Saturday, August 30, 2008

Swimmer's Dream

Well, I am not really a swimmer. I am just somebody who start to learn how to swim. Actually, when I was very young, I always have a dream of learning how to swim. When I went to beach, swimming pool, I saw people there swimming freely in the water. At that moment I felt very envious of them. However, to my own surprise, for 19 years walking on the earth, I never thought of taking swimming lesson until now. Isn't this weird or what?

Maybe, this is all thanks to my current university which, by the way, has an exquisite swimming pool there. Let me show you the beautiful swimming pool!

my uni pool

Isn't beautiful? {Plus, most of my friends there know how to swim, some of them even represent their state} So, one time, when I tried the pool together with them, I felt very embarrassed{Ultra-paiseh leh}

However, after this long holiday, everything will be changed because finally, my little dream of learning how to swim finally came true! In this 2 months, I tried my best to learn swimming starting from zero. Basically, when I was young, I only sank into the water. Plus, I was hydrophobic due to a silly prank from someone. He pushed me into a very deep river that time. Ever since, I was allergic to deep water; but, happy with shallow water.

Now, I am back with vengeance{not really} after 19 years of avoidance of my own passion towards swimming. Yes, I finally came to my senses and learned how to swim in a medium-size swimming pool filled with rich uncles, aunties and noisy children. Due to the rise of petrol and the lack of transportation, I located a personal club with a swimming pool nearby my house that offers swimming lesson. Below are the details:

  1. Fee : RM 40 per month {unlimited swimming practice, I went there almost 3 times a week, every time 2 hours}
  2. Coach: A very funny, dark-skinned retired uncle with a super loud voice.
  3. Equipment:Goggle, swimming trunk, and a board.
  4. Place : A nice club house with a swimming pool.
  5. Friend: None{all either uncles, aunties or very young children}
  6. Distance:Walking distance{But, quite far}
  7. Pro : I can swim 7 days a week as I like, Near my house, fee is reasonable.
  8. Con : Outdoor pooL{Very common}, a little bit embarrass {I am in the middle between uncle and children}

Haha, as you can see, the list provides a very detail inside regarding my swimming lesson. I love the fact that I can practice there anytime I want even though I am a non-member. Besides, there is less pressure to learn with children and uncles. Okay, like this, if my speed of learning is quite slow compared to children, the excuse will be I AM OLD ALREADY LOH. However, if compared to uncles and aunties, the excuse will be THEY HAVE MORE EXPERIENCE THAN ME. Either way, my excuses are still very reasonable{ Self-hypnotized again to console myself} Right now, I will show you all my progression in 2 months time:

Ooo, please note that this person is not me; this image is merely for illustration purpose. {haha, I am not that hot because I am fat and not nice to look at}

Week 1-3 : Breaststroke
Yup, it took the longest time for me to learn because I was still not familiar with water. Uncle Wong said :" You control the water, don't let the water control you". Listening to his advice, I practiced quite frequently. Finally, I was able to swim breaststroke. But, unlike the competition one, my style is more leisure. In addition, I also learned to swim breaststroke on the surface and breaststroke underwater{cool leh (^^)}. There are even more, usually people learn freestyle, first but, uncle wanted to teach me breaststroke so that I would not be bored{ So nice 1}. With breaststroke, I even learned how to "stand water".

Again, for illustration purpose only.

Week 4-5 : Backstroke + Freestyle leg
Personally, I think I am particularly weak in backstroke. Even though I can swim backstroke, I can't last long. I have no idea why. Anyway, I think that of all the style this is most difficult. Well, I am very bad at floating. So, in this case, it is not easy for me to lay down on the water. At least, I can swim a short distance. At the same time, I was also learning the freestyle kick. It was quite frustrating because at first, no matter how hard I kicked, I did not seemed to move at all. Finally, it took quite some time to kick it right!

Week 6-7: Freestyle + Butterfly style hand
Well, after learning the kick, I thought it would be easy for me to learn the hand. I was wrong because I am left-handed. Yes, everything I learned for freestyle, had to be on the opposite site. Another nice quote from Uncle Wong:" Most of my students are right-handed, for 10 students, almost te... nine of them are right-handed". {It was obvious that he was almost about to say "ten" instead of "nine"} Anyway, like I cared, I still can learn. So, again, I practiced with all my might until my joints between my shoulder and arm suffered in great pain. But, no pain no gain, I finally was able to swim beautifully in freestyle. But, uncle said that I am still too nervous and not naturally when I dropped my hands. Nevermind, practice makes perfect. Hence, I could start on my butterfly style already. Ooo, it was not easy at all because I had to learn the dolphine kick before the hand. The kick was alright. But, the hand was quite tough. It needed a lot of energy. So, at first, when I combined both hands and legs, it was too heavy for me to "fly" like a butterfly{literally speaking} because, when I move my hands, I really need to move forward with symmetrical hands. So, like a very heavy stone, after I flew, I sank miserably underwater. What to do? Practice again lah!

Week 8: Butterfly style + freestyle turning {Again, that is not me[impossible]}
I did not see this coming at all when Uncle Wong said "You passed already". Officially, I can swim already even though I am still suck weak in it. Therefore, for the last week, I practiced very hard for my butterfly style. To my surprise, even though I am very slow in speed, at least, I can "fly" like a very slow butterfly. {Haha} I even learned the freestyle turning. It was very difficult, like, you have to roll over underwater. OOo, but, I was glad that I learned all the styles already, did I leave any?

Finally, in 2 months , 4 styles, maybe to you all, it seems like whatever. But, I am very contented with my progress{plus a darker skin tone}. Yup, I even feel that I am more healthy than ever. However, 2 hours for every practice was still too much! My advice is that you can practice hard, but, don't practice too hard!{ I am suffering from kneel pain, joint pain, ...} I am in pain right now, but, it is a pain of satisfactory!(^^). Do you know how to swim? If not, take the lesson now, it is never too late as the saying goes liket this "Late better than never"{Somemore, people like me, hydrophobic,also can learn how to swim, I bet you can conquer your fear way easier than me!!!!!!!Just believe in yourself!(^^)

p.s : Don't hate this post because of its length, I wrote it will all my heart!!! I want to inspire people to learn to swim because I was once part of them.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Xjion89's Moving Dishes + A Little Piano Sonata

Yesterday, my family and I went to KL for helping me to clean my room for my upcoming semester. {No pics this time, after decorate, will add them soon}.It was really a one-day trip. We reached there about 10.30 am and started to pack after collecting the keys from the owner. It was all about cleaning, washing, screaming, rubbing, ... Until around 1.30 pm, it was time for lunch. We went to MONG KOK CHAR CHAN TENG in South City Plaza. Well, before this, me and my sis went there to try. It was okay only, but, quite expensive. But, this time around, the food was very tasty and the price was also reasonable. We all were just full and happy after eating there. I think most probably because we ordered 3 sets of RM9.90 {excluding any taxes} set lunch which consists of a very big portion of main dish, a plate of fruits, a small bowl of soup, and even a glass teo-o-ice. Omg, it was worthed every cent. However, we even added another dish, the CB Cheese Tuna Rice{ Regretted because the portion was very big}.

Below are the few main focus of the meal:

This was not just any normal teh-o-ice. It was huge!!!

Ooo, the LOH SONG Soup was quite nice!

The main attraction of the day- CB Cheese Tuna Rice

Piano Sonata(^^)

Coming up now!!! A little Piano Sonata from me on My 1st Grade 8 Piece Part 1: Prelude and Fugue in A Flat. The original Composer was the great J.S Bach, a significant figure during his period.{His song is not easy to play due to the excessive non-stop fingering in his piece, it is all about harmony in both hands.}

Personally, I still think that I need more practice. But, what had been done could not be undone. Anyway, this piece is only the 1st part of my No.1 song which already took my 1.52 mins to play. It needed a lot of precision in tempo. Moreover, it also required a little staccato in quaver beats! Overall, the song was quite nice to play. One of most favourite(^^)

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Happy Birthday, Father!(^-^)

The post title said it all. Today was a simple celebration for my dad's birthday! We had a simple dinner, simple cake, simple birthday song, everything simple; however, this was a special day for my father and we celebrated with him with all our hearts. {Even my sister sang through the phone, {too bad, don't have 3G}}So, I would say my father was simply happy and contented. Again, I would say:


The not-so-simple blueberry birthday cake is just for you!!!


Happy Birthday, father!!! May your wish comes true!!!!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I am very ashamed{I was lost in small Ipoh Town}

Haiz, I have to say that today was just not my day. Well, in short, I was totally unlucky. It all started with my decision to fix my tooth and do scaling. My tooth had been bugging me for quite some time. It was excruciating to eat peanuts(my favourite) and ice-cream. So, today was the day to solve my tooth pain.

Well, when my mum sent me to the clinic at about 9.45 a.m., I was the 19th person already{Omg, the clinic opened only about 9 a.m.} At that time, there were about 13 person ahead of me. I was very sure that it would be a horrible long wait. After half an hour, I decided to do something else.

I was going to have a new hair cut!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, because the salon was near by, I just walked there. Just after minutes of arriving, they already sent a pretty girl to style my hair. Well, I could not compare this to the clinic because there were only a dentist. Before this, my hair was long, dark, smooth, and strong as if I had techique rebonding. Haha, then, why do I still want a new hair cut?

Here are the reasons:
  1. It made me look like girl! {Plus I admit that I am very soft and soft-spoken}
  2. I needed a change, something refreshing.
  3. I don't want to wait there stupidly for the dentist.

Anyway, this time, I preferred my hair very short. Then, next time, I would keep it very long and make it into lala style.{hehe, just thinking only}. After, about an hour of non-stop hair styling, I finally had my new, refreshing, and very short hairstyle. I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wanna have a look?! This is my before and after!!!


Haha, sorry, guys and gals! I am still too shy to reveal my face{ Besides, I really sucks in camwhoring leh}

Okay, after that, I decided to go back to the clinic. Then, the epic began. I was totally lost as I could not find my way back to the clinic. Then, I called my mum for help:

Me : Mum, now, I am near the Bank Negara.
Mum: Haa, how did you get there? So far away.
Me : I don't know woh, I cin cai walk.
Mum: Are you sure that you are at Bank Negara. {I had a look at the signboard, before I could say anything} I think you are at Bank Simpanan.
Me : {Malu}hehe, I see wrongly.Then, how I go back there?
Mum:Aiyo, you better go to another clinic nearby.
Me : I don't want lah, I waited for so long. Now, I am at Kamdar.
Mum:Ooo, then, you look for Popular nearby and keep right.
Me :Okay, bye.

After that, I phoned my sister. She was also blurred by me. Hehe, sorry, now, I know that I am really a road idiot. Then, I was so like walking here and there until sweating like crazy. Finally, when I walked by one of the famous road, Coffin Road{whole street sells coffins}, I found my way.

Then, when I returned to the clinic, I waited for another 3 hours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Omg, I almost want to cry at the end of the day! Then, the doctor said that I might need to return for another session to do the fillings. Haizzzzz, at that time, I don't have more hair to cut already. and hopefully, I would not lost my way again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just feel very ashamed. {I am a Ipoh Boy who got lost in Ipoh} What a day!!!!!!(> <)

Monday, August 25, 2008


Well, today or just now, I went back to my ex-secondary school - Sam Tet, Ipoh, along with Ziyang and Kokleong. Actually, Kokleong was about to leave Malaysia and continue his studies in Canada under JPA. So, just to accompany him(okay, I also want to visit the teachers), we went to meet some of our favourite teachers.

Anyway, when we went there, nothing seemed to change, except for the new faces. We really had a fun time there. However, the teachers were quite busy. But, we were able to catch up some gossips from them.{Hehe, one of our main objectives}. Well, we chatted with Miss Ong very long until she needed to attend the class.{Non-stop gossiping of our ex-classmates of Form 5}

After that, we just let ourselves out of the school compound and continued our chatting at Ipoh Parade which was just opposite the school. Again, non-stop chatting and gossiping were involved until our big brother, Mr. Ziyang was about to leave us again. {Haiz, he is always busy}. He left me and Kokleong. Well, then, we just talked about everything until Mr Kokleong talked about I did not do anything during my 3 months holiday.

Okay, firstly, I really need to explain a lot. I told him that well, I did practice hard for my piano test. Hehe, then, he said that I got 3 months to practice and I can practice every night. {Omg, the pieces were like very...very boring and difficult and the scale was like staccato and legato} If I had practiced every single day, I would have gone nuts!!!, also not to mention that my fingers will be swollen. Therefore, I practiced my pieces every 2 days after Miss Van advised not to over-practice otherwise, I would be very irritated to play my pieces when the exam is near. I practice modestly, without hating my pieces that much{You just can't over do something or else you will get sick of doing the same thing} Anyway, this was just a little issue that came up during our conversation. At the end, I knew that I did my best and my standard was not that high, passing will do for me.

Now, back to the unofficial farewell. Haiz, Kokleong will be leaving in these few days and spending 4 years in Canada. Hopefully, he will do well and all the best to him{ I must say this to him before he leaves---------- Remember to bring more food, food is very expensive due to currency exchange} Hahaha, plus, please contact your friends here, including me with MSN or Skype because phone, sms... are too expensive. Ohh, if you have time, you can write to me too!!!{But, it will take a while to get your letters}

Kokleong, if you read this post, I hope all the best to you and may you have a safe journey to Canada and enjoy your time there!!!!

Okay, after the little farewell, I think it is time for me to tell everybody about what I did during my holiday!!!!!!!!! Otherwise, most people will just have a very bad impression me like I am lazy, fat, Otaku, guy who only loves to waste his time in front of the tv and computer all day long.{ooo, I admit that I am partially an Otaku who loves anime, but, not really obsessed}.

Firstly, for my summer holiday, I did work for 1 month. What if I did not work? Does this make me a bad person or a useless fellow? I really want to work, but, there was no transportation for me unless I worked weekend, so, I did work as a telephone operator who conducted survey on the phone for a month. After that, due to the rise of petrol, it was not really worthy for me to drive that long distant to work. Moreover, that time, I was starting my piano lesson again. Then, during this period, I praticed piano and even took swimming lesson facing my 19 years of hydrophobia. Now, I am preparing for my course to start, I did read some notes and did some paper work. Okay, maybe my life is quite dull or lack of working days, but, after my graduation, my life will be all about working, so, why not I enjoy learning something new now! I even self-learned a little bit of French and Japanese. Please don't ever judge a person by his cover or holiday!!!!

Here is my list of "What I did for My Holiday":

  1. I worked as a telephone operator conducting survey on the phone.
  2. I learned and practiced my piano, and took my piano Grade 8 practical test.
  3. I battled my 19-year of hydrophobia, and now, I am able to swim all the 4 styles{breaststroke, freestyle, backstroke, and butterfly syle{still a beginner} in 2 months time}
  4. I joined a hell lot of contests until I won some limited merchandises. Here
  5. I applied for JPA scholarship, currently, waiting for their reply.{This scholarship is really worth a lot more than the money I will make in this 3 months}
  6. I blogged the whole time except during my piano test, in hope of meeting some new friends, sharing my thoughts, and making little money from it.
  7. I redecorated my room in a week time with a huge change.
  8. I started a IBLOG group for promoting blogging and promoting environmental-friendliness.
  9. I self-learned basic French and Japanese{Both still in amateur stage}
  10. I went green for the environment and went red for the blood-donation. {I felt quite happy doing all these charity work.}

Okay , these were all the stuffs I did during my holiday. Maybe, they seemed like small matters; however, to me , they meant a lot. Actually, I want to say is that this is my holiday, if I have worked all the time, I might miss the chance of doing some of the most meaningful things during my holiday. So, please don't judge me because I did not work throughout my holiday! and I did worked for 3 months in a row before {Well, I worked as a part time-blogger, hopefully, you all can support my ads{haiz, really need to show people that I really did something meaningful and blogging is one of them}}

Anyway, a big thanks to Kokleong for inspiring me to write this post. Hopefully, I can explain myself that I did something quite meaningful during holiday and I blog about it!{Omg, I sound so serious in this post! I hope that I did not sound too harsh, it was just an explanation to myself} Okay, after explaining myself, I think I need to take a rest! Off to swimming lesson!!! Bye bye for now(^^)

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Terminate Insomnia(> <)

Yesterday night was a long.....night. Well, all thanked to over-eating of charcoal steamboat. Well, it all started with invitation from Kok Leong who is going to leave soon. He wanted a little gathering before he leaves. So, yesterday, along with Kah Heng, we met at Ipoh Parade. Then, we just went to a steamboat restaurant - Charcoal World {please translate in Chinese(^^)}. That time, the place was packed until we had to squeeze into a very small table.After ordering, we started to grab food, materials for the steamboat. Actually, it was more like a steamboat+buffer which we could eat as much as we wanted. However, wasted food: RM 10.00 PER 100 GRAM and wasted sauce RM 5.00 PER 50 GRAM. Yup, with the average of RM23.00 per person, we did not stop ourselves from having too much.

With our gigantic appetite, we tried our best to taste all the food. As usual, there were fishballs, prawns, deer meat, pork, chicken meat, fried chicken, fried nuggets, french fries, ... and ended the feast of 12 different flavours ice-cream!!!!!!!!!!! Actually, we really had a wonderful time together and too bad, Mr. Ziyang was missing in action! Anyway, we just had fun chit-chatting, eating, laughing, and enjoying the raining atmosphere at the same time. Then, it was time to say good bye. Well, the true saga started from here.

When I reached home, I was quite full. It was only 10.30pm, so it was impossible for me to sleep at all. So , I started watching movies online. Hohoho, yup, I finished Terminator Trilogy in a night.

The Terminator(1984)
Well, after watching it, I would say it was an average classical, not like very extravagant. But, the storyline was very nice. In the first installment, Arnold Schwarzenegger{Omg, his name is so difficult to spell lah, had to check several times} was playing the role of evil robot, trying to terminate Sarah Conner played by Linda Hamilton. Kyle Reese played by Michael Biehn was also sent back in time to protect her. Well, the twist was that he was the true father of John Connor. {Oh, so scandalous and so weird!} Apart from that, the movie was directed by the James Cameron{Titanic}. With all the good elements in the movie, that was why this lead to another sequel.

Terminator 2: The Judgment Day(1991)
Omg, this sequel is superb, way better than the first movie. This was the true classical. Again, the main casts were Arnold Schwarzenegger, Linda Hamilton, and Edward Furlong, and Robert Patrick. This time, the characters in the movie were majorly swapped. Arnold was the good one while Robert Patrick was the evil terminator. I had to give credit to Robert Patrick's performances. He was very scary and he just gave me extreme goose bumps!!!!! While Linda Hamilton and Edward Furlong were playing as The Connor Family, they were really good at it. Again , under the same director, James Cameron, the movie was an instant hit!!! Arnold's line "I'll be back" even became one of the most memorable line ever.

Terminator 3: Rise of The Machine(2003)
After so many years, here came the third installment. In this new sequel, only Arnold Schwarzenegger was the only original cast while the other main characters were either dead or played by very newcomer. Well, I had to say that the third installment did not spark like the previous due to the poor casting(my opinion). Well, the storyline was okay; however, the death of Sarah Connor due to cancer was...Anyway, it was an action-packed movie.

Terminator 4: Salvation (2009)
Arghhhhhhh!!!!!!!! I just can't wait. How will be movie be???? Anyway, this fourth installment's cast was all new. This time, Arnold is finally left out because he has his duty as Governor of California. Ohh, actually, I will have to say that I will miss him inside the movie because he is like the soul of the movie from the beginning. Hopefully, he will make a short appearance in the movie. Anyway, this time, the sequel seems to be very interesting because of all the new casts such as Christian Bale!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Yeah, finally, Terminator is making a very strong comeback after the third sequeal! I am so looking forward to it!!!!

After the saga of TERMINATOR, my insomnia and fullness were finally terminated. However, I"ll be back!!!!!!!!!

Friday, August 22, 2008

I AM A BLOGGER (Stage 2- Going Green)


Ooo, yup, this is the next stage of I AM A BLOGGER(^^){IBLOG}. This is also a new look for I AM A BLOGGER(^^). After going through deep consideration , I have decided to create this new going-green look for I AM A BLOGGER(^^) poster. In this poster, I used very simple words and stickers to express the new theme for the group. In short, I am going green, so does, I AM A BLOGGER group. Hence, under this new stage, not only I would try my best to promote the group and the fellow group members' blogs, I would also like to instill an environmental-vibes into the mind of most people. As you can see from the new poster, the theme is "Going Green - Love Our Earth! I do, but, do you?"

Under this new stage, I would:
  1. Write more articles on environment issues
  2. Introduce more ways to save energy
  3. Learn more about environment
  4. try to spread greenness to everybody

Even though I am still quite new in this environment thingy, I will try my best to really help the environment by starting to go green. Some people might think that my ability to spread green is very limited. But, I am sure that people who care about the environment will be influenced by me sooner or later.{I sound so evil leh(^^)}. Well, if I put my heart and soul into something, I am sure that the results will be fruitful.

Therefore, a few easy ways to start to save the environment:

  1. recycle, reuse, and reuse
  2. save energy by using energy-saving light bulbs
  3. don't let the water running while brushing your teeth, shaving...
  4. try to make natural fertilizers using organic wastes
(Even though these ways are not very fresh and new, how many person actually really do that? If you do, then, it is great. You can go to the next stage. Anyway, my group is not that big, but, one day, I hope I really can touch people hearts and they start to save the environment.)

Lastly, just like my blog desciption:
Love Our Nature! Save Our Trees! Love Our Environment! Save Our Future!

{p.s: I also change my blog icon again, isn't it cute!Photobucket

Thursday, August 21, 2008

X X X xxx XXX - I really V this time!

Nuffnang places some ads on my blog, so, I hope I can get support from you all. You even stand a chance to win fabulous Gold Class Movie ticket!!!!!!(Okey, finish promoting my ad ,{hehe})

Ooo, finally, I took my piano test today. Well, I was not in my best status due to extreme nervousness and lack of confidence. However, I am just glad that it was over. So, come what may, no matter good or bad, I would only say I did my best. So, this post has nothing to do with my piano test at all. Whether I really V in my piano test, I have to wait and find out.


Okey, yesterday, I had received a parcel from DHL service guy(By the way, I am not prmoting DHL). As you can see, it was a medium parcel. I wondered what was inside. After reading the address, omg, it came from Hong Kong. My first parcel and the only parcel from Hong Kong. Well, in the midst of practicing for my piano test, I left it aside first. Then, I just could not overcome my curiosity and opened it!!!!!!!!!!!!Look what was in it! Wow, all the gifts were so cool, even the case for the T-shirt is very nice!!!


Then, I recalled that I have received an email from Channel V. Yes, I had won some merchandise from Channel V for X-Files Movie. Oooo, the gifts were quite cool. Well, I definitely loved the T-shirt most!!! As for the mug, I was like thinking " Why they sent me a cup from thousand miles away?!" Then, there was a mystery waiting for me to discover. I will show you all the truth!!!


Ooo, the cup is actually a colour-changing mug triggered by heat. OOo, when I poured hot water inside, the secret will be revealed!!! [Above is the before and after, neat right!?]

This is my second lucky post!!!! Yeah, I am so lucky(Omg, I am hypnotizing myself again), I really V this time and won a lot of XXXxxxXXX. Well, X-Files has always been my favourite and this time, I want to believe !!!!!!


Saturday, August 16, 2008

WALL-E (^0^) Loves Big Apple?

Yesterday was really a pleasant day. It was a little reunion with my secondary friends. They are long-time-no-see, Ziyang and soon-to-leave, Kokleong. Well, actually, the gathering was like the other gatherings we had.First, a movie followed by a little lunch. Then, a lot of catching up. Well as always, the new gossip King, Zy, knew all the latest juicy news. Actually, we had quite a splendid time together.

Well, the highlight of the gathering was, none other than, the movie we had watched. It was WALL-E. I was glad that we had watch it, it was just superb. Actually, I thought that it was going to be bored since there was not much dialogue involved. But, I was wrong, at the end, it really touched my heart. Well, I have to say this, this is better than Dark Knight!!!(If you are going to hate me, go ahead. I will still stick with my choice). The main reason is that it is not easy to make a robot humane. That was the main reason, in my opinion, it really outshined Dark Knight.

Now, imagine that you are the only person left on earth. You have nothing but some junks, more junks and a cockroach as a pet!?You worked alone because all you friends and colleagues just stopped. Well, this was the main story until the appearance of EVE - an angelic robot with extremely advanced gadgets. Will there be sparks between them?

Then, I also love the development of movie when WALL-E followed EVE to the place where the humans were currently staying. Everything was just right, the pace of the movie was very appropriate until you would not feel bored at all even there was rarely any dialogues in the movie. Apart from that, the movie was definitely very funny, unlike other movies, WALL-E used silent comedy to entertain people. Who have thought that WALL-E(Waste Allocation Load Lifter Earth-class) can be that funny and that entertaining? Will WALL-E impress EVE, the sassy one with astonishing weaponry (Extra-terrestrial Vegetation Evaluator)?All the questions will be answered when you watch the movie!!!!! Almost forgot, in the movie, they used a very, very classical movie's songs. Well, I think that this was brilliant to instill an oldies melody in a modern-futuristic movie!!!! Now, I just love the song very much!

Anyway, does WALL-E love Big Apple? Well, I know that he loves iPod. As for Big Apple, I think that errrr, right now, I can't answer this. But, for me, Big Apple donuts were simply exquisite!!!

Hahaha, finally, I got to taste the Big Apple donuts!!!!!(Only can afford 6 pieces for RM11.50, after watching movie, no more money!)Okey, don't mind me, if you want to find out more about WALL-E, you can use this widget(Isn't this cool!) At its website, omg, you can do just about anything, you can even create your own robot!!!!!!! Faster check it out!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

If Everything Is That Simple...and That Artistic...

Busy is my life right now. Not only I am busy preparing my piano test, I am also busy handling my accommodation for my up-coming semester. Time practically and literally files these days, well, my holiday will be ending in almost 1 month time. To make matter worse, I have not started to revise my note(Currently, my notes are home for millions of spiders) Besides that, I also have to figure the way to settle all the fees, rents, transport, food, etc. Yup, with all the tasks heading my way, I have to start to work already. This is the time when I wish if everything is that simple...

Okey, enough rubbish talk. I think it is time to step up(A quite popular phase from "The Apprentice"). Firstly, I can't do anything else except preparing well for my piano test which obviously I am not prepared at all. Before that, I really can't concentrate. So, my main priority is to finish off my piano test.(Oh, I am very aggressive!)However, I must not overly-obsessed with it. So, today, I will just be simple as A, B, and C. No more piano talk, now, let's talk about art such as drawing and photo-taking. I want to share a little something that I have drawn and taken which are very simple and nice.(Yup, just for a few hours, I want to keep my thought off piano.)

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First of all, I just want to say that I really love rays of sunlight filter through the slightly dark cloud. Well, it is so..or it is such a fantasy because when I see the ray, I see hope as if a stairway to heaven(Okey, note: It is not like the tragic Korean Drama"Stairway To Heaven"). In short, I feel ethereal when this phenomena occurs, just like below.


Today, I also reveal a little secret of me. Actually, I love to draw. I even thought of becoming an artist, a fashion designer, a graphic designer, a landscape, an architect...Instead, now, I am going to an engineer, this is life, you can't see the future. But, you can hope for the best. Okey, it is time to reveal 2 of my masterpieces. I really like them because they seemed so simple, but, it took me quite some time to draw them.

From these two drawings, I learned that drawing can be beautiful even they are plain and simple. There is no need of pouring so much colours on a painting just to make it interesting. In fact, sometimes, a colourless painting reveals more that you think.


Yup, today is a day that I try to be simple and artistic at the same time. (^^). After this, piano time again.(P.S: The moving divider is so cool!)

Monday, August 11, 2008

Piano Concerto - Sassy Canon in C Variation

Actually, I always have heart for music. Even when I was a little child, I enjoy singing in the shower(Well, most people sing in their shower, I guess or do they?) Maybe they would not admit it. Anyway, my music side begins to develop when I was about 6 or 7-year-old. I learned piano along with my siblings. However, back then, I was not that consistent;therefore, just after months of learning, I abandoned it.

Then, when I was in my secondary, the passion was back again when I watched the Korean movie "My Sassy Girl" and Japanese drama "Long Vacation". It was just mesmerizing when they played the piano. Then, I decided to learn piano when I was in Form 1 and there was no turning back. In certain moment, I did try to learn other instruments; but, they are not really my type(Omg, I am like talking again relationship). I really did try, yup, I was a non-active member in Brass Band for 2-3 years, changing from section to section, instrument to instrument,...(Exaggerating again). At the end, piano has my heart again.

In about 10 days, I am going to have my practical test. Well, I am extremely nervous. This is mainly because I think that I did not practice enough after attending class in my Uni(My Uni's piano, not a real piano, an electrical piano, really really....thumb down). After that, I think I start to deteriorate. Oh well, no use crying now. I have to practice very hard these days. In least than 10 days, I have to fix my three pieces, annoying scales(especially 6th apart), aural, sight-reading...I think that is about it. Hopefully, I will pass....(My expectation is not high, okey, just pass....enough...pray)

Okey, put that aside. Today, I finally have the courage to post one of my favourite pieces here, which I played personally(Can see my not-that-nice fingers) Well, I know that it is not perfect. But, I really like it - Canon in C variation from "My Sassy Girl". So, hopefully you all will like it, if you want to criticize it, go ahead, bring it on!!! hehe, really! Because personally, I think that my fingers are rusted. This is the only song I memorize because it really means a lot to me. Yup, this time no exaggeration because after watching this movie, I hope that I will be in a relationship with a girl with long,dark, straight hair who knows how to play this song as well. (Omg, I am making this into a post looking for relationship, nope, again, I believe in love in first sight[how impractical]) Okey, crapping a lot, I better shut up and you all enjoy!!!!!!

P.S: Do you see the NIKE ad down there? very cool leh!!!!I really like this ad.
P.S2:For video uploading, youtube is still the best.Blogger video really needs improvement!
P.S3: Sorry for so many P.Ss , the video was taken with my Nokia 5300, not a video cam.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Room To Let at Taman Muhibbah, Seri Kembangan!!!! [Unavailable]

 [>Halo, dear all:

I have a classify just for anyone who is interested to find rooms in Seri Kembangan,Serdang.

Open to:
Chinese Working Adults or students

-Rooms of double-storey house to let.
-Share bathroom with another room.

-Taman Muhibah, Seri Kembangan.

-Housing area behind Poliklinik Kesihatan Seri Kembangan opposite South City

Near to:
- Serdang KTM Komuter Station (5 minutes walking distance)
- South City Plaza (walking distance)
- Mines Shopping Fair
-chinese Restaurants and mamak stall nearby
- Jusco Cheras Selatan and Jusco Equine (driving distance about 6-8 km)
-Giant Shopping Mall.

Suitable for:
- Working people at Technology Park Malaysia, sg besi, Cyberjaya, MINES,
Balakong, UPM & Putrajaya
- Student with motorcycle to UPM (UPM Sri Serdang is just within 3-5 minutes
- Commuting students/working people via the Serdang KTM Komuter or Sg Besi LRT

- Friendly housemates and nice environment
- facilities available : fridge, TV, water filter, Streamyx, cooking
utensils, kitchen cabinet, etc

Rooms available :
-Master bedroom with ceiling fan : RM 330
-Middle room : RM 250
-Middle room : RM200

(Exclude water and electricity bill)
Available from September onwards

Any questions, please contact Mr.Lee at 012-5216069.

Juz helping a friend to spread the news(^^)

Friday, August 8, 2008

8/8/2008 -- Beijing 2008 Olympic Games starts...


Today is finally arrived. A day of global celebration. A day of historic moment for everyone. A day of people await for a long time. Yes, today is none other than Beijing Olympic Opening Ceremony Day. Most probably, most people are glued in front of the television to watch the opening ceremony. Personally, I am very excited of the fireworks because usually that is the climax of the event.

8/8/2008 at 8pm tonight, will be a night to remember. As you can see, there are a lot of eights in the date and the time. In Chinese Culture, no. 8 is a prosperous number, which also represents wealth and fortune. Oooo, I also like the no.8 too.(^ ^). Obviously, the highlight of the night is also the extremely famous Stadium in Beijing-------Bird Nest(Actually, the bird nest reminds me of a famous and expensive delicacy, 燕窝 a.k.a bird nest) . When all the fireworks are released, I bet the ceremony will be very majestic and breathtaking.

Apart from this, the mascots of Beijing Olympic Games also captivates people around the globe. With five cute and adorable mascots, they symbolize the culture and the tradition of China. Okey, it is time to let them come into the pictures.They are the FUWA(福娃).


Haha, are you all envy of me now? I have a collection of them - key chains and even Chinese famous knots(I think so).

Now, they will be introduced briefly.

From left to right:
  1. Beibei (fish) -symbolizes prosperity and harvest {blue Olympic ring }
  2. Jingjing (panda) -symbolizes blessing of happiness, harmony between human and nature { black Olympic ring}
  3. Huanhuan(Olympic Flame) -symbolizes passion, especially in sports{red Olympic ring}
  4. Yingying(Tibetan Antelope) -symbolizes the vastness of China's landscape, the blessing of health and the strength of the body results from harmony between human and nature{ yellow Olympic ring}
  5. Nini (Swallow) -symbolizes the infinite sky and the spread of good luck when she opens her wings {green Olympic ring}
[Adapted from the "The Official Website of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games"] click here for more info.

Furthermore, the sports games will also be very exciting as well. Which country will top the ranking? Is it China?or, is it going to be America or even Russia? Omg, I really can't wait for the results.

Hopefully, Malaysia Atletes will do Malaysia proud too. Go and snatch as many medals they can. Prove to the world that Malaysia Boleh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Therefore, tonight, don't forget to tune in for the opening ceremony!!!!