Sunday, September 28, 2008

Tagging From a New Blogger Friend(^^)

Here is A Tag from my new, cool, sweet, and friendly blogger friend - AHMIKE {Even though I know him only for a short while, he just gives a warmth-friendly feel(^^).

What is one thing? you would? love to happen tomorrow?
I finally find my happiness and I feel contented of my life {Yup, I am quite zen}

What does the 4th text message in your inbox? say?
Ooo, usually is from Facebook - Heroes. {They monopoly my 1st to 4th message}

Do you bite your fingernails?
I bite the people who bite their nails{You think?}

Do you like Mexican food?
Ooo, if it is spicy, I would say "No" {Spicy food would make my heart "bleeding"}-{Exaggerating}

Do you have unlimited texting?
texting - testing -.........{No Answer}

What are you looking forward to in the next month??
I will be okay. {Simple hope}

Is your current hair color? your natural hair color??
Of course, my hair is totally natural - dark black! {Very healthy 1 just like in the advertisement}

Do you believe everything happens for a reason?
I believe in Karma, then, I think I do{do I?}

When is the last time you talked to number 1 on your top friends?
I don't remember leh{This question just blurs me}

Do you think too much or too little?
Absolutely too much! {Maybe I will think about my wedding right after I meet the right 1, is this too much?}

Is your family just a bundle of fun?
I guess so. Maybe I am the fun 1?

How many hours? did you sleep? last night??
I was down yesterday night for 8 hours{Test tube day}

Where is your siblings right? now?
Ooo, in front of me and beside me. I have no privacy at all!!!!!{Drama King}

What jewelery are you wearing?
I have a lot of little things. {Am I lala?}

Do you drink? tea?
I drink water, green tea{It is good for health}

What’s the greatest thing that happened to you today??
I finally went crazy and released one of the most horrible wrath ever in my life.{Yup, I am exploded}

How many friends do you tell everything??
I have a few - tell everything {99%}

Have you shaved your legs in the past 3 days?
I am planning to grow some mustache. {People said I am too taufu a.k.a soft woh}

Are your toe nails painted pink?
Haaaa, my female friends will cut my toe off{ Because they did not even paint their toe}

What do you currently hear?
TV, a loud 1!

Has a girl put their arm around you in the past five days?
Waaaa, I don't remember woh. (^^){Why they want to put their arm around me?}

Name one fear you have?
I am afraid of myself {I always believe that there is something very evil inside, seal under my conscience - I watched too many drama}

Who was the last person in your bedroom?
My baby - Soya(^^)

Do you straighten your hair often??
It is already too straight! {All the hair stylists said my hair is too difficult to cut}

Do you have a fax machine?
No woh, I prefer scan and email!

Is your cellp?hone fully? charg?ed?
My Nokia 5300 can charge itself 1{Geng leh}

What are you about to do?
Blogging , I guess.

Look around,? what is the first orange object you see?
My mouse - it is in white and orange(^^)

Who is the last person to touch your butt?
Why I let people to touch my butt woh? {By the way, it is not nice, nobody wants to touch la}

Can you write with both hands??
I think so {Wanna see me do a demostration?}

Last people you did a 3way call with?
Hmmm, msn saves money!

First person to text you this morning?
Too bad, nobody text me woh{I have no friend leh}

Name a line from the song you’re listening to:
If I am lost for a day , try to find me...

Do you like your life at the moment?
Partially because I am just confused.{Coz just started my course}

You want to get married?
I need to consider all the aspects first {marriage, wedding pics, jewelery, ...}

Is anything alive in your room?
It is all about air in my room.

Do you have someone of the opposite sex you can tell every?thing? to?
A lot woh. {I guess I am a lady's man}

What was the last thing you got pierced?
Pierce is not good for body. It also brings bad luck in the term of feng shui woh.

Do you currently have a hickey?
hmmmmm, what is that?

Ever been to Alaska?
Wanna go someday!

How long does it take for you to get ready??
Forever, I am never ready!

Do you believe exes can really ever be just friends”?
I genuinely believe it. But, you will never know unless you try it{OOO, don't break up with your bf or gf just because you wanna try}

Do you want to see someone this very minute?
All the time! That is my........{Fill in yourself}

What do you think of your number 2 on your top friends?
Friends are equal!

Are your eyes the same color as your mom’s or dad’s?
Unless I am mix or from western, my eye's colour resembles the Asia's population.

Who is the person that you wish to tagged ?
Nobody! I am quite tired to think of a list.

1) The age you’ll be on your next birthday
I will be 20 ! {2 piece leh}just like AHMIKE.

2) A place you’d like to travel to
ooo, Paris!!!!!!!!!!

3) Your favorite place
My hometown - Ipoh

4) Your favorite food
I have too many already!!!!!!!

5) Your favorite pet
My baby - Soya The Cat(^^)

6) Your favourite colour combination
Golden and White {Oh, I am that classical!}

7) Your favorite piece of clothing
A very old short pants.

8) Your favorite song
Come on, I can make very long list leh(^^)

9) Your favorite TV show.
Another list lah!!!!

10) the town in which you live
Ipoh, the town which is famous for pretty girls. But AHMIKE said that"Melaka. This town has alot of pretty girls.". Hmmm, you will be the judge.

11) Your screen name/nickname
Xjion89 {A deriavative from my Chinese Name - Next time, will pose about this}

12) Your first job
A 4-day construction worker!!!!{Yup, I was knocking stone until today nobody believes me}

13) Your dream job
A billionaire!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This tagging is actually{Well, I have done so many tags already, I know a little about tagging} quite boring! Next time, I should do a filtering for tagging post because my last post on tagging was so professional. hehe, I just can't do the same thing again and again without improvement! Nonetheless, tagging is a good way to learn about other people!


Ahmike said...

Hey, jion, i am bad friend to you la haha, thx for treating me as good friend, blogger friends are great..

Xjion89 said...

haha, whre got? You are really friendly lah(^^)