Saturday, August 16, 2008

WALL-E (^0^) Loves Big Apple?

Yesterday was really a pleasant day. It was a little reunion with my secondary friends. They are long-time-no-see, Ziyang and soon-to-leave, Kokleong. Well, actually, the gathering was like the other gatherings we had.First, a movie followed by a little lunch. Then, a lot of catching up. Well as always, the new gossip King, Zy, knew all the latest juicy news. Actually, we had quite a splendid time together.

Well, the highlight of the gathering was, none other than, the movie we had watched. It was WALL-E. I was glad that we had watch it, it was just superb. Actually, I thought that it was going to be bored since there was not much dialogue involved. But, I was wrong, at the end, it really touched my heart. Well, I have to say this, this is better than Dark Knight!!!(If you are going to hate me, go ahead. I will still stick with my choice). The main reason is that it is not easy to make a robot humane. That was the main reason, in my opinion, it really outshined Dark Knight.

Now, imagine that you are the only person left on earth. You have nothing but some junks, more junks and a cockroach as a pet!?You worked alone because all you friends and colleagues just stopped. Well, this was the main story until the appearance of EVE - an angelic robot with extremely advanced gadgets. Will there be sparks between them?

Then, I also love the development of movie when WALL-E followed EVE to the place where the humans were currently staying. Everything was just right, the pace of the movie was very appropriate until you would not feel bored at all even there was rarely any dialogues in the movie. Apart from that, the movie was definitely very funny, unlike other movies, WALL-E used silent comedy to entertain people. Who have thought that WALL-E(Waste Allocation Load Lifter Earth-class) can be that funny and that entertaining? Will WALL-E impress EVE, the sassy one with astonishing weaponry (Extra-terrestrial Vegetation Evaluator)?All the questions will be answered when you watch the movie!!!!! Almost forgot, in the movie, they used a very, very classical movie's songs. Well, I think that this was brilliant to instill an oldies melody in a modern-futuristic movie!!!! Now, I just love the song very much!

Anyway, does WALL-E love Big Apple? Well, I know that he loves iPod. As for Big Apple, I think that errrr, right now, I can't answer this. But, for me, Big Apple donuts were simply exquisite!!!

Hahaha, finally, I got to taste the Big Apple donuts!!!!!(Only can afford 6 pieces for RM11.50, after watching movie, no more money!)Okey, don't mind me, if you want to find out more about WALL-E, you can use this widget(Isn't this cool!) At its website, omg, you can do just about anything, you can even create your own robot!!!!!!! Faster check it out!

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