Thursday, August 14, 2008

If Everything Is That Simple...and That Artistic...

Busy is my life right now. Not only I am busy preparing my piano test, I am also busy handling my accommodation for my up-coming semester. Time practically and literally files these days, well, my holiday will be ending in almost 1 month time. To make matter worse, I have not started to revise my note(Currently, my notes are home for millions of spiders) Besides that, I also have to figure the way to settle all the fees, rents, transport, food, etc. Yup, with all the tasks heading my way, I have to start to work already. This is the time when I wish if everything is that simple...

Okey, enough rubbish talk. I think it is time to step up(A quite popular phase from "The Apprentice"). Firstly, I can't do anything else except preparing well for my piano test which obviously I am not prepared at all. Before that, I really can't concentrate. So, my main priority is to finish off my piano test.(Oh, I am very aggressive!)However, I must not overly-obsessed with it. So, today, I will just be simple as A, B, and C. No more piano talk, now, let's talk about art such as drawing and photo-taking. I want to share a little something that I have drawn and taken which are very simple and nice.(Yup, just for a few hours, I want to keep my thought off piano.)

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First of all, I just want to say that I really love rays of sunlight filter through the slightly dark cloud. Well, it is so..or it is such a fantasy because when I see the ray, I see hope as if a stairway to heaven(Okey, note: It is not like the tragic Korean Drama"Stairway To Heaven"). In short, I feel ethereal when this phenomena occurs, just like below.


Today, I also reveal a little secret of me. Actually, I love to draw. I even thought of becoming an artist, a fashion designer, a graphic designer, a landscape, an architect...Instead, now, I am going to an engineer, this is life, you can't see the future. But, you can hope for the best. Okey, it is time to reveal 2 of my masterpieces. I really like them because they seemed so simple, but, it took me quite some time to draw them.

From these two drawings, I learned that drawing can be beautiful even they are plain and simple. There is no need of pouring so much colours on a painting just to make it interesting. In fact, sometimes, a colourless painting reveals more that you think.


Yup, today is a day that I try to be simple and artistic at the same time. (^^). After this, piano time again.(P.S: The moving divider is so cool!)


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Nice!! Keep it up!! :)

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