Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Blossoming Cactus Symbolises Luck!

Cactus is such an unique plant! It can survive in the hottest environment, such as the desert. This is mainly due to its flawless "skin" to prevent the vapourization of water and its strong root to nourish its "thorny body". As ex-Bio student during my secondary school, I also learned that some cacti can actually blossom. The outcome of its blossom is just simply amazing! - Magnificent Flowers that take your breath away!

Well, personally, I quite like cactus because of its cool look with cruel thorns. This is how it looks when it does not blossom. But, when it blossoms, you just can't stop loving this "Icy Beauty Queen". If you don't believe me, I will let her speaks for herself! I bet you are already enthralled by her beauty!


When she starts to blossom, there is no stopping her to capture the spotlight!


People said that "Good things come in 3?!"{From ANTM 8,Brittany's Photo Shot}

The flowers really bright up my day! Who would have known that "Icy Beauty Queen" can have 3 of the warmest hearts(^^)? By the way, I just lucky to see them blossoming at the same time! How lucky!!!

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Borneo Falcon said...

The flower is indeed beautiful

Xjion89 said...

juz bright up my day(^^)