Thursday, September 4, 2008

My Warwick Avenue

- Duffy Lyrics

When I heard "Warwick Avenue", I had a sense of sadness. If this song was written by me, if I were Duffy, I would be all alone at that time when I wrote the song. I would be staring at my piano's keyboard, remembering the days when I was still at Warwick Avenue. It was a place that held many unforgettable memories of laughter, grief, and love.

However, happy moment did not last because I had to leave. I had no choice. I could not be living my life based on happy memory. I wanted to find true happiness. My loved one, I loved you deeply before. But, all the pains were just unbearable because I still love you! Now, I have chosen a new start. The first step was to leave Warwick Avenue and leave you behind. Because of you, I dropped countless tears in my heart. But, I would never shed a tear in front of you because I knew that I was strong.

The memories between us were sweet at first, but, it turned to constant arguments and fights. Finally, I knew that I had to let go. That was why I took a taxi and never looked back since then. It was the first time I cried because I finally had to leave the dreams and the memories we had together behind.Your words, your hair, your smell, your smile, your eyes, your lips, your love, ...would soon to be a memory. It was more painful than I imagined because there was still love between us. But, you did not love me like how I loved you. Did you?

Now, every time I pass by Warwick Avenue, the cut still hurts! But, I am free at last!

p.s: If I were Duffy, this is definitely how I felt when I wrote "Warwick Avenue"! This is my Warwick Avenue!

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