Friday, September 12, 2008

The Results On "How To Improve My Little World" Blog Survey

Yup, a few days ago I posted a survey regarding on how to improve my blog. The response was not bad. There are so many friends and strangers gave me very useful critics and comments. Therefore, today, in this post, I will share with the results will everybody! Before that, A BIG THANKS for really giving me a very good response!{I can't elaborate too long, still have not finished packing my stuffs(^^)}

Majority of the responses were given in my cbox. Reasons:{Personal Analysis}
  • It is easy to use
  • Do not need to log in
  • It is easy to load
  • It is time-saving

Part 1
The respondents chose to respond a few criteria from the list.
  1. Content - fine
  2. Creativity - No comment
  3. Originality -No comment
  4. Quality & Quantity-No comment
  5. Personality - remained unchanged {This is my blog after all}
  6. Language skills - No comment
  7. Presentation Skills -No comment
  8. Consistency -No comment
As you can see from the results, people really emphasized on the content part. However, due to lack of respondents for Part 1, the results might encounter discrepancies. After viewing all the response, most of the respondents took part in Part 2 . Therefore, for Part 1, if you still have any ideas/comments/critics, you can drop a comment anytime.

Part 2
Design Issue:
  1. Do you like my blog design?
  2. Is my layout too messy?
  3. Is my colour scheme all wrong?
  4. Is my widgets not appealing?
For this part, I summarized all the ideas into point forms:
  • simple and nice blog design
  • Add border to make the blog neater
  • blog design is not cluttered/messy
  • soothing to the eyes, but, not all the respondents like the green background
  • nice layout/template
  • cute widgets
  • blog description's font color is quite difficult to read.
In Part 2, most people really see blog design as a very important aspect in blogging. Therefore, I really took in all the comments and compiled them into useful guide. I even added border for my side bar navigation and change my blog title's colour. Again, any comments are always welcome here.

Part 3

Type of blogs:
  1. Picture blog - add more picture{A picture really speaks a thousand words}
  2. Music blog - Some prefer music blog; however, not everyone loves it.
  3. Word blog - No comment
  4. Video blog - No comment

Therefore, after reviewing all the comments, I would still stick to my original style. But, I will add more elements into my blog posts. Comments are welcome here!

After reading all the results, I also started to try my best to improve my blog. However, at the end of the day, this is still my blog. Therefore, for certain aspects, I would keep it remained because that is my personality. Undeniably, the blog survey had really given me a good chance to improve my blog. Again, a big thanks to everybody!!!! Your ideas are really helpful!!!!

p.s: Sorry I sounded a little rush!!! I will be leaving to my Uni soon. Therefore, may not be updating that often! But, please still visit me and leave me a comment! I will get back to you as soon as I can! - - - - - Heading back to packing!!!


Borneo Falcon said...

Hope to see further improvement soon

Xjion89 said...

haha, sure! thanks for the comment!

阿Don said...

nothing to leave ..
ur design, green background is nice ^^
look n feel comfortable !

techniqueal t. said...

great survey results. your blog has personality. keep blogging ^_^

Xjion89 said...

[阿Don ]
Yup, green is good for the eyes(^^)

[techniqueal t.]
thanks for ur encouragement! I will do my best(^^)