Monday, September 15, 2008

The Days of Series of Xtreme Events in My Little Wrold!

Yes, finally, I had just registered as a new student in my Uni not long ago. These few days were just crazy!(@_@). With everything going hectically in my life, I could not update my blog that frequently. Besides, in my new place, I also did not have internet access. Therefore, every published production would be conducted my uni's computer lab from now on!{Really don't have money to install streamyx leh, clicks clicks(^^)}. Okay, now, the series of Xtreme Events in My Little World is coming up with pictures comic!

Day 1 : 12/09/2008
Today, after practicing in the pool , I straight away went back to my house to do my packing! Yup, to my surprise, I had 3 big luggage begs full of my clothes and numerous of boxes containing everyday stuffs. At 8pm, I was already starting to pack non-stop. The long packing night ended around 3 am.

Day 2: 13/09/2008
After the long hours of packing I did not waste any time at all. I started to write a Happy Moon Cake Festival in chinese on my Wretch blog. It took my quite some time to finish it. Then, I was off to bed. Only after a few hours of sleep, I was forced to wake up to pack the things again and prepared to leave. With 2 and a half hours drive, my whole family arrived at my new rented place. Without wasting anytime, we started to unpack. Ooo my gosh, everything was so chaotic. The packing was just a lot of work! Then, our tea break was a lavish feast of moon cakes!!!{Will in another post}At night, we went to THE CURVE to have our Moon Cake Festival in Dragon-i Inn(龙的传人). Well, the food was fantastic; however, the price was...{Will blog in the next post}. Anyway, after having dinner there, we went to IKEA to do some light shopping. We were able to locate some goods there{Will blog in another post about the best buy selection}. With tiredness draining our energies, we drove back to my new place and had a good night sleep.

Day 3: 14/09/2008
Today, my parents and my brother went to shop while my sister went to work. As for me, I had a good night sleep. After that, the packing was still on. We were adding a little touches into living space. Yup, previously, my mom and I were playing dyeing some old curtains{Will blog a post on this too}. That, we hang all the curtains. It was really terrific to the sight! Then, it was time to help my sis to move in too! Her stuffs were enormously and 3 times my stuffs!!!No kidding. After that, it was time for my parents to leave. With a simple food stalls meal, my parents went to my beautiful hometown.

Day 4: 15/09/2008
This morning, I wake up at about 8 a.m. After having breakfast with my sis, I went to take a train. It took about 10 minutes to reach my stop and after that, I took the uni bus which about 25 minutes . A total of 35 minutes. Since I might had to take the daily routine like that, I had to get use to it. After going through excruciating registration process, I ended up in the uni computer lab, doing my blogging business.

Basically, these few days were full of packing and unpacking. Anyway, I will try my best to update my interesting life and there!


cbenc12 said...

university life can be fun! enjoy ;)

lcfu said...

which uni huuh??? you know how much i miss my uni life?? anyway enjoy your uni life ya...

cazzycazz said...

Hey, enjoy ur new life ya!!

Xjion89 said...

Yup,i also enjoy uni life very much(^^)

I am studying in M'sia 's Nottingham Uni Branch Campus. Sure, I will enjoy every single bit of it

[cazzycazz ]
I will definitely enjoy it! Thanks(^^)