Saturday, August 30, 2008

Swimmer's Dream

Well, I am not really a swimmer. I am just somebody who start to learn how to swim. Actually, when I was very young, I always have a dream of learning how to swim. When I went to beach, swimming pool, I saw people there swimming freely in the water. At that moment I felt very envious of them. However, to my own surprise, for 19 years walking on the earth, I never thought of taking swimming lesson until now. Isn't this weird or what?

Maybe, this is all thanks to my current university which, by the way, has an exquisite swimming pool there. Let me show you the beautiful swimming pool!

my uni pool

Isn't beautiful? {Plus, most of my friends there know how to swim, some of them even represent their state} So, one time, when I tried the pool together with them, I felt very embarrassed{Ultra-paiseh leh}

However, after this long holiday, everything will be changed because finally, my little dream of learning how to swim finally came true! In this 2 months, I tried my best to learn swimming starting from zero. Basically, when I was young, I only sank into the water. Plus, I was hydrophobic due to a silly prank from someone. He pushed me into a very deep river that time. Ever since, I was allergic to deep water; but, happy with shallow water.

Now, I am back with vengeance{not really} after 19 years of avoidance of my own passion towards swimming. Yes, I finally came to my senses and learned how to swim in a medium-size swimming pool filled with rich uncles, aunties and noisy children. Due to the rise of petrol and the lack of transportation, I located a personal club with a swimming pool nearby my house that offers swimming lesson. Below are the details:

  1. Fee : RM 40 per month {unlimited swimming practice, I went there almost 3 times a week, every time 2 hours}
  2. Coach: A very funny, dark-skinned retired uncle with a super loud voice.
  3. Equipment:Goggle, swimming trunk, and a board.
  4. Place : A nice club house with a swimming pool.
  5. Friend: None{all either uncles, aunties or very young children}
  6. Distance:Walking distance{But, quite far}
  7. Pro : I can swim 7 days a week as I like, Near my house, fee is reasonable.
  8. Con : Outdoor pooL{Very common}, a little bit embarrass {I am in the middle between uncle and children}

Haha, as you can see, the list provides a very detail inside regarding my swimming lesson. I love the fact that I can practice there anytime I want even though I am a non-member. Besides, there is less pressure to learn with children and uncles. Okay, like this, if my speed of learning is quite slow compared to children, the excuse will be I AM OLD ALREADY LOH. However, if compared to uncles and aunties, the excuse will be THEY HAVE MORE EXPERIENCE THAN ME. Either way, my excuses are still very reasonable{ Self-hypnotized again to console myself} Right now, I will show you all my progression in 2 months time:

Ooo, please note that this person is not me; this image is merely for illustration purpose. {haha, I am not that hot because I am fat and not nice to look at}

Week 1-3 : Breaststroke
Yup, it took the longest time for me to learn because I was still not familiar with water. Uncle Wong said :" You control the water, don't let the water control you". Listening to his advice, I practiced quite frequently. Finally, I was able to swim breaststroke. But, unlike the competition one, my style is more leisure. In addition, I also learned to swim breaststroke on the surface and breaststroke underwater{cool leh (^^)}. There are even more, usually people learn freestyle, first but, uncle wanted to teach me breaststroke so that I would not be bored{ So nice 1}. With breaststroke, I even learned how to "stand water".

Again, for illustration purpose only.

Week 4-5 : Backstroke + Freestyle leg
Personally, I think I am particularly weak in backstroke. Even though I can swim backstroke, I can't last long. I have no idea why. Anyway, I think that of all the style this is most difficult. Well, I am very bad at floating. So, in this case, it is not easy for me to lay down on the water. At least, I can swim a short distance. At the same time, I was also learning the freestyle kick. It was quite frustrating because at first, no matter how hard I kicked, I did not seemed to move at all. Finally, it took quite some time to kick it right!

Week 6-7: Freestyle + Butterfly style hand
Well, after learning the kick, I thought it would be easy for me to learn the hand. I was wrong because I am left-handed. Yes, everything I learned for freestyle, had to be on the opposite site. Another nice quote from Uncle Wong:" Most of my students are right-handed, for 10 students, almost te... nine of them are right-handed". {It was obvious that he was almost about to say "ten" instead of "nine"} Anyway, like I cared, I still can learn. So, again, I practiced with all my might until my joints between my shoulder and arm suffered in great pain. But, no pain no gain, I finally was able to swim beautifully in freestyle. But, uncle said that I am still too nervous and not naturally when I dropped my hands. Nevermind, practice makes perfect. Hence, I could start on my butterfly style already. Ooo, it was not easy at all because I had to learn the dolphine kick before the hand. The kick was alright. But, the hand was quite tough. It needed a lot of energy. So, at first, when I combined both hands and legs, it was too heavy for me to "fly" like a butterfly{literally speaking} because, when I move my hands, I really need to move forward with symmetrical hands. So, like a very heavy stone, after I flew, I sank miserably underwater. What to do? Practice again lah!

Week 8: Butterfly style + freestyle turning {Again, that is not me[impossible]}
I did not see this coming at all when Uncle Wong said "You passed already". Officially, I can swim already even though I am still suck weak in it. Therefore, for the last week, I practiced very hard for my butterfly style. To my surprise, even though I am very slow in speed, at least, I can "fly" like a very slow butterfly. {Haha} I even learned the freestyle turning. It was very difficult, like, you have to roll over underwater. OOo, but, I was glad that I learned all the styles already, did I leave any?

Finally, in 2 months , 4 styles, maybe to you all, it seems like whatever. But, I am very contented with my progress{plus a darker skin tone}. Yup, I even feel that I am more healthy than ever. However, 2 hours for every practice was still too much! My advice is that you can practice hard, but, don't practice too hard!{ I am suffering from kneel pain, joint pain, ...} I am in pain right now, but, it is a pain of satisfactory!(^^). Do you know how to swim? If not, take the lesson now, it is never too late as the saying goes liket this "Late better than never"{Somemore, people like me, hydrophobic,also can learn how to swim, I bet you can conquer your fear way easier than me!!!!!!!Just believe in yourself!(^^)

p.s : Don't hate this post because of its length, I wrote it will all my heart!!! I want to inspire people to learn to swim because I was once part of them.


zє๓ค๔-ﻮคlz said...

Awesome, wish that I can swim daily too...

Xjion89 said...

ooo, swim daily would be very painful for my legs and arms . hehe, anyway, it is fun to know how to swim!