Friday, August 1, 2008

Jay a.k.a Xjion89 a.k.a X.J is going GREEN (^ - ^)

How many people really care about the environment? Well, I can't answer that. But, what I can say is that I am going GREEN. When I was still in my tender age, the words such as "deforestation", "global warming", "green house gases", "carbon dioxide", ...were not in my dictionary; therefore, I did not understand them. However, with the existence of education, I had a chance to explore "Green" in more depth.

This is the first time, I really care. Before that, I have to admit that I am not really committed to going "GREEN".But, this time around, I have realized if i don't do anything now, I would regret in the future which the air will be seriously polluted, the water will be severely contaminated, ... So, I am doing my part now. I am starting to recycle plastic wares and tins. Save the trees, Save the environment, Save the future. I am also saving the use of energy, like turn the electrical appliances if they are not in use. Apart from that, this may sounds disgusting, I am also making natural fertilizers with organic waste. This can be done easily, just bury all the organic waste in a deep hole, for better effect, you can even store the organic waste in a container for decomposition.

The first step of going GREEN is actually not that difficult. We can start by practicing the 3Rs, Recycle, Reuse, and Reduce. Enough writing!!!! Just see with your own eyes(^ ^)

We have 4 main waste - Paper, Plastic, Tin, Glass


Too bad, I don't have glass waste production at my home, ooo, it is supposed to be good. (^ ^)


As you can see, I had left my secondary school for so many years(not really), but, I still kept the textbooks. (Actually, I have no choice lah, suddenly change all the syllabus into English). Today, I finally want to let it go. So many years of keeping it safe under my table, it is time for me to release them back to where they came from. (emotional). Bye bye!!!!

Apart from that, I am also saying good bye to my very, very old collection of pencil cases.


One of my favourite pencil case that I used during my primary school.


My favourite cartoon character long time ago, I even named my beloved cat after it, Felix The Cat. (Love its cartoon, wonder what happen to it)


Ohhh, so sweet little Padi Panda, so cute!!!!! Even have a IQ test on it................

I have no idea why I kept them for that long, maybe, I am a person who really appreciates the things around me. But, no matter how much I love them, it is the time for me to let go.

Okey, that is really an emotional recycling job. But, for the future of humanity, I recycle 3 ancient pencil case!? Wow, this must be one of the most historical moment in my life. (^ ^ )

So, what are you waiting for??? Don't grab hold of things that you don't need, just simply let go and recycle. Let's nature run its course, this is the circle of life.

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lcfu said...

well i think we should keep the textbooks, they would become priceless when you get old and wanna have a look then =)

BeArLeOnG89 said...

Aiyo, I have started Green Programme long long time ago loh. Those text books I threw to "surat khabar lama" 2 years ago. Hehe >,< And my old old pencil box was decomposed in the soil 10 years ago loh. Kaka :>

Xjion89 said...

I kept them for too long. It is time to let go.......haizz, that is life, you have no choice to let go(hehe, really emotional)

yup, u r totally green from head to toe. But, don't go green on the hat u wear.hehe...juz kidding..let's go green together.