Friday, October 3, 2008

Those Were The Days (Primary School Memory)

Yesterday, while attending Hari Raya Open House, I bumped into a very long time friend. She was my primary school friend. It was still a little bit surprise even though every time we almost meet up at this event. Well, she changed a lot, so did I. Anyway, we were really busy catching up with all the news of our old friends{Gossiping}(^^)

Definitely, it was great to bump into her again. I was really happy because a couple of years ago, me and another friend tried to hold a gathering. To our dismay, we had lost most of our friends' contact. Therefore, that experience taught me to appreciate my friends more or else when you lost contact, you might lost them forever. {Sentimental Mood}

Primary School was the best time of my life. Unlike my secondary school life, it was all about academic achievements and being active in clubs and society. For uni life, it was also about growing up and stepping into the society. Each stage was totally a different phrase for all of us, I think. In my primary school life, it was simple and fun. Nothing was so complicated that we had to commit suicide. Honestly, at that time, we just tried our best and the results were always fruitful, except for a few failures(^^). It was like everything was very easy at that time. Back then, I was a scout at my primary school. Well, don't ask me why I join, because it was just a spur of a moment. But, during my scout years, I had the greatest moments!

old days

I still kept this hat and scarf after so many years{almost 10 years}. Maybe there were so many good memories that I just don't want to let go!

For starters, I really enjoyed my time there:
  1. I was the scout leader for my year{Really unbelievable to me and many people too because that time, I was quite chubby, fair, and soft-spoken}
  2. I was in love with marching even though it tanned my skin{My skin recovered super fast}
  3. I was in love with scout knots {They tested me 6-9 different knots}
  4. I was in love with shouting out orders. {Never knew that there was a great voice hidden within me}
  5. I was in love with climbing about everything from trees to low building. {I was once a monkey}
  6. I was in love with scout tests {I had the chance to build a tent and even walk in a river}
  7. I was in love with all my scout friends {They gave me total obedience - I was Hitler back then}
  8. I was in love with all the activities. {I acted, sang, told stories,...the confession of a Drama King}
  9. I was in love with all the hardship. {We had to march for whole day long- not really still have break.}
  10. I was in love with scout! {One of the greatest moments in my life}

Yes, joining scout in my primary school years was one of the best decisions I had ever made. Till now, when I am intimidated by the situation or the people in my life, I will remember to stand tall and face them without any fear! Those were the days I shone the most! Those were the days I would never forget!

  1. P.S : Super busy!!!! Assignment week!!!! Please be patient if I do not reply your tags immediately!
  2. P.S(2) : I love to blog! Hahaha, I will face my Engineering Mathematics, Applied Physics, Professional Skills Lab Report 30% without fear!
  3. P.S(3) : This is only my 1st week back to my uni!!!!
  4. P.S(4) : Going back to KL! (> <) ! Have to pack later!


ahmike said...

Great, i miss scouting days too. FYI, life is tough when first stepping into society.. stil miss my childhood days, but we stil have to move on. Honestly, I was a 5-badged scout. near to king already ^^..

Xjion89 said...

Hey, then, u shud continue mah!!!. Haha, people have to grow up soon(^^).

Borneo Falcon said...

Unlike you, my best time was in secondary school.

Xjion89 said...

Yup, different people have different best time. haha, I love my secondary school in a different way(^^)

lcfu said...

yeah gotta keep in touch with old school friends otherwiseonce you have new freinds, you tend to not bother them no more

BeArLeOnG89 said...

Wow, I never knew that u were a scout in primary school. I think your “狠角色”was practized from that time onward. Hehe...I can't imagine how u look like when u dress in your scout uniform. Really hard to imagine and I tak boleh tahan when I try to imagine about it...v(n_n)v