Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Eco-Friendly Fun(^^) - Panasonic Eco Exhibition!

Another fast update from me(^^). Not really an update, it is just an old story. Oh well, it all began on a Sunny Sunday when my sis and I decided to visit the Panasonic Eco-Friendly Exhibition at Midvalley. It was last Sunday(Haiz, too busy to update my life). Anyway, everything was stormy that day. Yup, after we reached the KTM, in just minutes, it started to pour down the sky!!!

I was like, the KTM sure delay one. To my surprise, it was on time. But, it was super crowded. What to do! We wanted to go green. So, we went there by public transport because it was cost-saving and environmental-friendly. However, I had to be frank, the public transport needs a lot of improvement. But, we reached there quite fast! {Surprise, surprise!}

Then, we straight away went to the exhibition. Well, I had a great time there with my sis. Firstly, we got to see a lot of "green" products. Well, Panasonic Green Products were all about energy-saving. Apart from that, we also had a class of Sustainability there where we learned more on the cause of global warming.

Then, the fun began! There was a distribution of eco-begs if you answer all the questions correct!. Haha, of course, we tried our luck! Our rewards were great!!!!

Panasonic Eco

Well, great things don't just end here!!!(^^)

Inside my nice green beg!!!!!!

A light bulb that save 80% of energy(^^)

Now, we got free goodies begs. Move on to other fun stuff! Well, as I had said earlier, we had a class! So after learning for 5 minutes, we tested ourselves on the environmental topic. Ooo, surprise again, we did quite bad. I was so ashamed because I am doing Environmental Engineering lah! Okay, second try, we won gloriously (^^). Our prize:


Haha, a picture with a rainbow! Silly, right? But, I was as happy as a child(^^)

Okay, now the final treat! Too bad! No picture. But, it was really a great experience. Yup, I had steamed my face in the public!!!!!! It was actually a free steam facial using a RM1599 steamer machine. Hehe, oh well, I was the only guy at that time.

It was just enjoyable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Borneo Falcon said...

They should have promote LED light which is more energy efficient

lcfu said...

everyone trying to go green nowadays....good!!!

Xjion89 said...

[Borneo Falcon]
yup, but, I was still impressed on their new eco products(^^)

well, the earth is going sick. It is our part to save it. haha, let's go green together(^^)

BeArLeOnG89 said...

I like the silly picture u took with ur pretty sister. U look sucks! HEHE V(n_n)V

BeArLeOnG89 said...

Well, I like the silly photo. A dumb "uncle" with a beauty.V(n_n)V

Francis Bell said...

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