Saturday, September 20, 2008

Dragon-i Inn {龙的传人}

This is another promise post from my previous post. The list is as below:

  • Moon Cake Feast
  • Dragon-i Inn
  • Best Buy Selection
  • Artwork-Curtain Dyeing

Yes, I kept my promise! On the 13/09/2008, after the hectic packing and unpacking, we went to The Curve with an approximately 30-40 minutes drive. Of course, as a wise consumer, we parked at IKEA because after dinner, we wanted to buy some goods(^^). If you buy in IKEA your parking is free of charge!Anyway, at first, we were very confused what to eat. With all the choices available in The Curve, we were lost for a moment. Then, just in a random search, we decided to dine in The Dragon-i Inn { 龙的传人}.

Haizzz, I think that we should have eaten inside the restaurant. It was quite dark outside,.{but, got feel leh}. Anyway, due to the dark atmosphere, my very economic Nokia 5300 could not take pictures well in dimmed situation. But, I tried my best to take pics anyway, giving all my best {I am quite talented 1, hehe, not kidding} Haha, now, straight to the blur and darkphoto gallery.


Here, you can see the sifu doing the dishes in an exposed environment. Therefore, they have to be very hygienic! This is professional!


I am very sorry about the photos{What you expect from a 1.3 megapixel phone?(><)}Well, notice on the top left of the right picture{Sound confushing, hehe}, the nuts were really tasty!!!

After that, it was time for us to order. In the menu, we ordered 4 main dishes, 2 drinks, 2 little dish and etc. In arranged order, I will review them 1 by 1(^^)


One the left, was A Bucket of Rice!!!{haha, really!}It was actually A Bucket of Rice With Pork Topping. While on the right, it was a dish that I did not even touch - Beef Mee. {Yup, for your info, I do not eat beef}. The Rice Bucket was yummy and the portion was quite enough for 5 of us!

Coming up, the 2 Lamen! Yup, the 2 dishes were really "Q" because the Lamen was really fresh to the taste bud!

As you can see, the lamen was quite elastic and "Q" and the fried Pork was very nice too. However, I prefer it to be cut thinner. Both lamen were great!

Now, came the drinks and desert!

The Guiliangao{龟苓膏}was truly the best! I could taste the herb and the traditional ingredients with every single taste buds I have. As for the Barley Lemon, it was quite disappointing because it was really not special at all and it was too sweet!

Finally, the dish of the Night!!!!


This is the Famous Shanghao Xiao Long Bao {上海小笼包}. Well, you might ask what is so special about this. Firstly, the outer layer was very soft and thin. Secondly, the filling is actually Chinese soup{Yes!!!!Love it} When you put inside your mouth and bite it, the soup would pour down to your taste buds and then, to your throat! It was a magnificent feeling!

Lastly, we could not forget about the bill!!!

It cost us about RM102++ for this meal. For me, this was still too expensive. By the way, if you have a certain credit card, you can have 10% off. I forgot what card already, so, before you go in, please check you have the card or not(^^).


That night, I would say, all well that ends well! We had a splendid time together as a family outing!!~!! This was the view we were admiring while having our dinner! Nice leh(^^)


Anonymous said...

Food~~~~~!!!! Oh i have to the restaurant only once..... But i know the Siew Long Pao is quite good... :) Hope you enjoy your life here!!

I AM A BLOGGER said...

haham, thanks, i really did(^^). Siew Long Pao very nice!

WinnieWong said...

Wow, it sounds really nice to eat.