv a look.

Well, hmmm, actually, it is not cheap at all. But,it is an once-in-a-blue-moon-meal.

Haha, next time, u won't miss it. Waiting was totally annoying. but, eating was very definitely contented.