Monday, September 29, 2008

A Leisure Day With My Family!

Yesterday, I was so mad which I HAD NO IDEA WHY. Anyway, more info here. Okay, let's put away the negative! Well, today started with an early morning! Yup, I was forced to wake up to settle some forms matter. Then, the fun began!

After settling some tasks, my mum and I went to AEON or Jaya Jusco in Ipoh for window shopping. Well, we were there to meet my sis. Anyway, in the midst of that, we passed by The Crocs Shop. Haha, do I need to say more? My mum and my sis were busy choosing the best of the best. Finally!!!!!


Even though this pair of shoes cost a lot, my mum was quite comfortable with it. Therefore, she really made a good choice! {Still too expensive leh, but, can be used for a long time}


After shopping, we used up all the energy - I was starving!!! Therefore, my mum brought us to a Japanese restaurant near by - outside Jusco{ Near a Voodoo Bar and 美食屋} - WARAKU JAPANESE RESTAURANT. Well, there was even a promotion for one of the set lunch - less 50% till 30 September{Tomororw} during lunch hours around 12.30 to 3pm. Of course, to save some money, we ordered 3 set, but different main dish - Salmon, Teriyaki Chicken, and Fried Pork.

Firstly, I really love the lunch box design. Secondly, Salmon portion was too little{I guess Salmon is expensive?!}. Thirdly, I really enjoyed the variety of rice, salad, main dish, sashimi, and etc.
The 3 sets were originally RM16 per set, now, only RM8 per set{Exclude the taxes}

soupset lunch

The mushroom soup was quite special, but, not really suitable to everybody. Apart from that, the lunch set even included a cute bowl of ice-cream.

Let's don't forget about the drink! Healthy Green Tea!

{It is free refilling!!!!Yum char is good!(^^)}


Yup, can you guess what are these? Haha, actually, this pink soft piece is sashimi!!!! While the green stuff that is utterly spicy - WASABI! Well, I tried the wasabi, and it rocket launching for me! But, the sashimi was definitely fresh!

waraku tablePhotobucketPhotobucket

Ooo, that was our table! The placement there was really relaxing. Omg, I just love the wall of alcohol?! I could not see clearly what were they(^^).

Well, today was really a day of leisure. I think I should slow down a little bit. Well, to be healthy, we must enjoy our lives. There is no point working hard without any enjoyment. All Work and No Play Makes Jay A Dull Boy! Haha, if you have time, faster go and try! Tomorrow is the last day! Ipoh-ians!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Tagging From a New Blogger Friend(^^)

Here is A Tag from my new, cool, sweet, and friendly blogger friend - AHMIKE {Even though I know him only for a short while, he just gives a warmth-friendly feel(^^).

What is one thing? you would? love to happen tomorrow?
I finally find my happiness and I feel contented of my life {Yup, I am quite zen}

What does the 4th text message in your inbox? say?
Ooo, usually is from Facebook - Heroes. {They monopoly my 1st to 4th message}

Do you bite your fingernails?
I bite the people who bite their nails{You think?}

Do you like Mexican food?
Ooo, if it is spicy, I would say "No" {Spicy food would make my heart "bleeding"}-{Exaggerating}

Do you have unlimited texting?
texting - testing -.........{No Answer}

What are you looking forward to in the next month??
I will be okay. {Simple hope}

Is your current hair color? your natural hair color??
Of course, my hair is totally natural - dark black! {Very healthy 1 just like in the advertisement}

Do you believe everything happens for a reason?
I believe in Karma, then, I think I do{do I?}

When is the last time you talked to number 1 on your top friends?
I don't remember leh{This question just blurs me}

Do you think too much or too little?
Absolutely too much! {Maybe I will think about my wedding right after I meet the right 1, is this too much?}

Is your family just a bundle of fun?
I guess so. Maybe I am the fun 1?

How many hours? did you sleep? last night??
I was down yesterday night for 8 hours{Test tube day}

Where is your siblings right? now?
Ooo, in front of me and beside me. I have no privacy at all!!!!!{Drama King}

What jewelery are you wearing?
I have a lot of little things. {Am I lala?}

Do you drink? tea?
I drink water, green tea{It is good for health}

What’s the greatest thing that happened to you today??
I finally went crazy and released one of the most horrible wrath ever in my life.{Yup, I am exploded}

How many friends do you tell everything??
I have a few - tell everything {99%}

Have you shaved your legs in the past 3 days?
I am planning to grow some mustache. {People said I am too taufu a.k.a soft woh}

Are your toe nails painted pink?
Haaaa, my female friends will cut my toe off{ Because they did not even paint their toe}

What do you currently hear?
TV, a loud 1!

Has a girl put their arm around you in the past five days?
Waaaa, I don't remember woh. (^^){Why they want to put their arm around me?}

Name one fear you have?
I am afraid of myself {I always believe that there is something very evil inside, seal under my conscience - I watched too many drama}

Who was the last person in your bedroom?
My baby - Soya(^^)

Do you straighten your hair often??
It is already too straight! {All the hair stylists said my hair is too difficult to cut}

Do you have a fax machine?
No woh, I prefer scan and email!

Is your cellp?hone fully? charg?ed?
My Nokia 5300 can charge itself 1{Geng leh}

What are you about to do?
Blogging , I guess.

Look around,? what is the first orange object you see?
My mouse - it is in white and orange(^^)

Who is the last person to touch your butt?
Why I let people to touch my butt woh? {By the way, it is not nice, nobody wants to touch la}

Can you write with both hands??
I think so {Wanna see me do a demostration?}

Last people you did a 3way call with?
Hmmm, msn saves money!

First person to text you this morning?
Too bad, nobody text me woh{I have no friend leh}

Name a line from the song you’re listening to:
If I am lost for a day , try to find me...

Do you like your life at the moment?
Partially because I am just confused.{Coz just started my course}

You want to get married?
I need to consider all the aspects first {marriage, wedding pics, jewelery, ...}

Is anything alive in your room?
It is all about air in my room.

Do you have someone of the opposite sex you can tell every?thing? to?
A lot woh. {I guess I am a lady's man}

What was the last thing you got pierced?
Pierce is not good for body. It also brings bad luck in the term of feng shui woh.

Do you currently have a hickey?
hmmmmm, what is that?

Ever been to Alaska?
Wanna go someday!

How long does it take for you to get ready??
Forever, I am never ready!

Do you believe exes can really ever be just friends”?
I genuinely believe it. But, you will never know unless you try it{OOO, don't break up with your bf or gf just because you wanna try}

Do you want to see someone this very minute?
All the time! That is my........{Fill in yourself}

What do you think of your number 2 on your top friends?
Friends are equal!

Are your eyes the same color as your mom’s or dad’s?
Unless I am mix or from western, my eye's colour resembles the Asia's population.

Who is the person that you wish to tagged ?
Nobody! I am quite tired to think of a list.

1) The age you’ll be on your next birthday
I will be 20 ! {2 piece leh}just like AHMIKE.

2) A place you’d like to travel to
ooo, Paris!!!!!!!!!!

3) Your favorite place
My hometown - Ipoh

4) Your favorite food
I have too many already!!!!!!!

5) Your favorite pet
My baby - Soya The Cat(^^)

6) Your favourite colour combination
Golden and White {Oh, I am that classical!}

7) Your favorite piece of clothing
A very old short pants.

8) Your favorite song
Come on, I can make very long list leh(^^)

9) Your favorite TV show.
Another list lah!!!!

10) the town in which you live
Ipoh, the town which is famous for pretty girls. But AHMIKE said that"Melaka. This town has alot of pretty girls.". Hmmm, you will be the judge.

11) Your screen name/nickname
Xjion89 {A deriavative from my Chinese Name - Next time, will pose about this}

12) Your first job
A 4-day construction worker!!!!{Yup, I was knocking stone until today nobody believes me}

13) Your dream job
A billionaire!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This tagging is actually{Well, I have done so many tags already, I know a little about tagging} quite boring! Next time, I should do a filtering for tagging post because my last post on tagging was so professional. hehe, I just can't do the same thing again and again without improvement! Nonetheless, tagging is a good way to learn about other people!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

A Test Tube Day

This morning at 6am, I went back to my lovely hometown - Ipoh for my Raya Holidays! Hooray(^^) ! I had 1 week holiday. But, it was actually 1 week study week and I already had a lab report assignment for Professional Studies!!!! To make that worse, I had to fill in all the forms from my uni and application!

Well, around 9am, I finally reached my home. But, there was no rest for me because I was required to do several body check-up for some forms - A blood test, X-ray, Urine test, and A SKIN TEST. Right now, while typing this post, my body is really tired and painful.

  • Blood Test - As usual, I always bump into a not-that-skillful nurse who couldn't find my vein. Haiz, another nurse came to my aid. But, she was okay only. Now, there are 2 small cuts rather than 1 cut just like in the previous blood donation.
  • Urine Test - Yup, nothing much to comment about, still waiting for the results.
  • X-ray- It just gave me a really weird feeling because I felt nothing.
  • Skin test- Mantoux test - The nurse injected me with a type of fluid that made my arm swollen like a little fishball. After that, she drew a circle around the spot and instructed me not to scratch it, wet it, rub it,....nothing! for 3 days(> <). Then, I can finish all the tests.

After a long long day, I was really worn out {You can see my very short post} Too tiredddddd..........Nitezzzz Everybody! By the way, I am pokai already after all the tests (> <) Yup, I am just in a test tube today!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Curtain Fantasy!

Yes, finally, the 3rd promised post in previous Post (PPIPP). hahaha(^^)

  • Moon Cake Feast
  • Dragon-i Inn
  • Best Buy Selection
  • Artwork-Curtain Dyeing

Well, since I was moving to a rented house, I really needed some accessories for the house and curtains were definitely a must! However, my mum and I were planning to save as much as we could. Our first plan was to buy some cheap clothes to sew a set of curtains for the sliding door.{Thanks, mum} However, my mum realized that there were still some old curtains hiding underneath the shelf. So, our plan changed to renewing the old curtain by dyeing them!

Firstly, let's talk about the ingredients!

List: A pile of old clothes, An empty oil tank for boiling curry water, A long wooden stick for stirring the boiled water, gas tank(^^) or woods and the Golden-Colour Dye!

{Yup, the ingredients were that simple. You and your mum, dad, brothers, sister, grandparents, friends, children....anyone can do this at home! However , please be careful with and boiled water and fire hazard!}

Okay, since I am quite busy these days, I will be very efficient in presenting the few easy steps to create an amazing curtain for your rooms, living rooms, just anywhere(^^).

  • Step 1: Prepare all the ingredients above.{Note: Choose the dye that you like, but, remember to check whether your clothes are suitable for dyeing or not}
  • Step 2: Please clean the oil tank and fill it with an adequate amount of water for dyeing colour
  • Step 3: When the water is boiled, faster put in colour dye which depends on the intensity of the colour that you want.

  • Step 4: Remember to stir the mixture non-stop.
  • Step 5: When the colour dye is well-mixed, add in some salts to prevent discolouration in the end.
  • Step 6: Stir the mixture well again and turn off the gas when it is ready.

  • Step 7 : Do not straight away put the curtains inside, but wait for a few minutes.
  • Step 8: Put the curtains inside the oil tank and stir well again.
  • Step 9: After that, leave the curtains inside the tank for around 20 minutes.

  • Step 10: Then, rinse the curtains in clean water until there is no more discolouration formed in the water.
  • Step 11: Lastly, dry them under the beautiful bright sun. After that, just hang them anywhere you want! Your place will definitely be lit up(^^)

Finally, the final look on the sliding door!
curtainercurtain v

From dirty and old white curtain, me and my mum had transformed them into new and classical curtains.

Well, when you can still reuse something, don't throw them away because they might end up becoming something really gorgeous. Anyway, besides having a great family moment with my mum, I also have the chance to recycle my curtains and made an art out of this.Isn't this green!(^^). My advice : Before you buy, please always check whether you need the items or not! I am proud to say that I am a green consumer!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Mega Companies Are Going Deep Green{Sustainability}

Yesterday, I attended a class of "Sustainability" Module. {Ooo, I really like the module name}. Well, basically, this module is all about environment idea and etc. {This would definitely be one of the most difficult modules}. Anyway, what I learned from this module is more than 3Rs{Reuse, Reduce and Recycle}. It is more on the facts, reasons, solutions ... on environmental issues.

Just like the idea of my module, there are so many mega companies going green as well. Finally, after securing their entrepreneur status in the market{ Making hell lot of cash from the people} , they are giving back. As the green trend is going strong day by day, I am sure that I did not make the wrong choice for my course. Okay, cut the crap! Let's go see what the mega companies did to make our world a better place!

Mega Phone Company - Nokia
Nokia has implemented a beneficial green plan. They are providing Nokia Kiosks at certain places in Malaysia such as The Garden in Midvalley, The Curve in Mutiara Damansara, and Giant Hypermarket in Bandar Kinrara. At these kiosks, people who have old or unused mobile phones, can recycle those phones and adopt a tree! This is such a wonderful plan! Well, even though the kiosks are not widely-available, it is a good start. After recycling your phone, they even help you to adopt a tree! Furthermore, you can even spot your adopted tree easily through Google Earth!

This is how the kiosk looks like! For tutorial on how to use the kiosk and locate your adopted tree in Indonesia, please click here

Image source:

Mega Telecomunication Company - Digi
Digi is going "Deep Green". In this plan, Digi official is stating that "their main goal is to reduce their carbon dioxide footprint by 50% in 3-4 years". Oh my, what an ambitious goal! Well, I really like that they are going "Deep Green" as they are becoming the pioneer or the role model to promote environmental friendliness! In their "Deep Green" plan, they are saving from head to toe by using new equipments that save a lot. Besides that, they even create a fantastic website to promote "Deep Green" Plan. In this website, you can even send your pledge!!! I did it too(^^)

For more info on Digi "Deep Gree", please click here(1) The website is really good!!!


To name a few more Mega Companies:
  1. Mega Clothing Company : Guess - Green Jeans.
  2. Mega Electronic Appliances Company : Panasonic - More environmental products.

Basically, what I would like to present here is that not only My Little World is going green, The Whole World is going green to. So, be a part of the green! (^^)

Coming up: It is a promise post in previous post{PPIPP} - Cool short form!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Get Tagged and Have Fun(^^)

Tagged by Erlina.

The rules and regulations:{Wah, this tagging is pro, even has rules.}
  1. Each player of this game starts off with 15 weird things/habits/little known facts about yourself.
  2. People who get tagged need to write a blog of their own 15 weird things/habits/little known facts as well as state this rule clearly.
  3. At the end, you need to choose 10 people to be tagged and list their names.
  4. No tags back!!

  1. I am a loner who enjoys single life{Yup, still an eligible bachelor(^^)}
  2. I hate backstabbing; I prefer front-stabbing!{Please don't use a real knife to stab me though}
  3. I love arts and crafts {That is why I love to work on my own}
  4. I was quite an academic scholar{ Very surprise because even though I am very hardworking, I am always a last-minute person}
  5. I start to fall in love with blogging when I first started my uni life{Maybe, blog is my real friend, feeling pathetic again(> <) }
  6. I can cook pretty well{Very surprising again, I just learned from my mum. Thanks, mum}
  7. I am a music and a movie lover {No kidding, I can watch movie non-stop}
  8. I see myself as an insecure person who lacks confident. { Reason: I have no idea}
  9. For my childhood, I once dreamed of becoming a fashion designer.{Haha, if I have insist on doing that, maybe, I already become the next "Couture King"}
  10. I am loud in front of my close friends and quiet in front of strangers{Really! }
  11. In group assignments, I am the one who dominates! {You can ask my ex}
  12. I am sometimes very cold-blooded, but, actually, I am an empathy inside.
  13. I am very picky of my friends. {I will do a background check just a professional spy}
  14. I really love to eat, but, I don't really look that fat {because the fat all hidden in my stomach(^^).}
  15. I also have a tendency to split into more personality{I am crazy, I am nice, I am a teacher's student, I am everything; but, not myself}
  16. I just wanna go crazy now! Because everything is so chaotic!

Tagged by Erlina. So, the questions is refer to her{Just following her style(^^)}

1. What is the relationship of you and her?
Waaa, I am proud to say that we are very good friends and bloggers.

2. Your 5 impressions towards her?
  • She is funny{Can see from her blog}
  • She is friendly{Well, she gives me a friendly tagging}
  • She is very loving{She is passionate about her relationship with her boyfriend}
  • She is very energetic {Well, I did not see her in person, but, again, I can sense her power}
  • She is like me {Love Ipoh very much, Love our home very much...}

3. The most memorable things she has done for you.
She has always given great tags, thanks for that.

4. The most memorable things she have said to you?
She said:"Remember to bring me some moon cakes".{Haha, lately, Moon Cake Festival}

5. If she becomes your lover, you will...
Hmmm, that is so, unpredictable. I also don't want to "break"people marriage.

6. If she becomes your enemy, you will...
Confront her and manipulate her...hehehe, not really lah, just explain everything to avoid misunderstandings.

7. If she becomes your lover, she has to improve on...
Making her present to me because as I have said, I never meet her in person mah(^^)

8. If he becomes your enemy, the reason is...
My piercing mouth and words hurt her {Probability :99%}

9. The most desirable thing to do on her is?
Meeting her is already enough!!!

10. The overall impression of her is...
A fun and good friend to have.

11. How do you think the people around you will feel about you?
I am totally sarcastic, fussy, perfectionist, sissy, arrogant, and totally inconsiderate.{ That is only my outer shell, okay! I am very nice 1}

12. The character you like of yourself is?
Sensible, intelligent, sweet, friendly and a friend forever(^^)

13. On contrary, the character you hate of yourself is?
Friends come first before boyfriend.

14. The most ideal person that you wanna be is?
Hollywood Superstar! Haha, I would say be myself even though I am quite horrible at some time.

15. For the people who care about and likes you, say something about them.
If I really offended you, this means that I really love you. If I did not offend you, either you are not my friend or you are just a stranger. If I offended you horribly, either you are too annoying but I still love you or you are just my enemy and I hate you!

Next people who I want to tag is:-
{Fill in By Yourself}

P.s : I cut off a few tag questions because really don't have time to do all.
P.s(1): For next post, it is time to go green again!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Dragon-i Inn {龙的传人}

This is another promise post from my previous post. The list is as below:

  • Moon Cake Feast
  • Dragon-i Inn
  • Best Buy Selection
  • Artwork-Curtain Dyeing

Yes, I kept my promise! On the 13/09/2008, after the hectic packing and unpacking, we went to The Curve with an approximately 30-40 minutes drive. Of course, as a wise consumer, we parked at IKEA because after dinner, we wanted to buy some goods(^^). If you buy in IKEA your parking is free of charge!Anyway, at first, we were very confused what to eat. With all the choices available in The Curve, we were lost for a moment. Then, just in a random search, we decided to dine in The Dragon-i Inn { 龙的传人}.

Haizzz, I think that we should have eaten inside the restaurant. It was quite dark outside,.{but, got feel leh}. Anyway, due to the dark atmosphere, my very economic Nokia 5300 could not take pictures well in dimmed situation. But, I tried my best to take pics anyway, giving all my best {I am quite talented 1, hehe, not kidding} Haha, now, straight to the blur and darkphoto gallery.


Here, you can see the sifu doing the dishes in an exposed environment. Therefore, they have to be very hygienic! This is professional!


I am very sorry about the photos{What you expect from a 1.3 megapixel phone?(><)}Well, notice on the top left of the right picture{Sound confushing, hehe}, the nuts were really tasty!!!

After that, it was time for us to order. In the menu, we ordered 4 main dishes, 2 drinks, 2 little dish and etc. In arranged order, I will review them 1 by 1(^^)


One the left, was A Bucket of Rice!!!{haha, really!}It was actually A Bucket of Rice With Pork Topping. While on the right, it was a dish that I did not even touch - Beef Mee. {Yup, for your info, I do not eat beef}. The Rice Bucket was yummy and the portion was quite enough for 5 of us!

Coming up, the 2 Lamen! Yup, the 2 dishes were really "Q" because the Lamen was really fresh to the taste bud!

As you can see, the lamen was quite elastic and "Q" and the fried Pork was very nice too. However, I prefer it to be cut thinner. Both lamen were great!

Now, came the drinks and desert!

The Guiliangao{龟苓膏}was truly the best! I could taste the herb and the traditional ingredients with every single taste buds I have. As for the Barley Lemon, it was quite disappointing because it was really not special at all and it was too sweet!

Finally, the dish of the Night!!!!


This is the Famous Shanghao Xiao Long Bao {上海小笼包}. Well, you might ask what is so special about this. Firstly, the outer layer was very soft and thin. Secondly, the filling is actually Chinese soup{Yes!!!!Love it} When you put inside your mouth and bite it, the soup would pour down to your taste buds and then, to your throat! It was a magnificent feeling!

Lastly, we could not forget about the bill!!!

It cost us about RM102++ for this meal. For me, this was still too expensive. By the way, if you have a certain credit card, you can have 10% off. I forgot what card already, so, before you go in, please check you have the card or not(^^).


That night, I would say, all well that ends well! We had a splendid time together as a family outing!!~!! This was the view we were admiring while having our dinner! Nice leh(^^)

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Review On The Preview of The New Exabytes Website

About a week ago, I came across Exabytes website . They were hosting Exabytes " I Want a MacBook Air " Contest Prize. Of course, I did not want to miss this opportunity; therefore, I joined the competition. Now, I am one of the first 100 participants to preview their new website{Gosh, how lucky I was because I just found out the contest on the deadline!} Anyway, after that, they sent the link, the username, and the password in order to log into the new Beta Website. I was really ecstatic!!!! Since I am given this job, let's have fun!

Firstly, I would like to do a very-detailed review on this new website. Since it is still in BETA version, there are still some parts seemed like unfinished. However, I really need to help them to speak up because it is really not easy to design and finish a website! I tried it before for my assignments{It was like hell a nightmare! Maybe next time, I show them to you all! Okay, cut to the chase, I will review the website on a few criteria :

  • Design - layout, colours, and alignment.
  • User-friendliness - Acessibility, Information-location, and relocation of data.
  • Creativity and Content - Innovation, comprehensiveness and etc.

Yes, basically, these are the criteria for me to write the review. This is somehow reminiscent of my blog survey and my blog results. Therefore, it was definitely wise to do survey even though it is quite annoying at some time. Now, it is time to be professional! I will give good comment in green and negative review in red! Let's get the party started!!!!

In this Beta version Website, the design seems more professional compared to the old version. I really like its layout which is simple in its alignment and sophisticated in its colour usage. First of all, the new website's menu bar is really nice and convenient to use. This is because the drop-down menu bar has categorized all the sections neatly. With this feature, users can have easy access to the info. Now, it is the time to discuss about the colours. Personally, I think that the colours used are simple yet dynamic. White background with blue menu bar is really a match and the advertisements are colourful enough to light up website and attract viewers. This is definitely a plus point. As for the alignment, there is nothing to critisize about because they arrange all the sections in a very nice and simple way.


The red box is the drop-down menu, it is so cool!!!!

User-friendliness is obviously one of the most important aspects to create a great website. For Beta Exabytes Website, I have to say that the drop-down menu bar is really user-friendly. The bar helps people to save time to look for information. Besides that, I also like the fact that they separated the old "Productions and Services" tab into 2 tabs which are "Web Hosting" tab and "Services" tab. By doing so, the tabs would not cluttered together which might results confushion for the users. However, the new website has expelled one of my favourite parts in the website - The small shortcuts at the top of the website. Besides, I also can't find the "Home"section" at the drop-down menu and "log in" section the new site. On the other hand, they have added some very nice sections such as testimonials section, client section, and products and services listing. This sections make the website more firm and more interesting. Now, going into more detail parts. To be honest, I tried the website thoroughly. I went to the "Xtudent Web Hosting" through the drop-down menu. Well, I really like the newly improved part. Instead of putting all the information in the same page like the old page, they systematically group all the info into 3 main tabs - "Overview", "Features", and "F.A.Q". I have to say that this new feature is really nice to use. However, on the same page, there are some advertisement sections that you can expand and collapse which are not really necessary. Instead of that, they should have include a website navigator by the side. Anyway, with the newly-added GOOGLE SEARCH, I also happy that I can find my info faster and easier. In addition, there is even an EXPRESS SEARCH for new users and old users. This is one of the best features added because this is really user-friendly.


The red boxes indicate the GOOGLE SEARCH and EXPRESS SEARCH.


This is the old website. The red box shows the missing shortcuts in the new website.

Last but not least, it is important that the website has to be content-wise and creative at the same time in order to attract traffic. For Beta Exabytes Website, the content, no doubt, is very informative and specific even for new users. In the sense of creativity, the new website still lacks the "X" factor. How would I put this? Like when they introduce this contest, they put a "click here" at the top right of the old website. When your cursor scroll there, the page will "peel" off. That is creativity! Maybe the new page is still in Beta construction, I really can't expect too high!

Well, this is the first time I did a review on other website. I had a lot of fun. The great experience about doing this is that not only I can genuinely give my ideas, but I can also learn from my own comments. To sum up, the Beta Exabytes Website is quite an improvement. I also enjoy surfing its website. Not to mention that the design is definitely "cool". However, there are certain important sections are missing. Overall, the website is great; but, they have to relocate some important elements. Hopefully, the Exabytes official will take my comments into account to improve more. I am always glad to be able to help out(^^)

For more information, please log on to

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Moon Cake Feast!!!

Today, I can finally go home and have a little break. Well, everything was quite okay at first. But, today, was just pure bad luck! Anyway, I took my bus back to my hometown, with a ticket that was RM4.00 more expensive. Then, when I reached home less than 30 minutes, I was told that I need to return to my uni to settle some forms. Haizzzz, it was just pure bad luck!!!! Let's put that aside and enjoy some very nice moon cakes.

Well, if you had read the newspaper, you might come across an article regarding luxurious moon cake. Yup, there are some moon cakes that really "cost a leg". In Singapore, there is a moon cake box set that costs around RM2962.00. What is so special about this? Well, according to the Sin Chew Daily, the head chef explained that "the fillings of the moon cake require a lot of effort.Omega 3 egg white, with milk, egg yolk powder and etc are used to replace the lianrong{莲蓉}. When the customers open the box, immediately, the aroma could be smelled" {Haha, please forgive my lousy translation} . Apart from that, the moon cake boxes require 1 and a half month to manufacture. If you are one of the clients, the head chief would even deliver the moon cake to you and instruct you how to enjoy this luxurious box personally.

Personally, I am not rich enough to afford this ultra-luxurious moon cakes box{If you have time, click my ads to give me some money to eat RM1.50 worth of cheap moon cake beside the street}. Besides, eating this super moon cake might even make my nose bleed!Hahaha, well, thanks goodness that this year, my family did not really need to buy any moon cakes. This is because friends and families of my parents and siblings had given some very nice moon cake box sets. Even though they were not that horribly luxurious which worthed a price of a beautiful laptop, they were quite tasty. Plus, the design of the moon cake boxes were also quite beautiful! Yes, needless to say, it is picture-time!

Moon Cake Box No.1 : TAI TONG Moon Cake box set{4 moon cakes}
mooncake fever!mooncake fever!mooncake fever!
mooncake fever!mooncake fever!

Personally, I really like the box design. The floral design with white background really attract my attention. Besides, the moon cake was quite tasty too, not too sweet. When you taste it, try a cup of green tea, it would be like in food-heaven!

Moon Cake Box No.2 : MAI KE SI Moon Cake Box Set{2 moon cakes}
mooncake fever!mooncake fever!Photobucket

For this box, the box design is in Asian style. The raspberry with cheese filling moon cake was really superb. As the other flavour, it was quite sweet.

Moon Cake Box No.3 : MAI KE SI Moon Cake Box Set{2 moon cakes}

ooo, the box design was quite nice. However, the moon cake was quite sweet also. Therefore, don't eat too much or else you will gain few more pounds just like me.{Now, I have to keep fit already(> <)}

Moon cake festival is one of my favourite celebrations! Even though I know it is a little bit late, I am still wishing you all HAPPY MOONCAKE FESTIVAL!!!!

Monday, September 15, 2008

The Days of Series of Xtreme Events in My Little Wrold!

Yes, finally, I had just registered as a new student in my Uni not long ago. These few days were just crazy!(@_@). With everything going hectically in my life, I could not update my blog that frequently. Besides, in my new place, I also did not have internet access. Therefore, every published production would be conducted my uni's computer lab from now on!{Really don't have money to install streamyx leh, clicks clicks(^^)}. Okay, now, the series of Xtreme Events in My Little World is coming up with pictures comic!

Day 1 : 12/09/2008
Today, after practicing in the pool , I straight away went back to my house to do my packing! Yup, to my surprise, I had 3 big luggage begs full of my clothes and numerous of boxes containing everyday stuffs. At 8pm, I was already starting to pack non-stop. The long packing night ended around 3 am.

Day 2: 13/09/2008
After the long hours of packing I did not waste any time at all. I started to write a Happy Moon Cake Festival in chinese on my Wretch blog. It took my quite some time to finish it. Then, I was off to bed. Only after a few hours of sleep, I was forced to wake up to pack the things again and prepared to leave. With 2 and a half hours drive, my whole family arrived at my new rented place. Without wasting anytime, we started to unpack. Ooo my gosh, everything was so chaotic. The packing was just a lot of work! Then, our tea break was a lavish feast of moon cakes!!!{Will in another post}At night, we went to THE CURVE to have our Moon Cake Festival in Dragon-i Inn(龙的传人). Well, the food was fantastic; however, the price was...{Will blog in the next post}. Anyway, after having dinner there, we went to IKEA to do some light shopping. We were able to locate some goods there{Will blog in another post about the best buy selection}. With tiredness draining our energies, we drove back to my new place and had a good night sleep.

Day 3: 14/09/2008
Today, my parents and my brother went to shop while my sister went to work. As for me, I had a good night sleep. After that, the packing was still on. We were adding a little touches into living space. Yup, previously, my mom and I were playing dyeing some old curtains{Will blog a post on this too}. That, we hang all the curtains. It was really terrific to the sight! Then, it was time to help my sis to move in too! Her stuffs were enormously and 3 times my stuffs!!!No kidding. After that, it was time for my parents to leave. With a simple food stalls meal, my parents went to my beautiful hometown.

Day 4: 15/09/2008
This morning, I wake up at about 8 a.m. After having breakfast with my sis, I went to take a train. It took about 10 minutes to reach my stop and after that, I took the uni bus which about 25 minutes . A total of 35 minutes. Since I might had to take the daily routine like that, I had to get use to it. After going through excruciating registration process, I ended up in the uni computer lab, doing my blogging business.

Basically, these few days were full of packing and unpacking. Anyway, I will try my best to update my interesting life and there!

Friday, September 12, 2008

The Results On "How To Improve My Little World" Blog Survey

Yup, a few days ago I posted a survey regarding on how to improve my blog. The response was not bad. There are so many friends and strangers gave me very useful critics and comments. Therefore, today, in this post, I will share with the results will everybody! Before that, A BIG THANKS for really giving me a very good response!{I can't elaborate too long, still have not finished packing my stuffs(^^)}

Majority of the responses were given in my cbox. Reasons:{Personal Analysis}
  • It is easy to use
  • Do not need to log in
  • It is easy to load
  • It is time-saving

Part 1
The respondents chose to respond a few criteria from the list.
  1. Content - fine
  2. Creativity - No comment
  3. Originality -No comment
  4. Quality & Quantity-No comment
  5. Personality - remained unchanged {This is my blog after all}
  6. Language skills - No comment
  7. Presentation Skills -No comment
  8. Consistency -No comment
As you can see from the results, people really emphasized on the content part. However, due to lack of respondents for Part 1, the results might encounter discrepancies. After viewing all the response, most of the respondents took part in Part 2 . Therefore, for Part 1, if you still have any ideas/comments/critics, you can drop a comment anytime.

Part 2
Design Issue:
  1. Do you like my blog design?
  2. Is my layout too messy?
  3. Is my colour scheme all wrong?
  4. Is my widgets not appealing?
For this part, I summarized all the ideas into point forms:
  • simple and nice blog design
  • Add border to make the blog neater
  • blog design is not cluttered/messy
  • soothing to the eyes, but, not all the respondents like the green background
  • nice layout/template
  • cute widgets
  • blog description's font color is quite difficult to read.
In Part 2, most people really see blog design as a very important aspect in blogging. Therefore, I really took in all the comments and compiled them into useful guide. I even added border for my side bar navigation and change my blog title's colour. Again, any comments are always welcome here.

Part 3

Type of blogs:
  1. Picture blog - add more picture{A picture really speaks a thousand words}
  2. Music blog - Some prefer music blog; however, not everyone loves it.
  3. Word blog - No comment
  4. Video blog - No comment

Therefore, after reviewing all the comments, I would still stick to my original style. But, I will add more elements into my blog posts. Comments are welcome here!

After reading all the results, I also started to try my best to improve my blog. However, at the end of the day, this is still my blog. Therefore, for certain aspects, I would keep it remained because that is my personality. Undeniably, the blog survey had really given me a good chance to improve my blog. Again, a big thanks to everybody!!!! Your ideas are really helpful!!!!

p.s: Sorry I sounded a little rush!!! I will be leaving to my Uni soon. Therefore, may not be updating that often! But, please still visit me and leave me a comment! I will get back to you as soon as I can! - - - - - Heading back to packing!!!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Shopper! Beware When You Shop!

As my course was going to start, my mum and I went to do the last minute shopping. Yup, it was really food-stocking day! Plus, I also needed a beautiful frying pan to cook (^^). Therefore, really needed to shop till I dropped.

Well, as me and my mum was busy stocking food in a supermarket, we came across the food racks and saw the price of my favourite peanut butter, RM 9.95. To be honest, usually, the plain peanut butter is a little bit cheaper. But, this time, all the peanut butters were the same price. So, we chose the peanut butter with strawberry. However, we walked by another section. There was the plain peanut butter lying above the price of RM 8.60. Of course, I wanted to save a little money, so I changed to the plain peanut butter. So, before I paid, I went to the barcode scanner to check the price. To my surprise, the machine displayed the price of RM 9.95 instead of RM 8.60. Hmmm, it was really annoying, but, I went to take another bottle and scanned it again. Finally, the machine displayed RM8.60.

Peanut Butter, my favourite! But still, have to be careful while doing shopping!

Maybe you would say that this was really small matter, but, I was able to save about RM 1.35. To rich people, RM 1.35 was a small amount. But, some people only made about this amount a day! No kidding! So, as a wise consumer, we have to be very careful while purchasing goods. In my case, the fault fell on the negligence of supermarket's staffs to update the barcode.

Okay, these are my few tips while doing shopping:
  1. Make a shopping list.{Save time and save petrol-don't have to go for 2nd round.}
  2. Try to remember the previous price of the same goods that you have bought.
  3. Check the expiry date{A lot of people really ignore this important point}
  4. Check the price { This is the must!}
  5. When you pay, check the cashier display{Because sometimes, they still forget to update the latest discounted price into the cashier.}
{Even though these tips are quite common, not many people remember to use them while doing their shopping chores} Anyway, Happy Shopping!!!!!!

Moon Cake Festival is coming! Happy Mooncake Festival!

  • P.S: I am also very happy that there are so many responses from all walks of life for my blog survey. For my next post, I will reveal the survey's results{Again, I thank everybody for supporting my blog survey}
  • P.S:I am also planning to not use innit to promote my posts for the time being due to personal issues{Really agitated by some people there} Please don't judge me, this is my choice and the world is democratic! {Maybe will blog a post on this to make things clear}