Thursday, September 11, 2008

Shopper! Beware When You Shop!

As my course was going to start, my mum and I went to do the last minute shopping. Yup, it was really food-stocking day! Plus, I also needed a beautiful frying pan to cook (^^). Therefore, really needed to shop till I dropped.

Well, as me and my mum was busy stocking food in a supermarket, we came across the food racks and saw the price of my favourite peanut butter, RM 9.95. To be honest, usually, the plain peanut butter is a little bit cheaper. But, this time, all the peanut butters were the same price. So, we chose the peanut butter with strawberry. However, we walked by another section. There was the plain peanut butter lying above the price of RM 8.60. Of course, I wanted to save a little money, so I changed to the plain peanut butter. So, before I paid, I went to the barcode scanner to check the price. To my surprise, the machine displayed the price of RM 9.95 instead of RM 8.60. Hmmm, it was really annoying, but, I went to take another bottle and scanned it again. Finally, the machine displayed RM8.60.

Peanut Butter, my favourite! But still, have to be careful while doing shopping!

Maybe you would say that this was really small matter, but, I was able to save about RM 1.35. To rich people, RM 1.35 was a small amount. But, some people only made about this amount a day! No kidding! So, as a wise consumer, we have to be very careful while purchasing goods. In my case, the fault fell on the negligence of supermarket's staffs to update the barcode.

Okay, these are my few tips while doing shopping:
  1. Make a shopping list.{Save time and save petrol-don't have to go for 2nd round.}
  2. Try to remember the previous price of the same goods that you have bought.
  3. Check the expiry date{A lot of people really ignore this important point}
  4. Check the price { This is the must!}
  5. When you pay, check the cashier display{Because sometimes, they still forget to update the latest discounted price into the cashier.}
{Even though these tips are quite common, not many people remember to use them while doing their shopping chores} Anyway, Happy Shopping!!!!!!

Moon Cake Festival is coming! Happy Mooncake Festival!

  • P.S: I am also very happy that there are so many responses from all walks of life for my blog survey. For my next post, I will reveal the survey's results{Again, I thank everybody for supporting my blog survey}
  • P.S:I am also planning to not use innit to promote my posts for the time being due to personal issues{Really agitated by some people there} Please don't judge me, this is my choice and the world is democratic! {Maybe will blog a post on this to make things clear}


Borneo Falcon said...

Didn't realize this mistake still happened. Thanks for the warning

Xjion89 said...

yup, hv to be careful becoz during sales, the price of the products might not be updated yet! if u din check your bill or the cashier display, sure kena loh.

akt said...

You are right to do what you have described in your post! Believe me, I am also like you... becoz a sen saved is a sen in the pocket. Sometimes, what the wholesalers/supermarkets/retailers put on the price tag can be so deceiving and it gives shoppers a whole lot of mess to deal with. Sometimes, I will complain to anyone in charged/ on duty but other times I have to let go... coz running out of time to point out the error and so forth... So, what else can we do, but bear and grin... and lastly, I don't want to waste other shoppers' time too! boo hoo...