Sunday, August 24, 2008

Terminate Insomnia(> <)

Yesterday night was a long.....night. Well, all thanked to over-eating of charcoal steamboat. Well, it all started with invitation from Kok Leong who is going to leave soon. He wanted a little gathering before he leaves. So, yesterday, along with Kah Heng, we met at Ipoh Parade. Then, we just went to a steamboat restaurant - Charcoal World {please translate in Chinese(^^)}. That time, the place was packed until we had to squeeze into a very small table.After ordering, we started to grab food, materials for the steamboat. Actually, it was more like a steamboat+buffer which we could eat as much as we wanted. However, wasted food: RM 10.00 PER 100 GRAM and wasted sauce RM 5.00 PER 50 GRAM. Yup, with the average of RM23.00 per person, we did not stop ourselves from having too much.

With our gigantic appetite, we tried our best to taste all the food. As usual, there were fishballs, prawns, deer meat, pork, chicken meat, fried chicken, fried nuggets, french fries, ... and ended the feast of 12 different flavours ice-cream!!!!!!!!!!! Actually, we really had a wonderful time together and too bad, Mr. Ziyang was missing in action! Anyway, we just had fun chit-chatting, eating, laughing, and enjoying the raining atmosphere at the same time. Then, it was time to say good bye. Well, the true saga started from here.

When I reached home, I was quite full. It was only 10.30pm, so it was impossible for me to sleep at all. So , I started watching movies online. Hohoho, yup, I finished Terminator Trilogy in a night.

The Terminator(1984)
Well, after watching it, I would say it was an average classical, not like very extravagant. But, the storyline was very nice. In the first installment, Arnold Schwarzenegger{Omg, his name is so difficult to spell lah, had to check several times} was playing the role of evil robot, trying to terminate Sarah Conner played by Linda Hamilton. Kyle Reese played by Michael Biehn was also sent back in time to protect her. Well, the twist was that he was the true father of John Connor. {Oh, so scandalous and so weird!} Apart from that, the movie was directed by the James Cameron{Titanic}. With all the good elements in the movie, that was why this lead to another sequel.

Terminator 2: The Judgment Day(1991)
Omg, this sequel is superb, way better than the first movie. This was the true classical. Again, the main casts were Arnold Schwarzenegger, Linda Hamilton, and Edward Furlong, and Robert Patrick. This time, the characters in the movie were majorly swapped. Arnold was the good one while Robert Patrick was the evil terminator. I had to give credit to Robert Patrick's performances. He was very scary and he just gave me extreme goose bumps!!!!! While Linda Hamilton and Edward Furlong were playing as The Connor Family, they were really good at it. Again , under the same director, James Cameron, the movie was an instant hit!!! Arnold's line "I'll be back" even became one of the most memorable line ever.

Terminator 3: Rise of The Machine(2003)
After so many years, here came the third installment. In this new sequel, only Arnold Schwarzenegger was the only original cast while the other main characters were either dead or played by very newcomer. Well, I had to say that the third installment did not spark like the previous due to the poor casting(my opinion). Well, the storyline was okay; however, the death of Sarah Connor due to cancer was...Anyway, it was an action-packed movie.

Terminator 4: Salvation (2009)
Arghhhhhhh!!!!!!!! I just can't wait. How will be movie be???? Anyway, this fourth installment's cast was all new. This time, Arnold is finally left out because he has his duty as Governor of California. Ohh, actually, I will have to say that I will miss him inside the movie because he is like the soul of the movie from the beginning. Hopefully, he will make a short appearance in the movie. Anyway, this time, the sequel seems to be very interesting because of all the new casts such as Christian Bale!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Yeah, finally, Terminator is making a very strong comeback after the third sequeal! I am so looking forward to it!!!!

After the saga of TERMINATOR, my insomnia and fullness were finally terminated. However, I"ll be back!!!!!!!!!


lcfu said...

argh.... i love buffet style steamboat... rm 23 is quite expensive though

Xjion89 said...

me too, ooo , becoz it was weekends, so a little bit expensive. Plus, include tax already mah. Anyway, we bunch of guys were eating like 3 days din eat. My friends oso very clever , they took the quite expensive things like prawns, deer meat(not my taste), etc...It was fun!(^^)