Saturday, September 27, 2008

A Test Tube Day

This morning at 6am, I went back to my lovely hometown - Ipoh for my Raya Holidays! Hooray(^^) ! I had 1 week holiday. But, it was actually 1 week study week and I already had a lab report assignment for Professional Studies!!!! To make that worse, I had to fill in all the forms from my uni and application!

Well, around 9am, I finally reached my home. But, there was no rest for me because I was required to do several body check-up for some forms - A blood test, X-ray, Urine test, and A SKIN TEST. Right now, while typing this post, my body is really tired and painful.

  • Blood Test - As usual, I always bump into a not-that-skillful nurse who couldn't find my vein. Haiz, another nurse came to my aid. But, she was okay only. Now, there are 2 small cuts rather than 1 cut just like in the previous blood donation.
  • Urine Test - Yup, nothing much to comment about, still waiting for the results.
  • X-ray- It just gave me a really weird feeling because I felt nothing.
  • Skin test- Mantoux test - The nurse injected me with a type of fluid that made my arm swollen like a little fishball. After that, she drew a circle around the spot and instructed me not to scratch it, wet it, rub it,....nothing! for 3 days(> <). Then, I can finish all the tests.

After a long long day, I was really worn out {You can see my very short post} Too tiredddddd..........Nitezzzz Everybody! By the way, I am pokai already after all the tests (> <) Yup, I am just in a test tube today!


vertigoblack said...

waa i wonder what the skin test is for?

I AM A BLOGGER said...

After some research on Wikipedia, this skin test or MANTOUX test is for testing tuberculosis. Hmmm, tat is so uncommon.

MakeTraffic said...

Hi Xjion, thanks for visiting my blog regualrly. Sorry for not being able to do the same because of my work load. Enjoy your holidays and rest well. Cheers!

Dan* said...

well i do understand what is blood test, and urine test for but what is skin test for ???

I AM A BLOGGER said...

Thanks for dropping too even thou u are that busy. I am enjoying my holiday doing some tasks. You don't overwork, okay?! Take care.

Yup, some of the tests are some uncommon, especially the skin test. Now, I can't do anything on that part of my arm.