Monday, August 25, 2008


Well, today or just now, I went back to my ex-secondary school - Sam Tet, Ipoh, along with Ziyang and Kokleong. Actually, Kokleong was about to leave Malaysia and continue his studies in Canada under JPA. So, just to accompany him(okay, I also want to visit the teachers), we went to meet some of our favourite teachers.

Anyway, when we went there, nothing seemed to change, except for the new faces. We really had a fun time there. However, the teachers were quite busy. But, we were able to catch up some gossips from them.{Hehe, one of our main objectives}. Well, we chatted with Miss Ong very long until she needed to attend the class.{Non-stop gossiping of our ex-classmates of Form 5}

After that, we just let ourselves out of the school compound and continued our chatting at Ipoh Parade which was just opposite the school. Again, non-stop chatting and gossiping were involved until our big brother, Mr. Ziyang was about to leave us again. {Haiz, he is always busy}. He left me and Kokleong. Well, then, we just talked about everything until Mr Kokleong talked about I did not do anything during my 3 months holiday.

Okay, firstly, I really need to explain a lot. I told him that well, I did practice hard for my piano test. Hehe, then, he said that I got 3 months to practice and I can practice every night. {Omg, the pieces were like very...very boring and difficult and the scale was like staccato and legato} If I had practiced every single day, I would have gone nuts!!!, also not to mention that my fingers will be swollen. Therefore, I practiced my pieces every 2 days after Miss Van advised not to over-practice otherwise, I would be very irritated to play my pieces when the exam is near. I practice modestly, without hating my pieces that much{You just can't over do something or else you will get sick of doing the same thing} Anyway, this was just a little issue that came up during our conversation. At the end, I knew that I did my best and my standard was not that high, passing will do for me.

Now, back to the unofficial farewell. Haiz, Kokleong will be leaving in these few days and spending 4 years in Canada. Hopefully, he will do well and all the best to him{ I must say this to him before he leaves---------- Remember to bring more food, food is very expensive due to currency exchange} Hahaha, plus, please contact your friends here, including me with MSN or Skype because phone, sms... are too expensive. Ohh, if you have time, you can write to me too!!!{But, it will take a while to get your letters}

Kokleong, if you read this post, I hope all the best to you and may you have a safe journey to Canada and enjoy your time there!!!!

Okay, after the little farewell, I think it is time for me to tell everybody about what I did during my holiday!!!!!!!!! Otherwise, most people will just have a very bad impression me like I am lazy, fat, Otaku, guy who only loves to waste his time in front of the tv and computer all day long.{ooo, I admit that I am partially an Otaku who loves anime, but, not really obsessed}.

Firstly, for my summer holiday, I did work for 1 month. What if I did not work? Does this make me a bad person or a useless fellow? I really want to work, but, there was no transportation for me unless I worked weekend, so, I did work as a telephone operator who conducted survey on the phone for a month. After that, due to the rise of petrol, it was not really worthy for me to drive that long distant to work. Moreover, that time, I was starting my piano lesson again. Then, during this period, I praticed piano and even took swimming lesson facing my 19 years of hydrophobia. Now, I am preparing for my course to start, I did read some notes and did some paper work. Okay, maybe my life is quite dull or lack of working days, but, after my graduation, my life will be all about working, so, why not I enjoy learning something new now! I even self-learned a little bit of French and Japanese. Please don't ever judge a person by his cover or holiday!!!!

Here is my list of "What I did for My Holiday":

  1. I worked as a telephone operator conducting survey on the phone.
  2. I learned and practiced my piano, and took my piano Grade 8 practical test.
  3. I battled my 19-year of hydrophobia, and now, I am able to swim all the 4 styles{breaststroke, freestyle, backstroke, and butterfly syle{still a beginner} in 2 months time}
  4. I joined a hell lot of contests until I won some limited merchandises. Here
  5. I applied for JPA scholarship, currently, waiting for their reply.{This scholarship is really worth a lot more than the money I will make in this 3 months}
  6. I blogged the whole time except during my piano test, in hope of meeting some new friends, sharing my thoughts, and making little money from it.
  7. I redecorated my room in a week time with a huge change.
  8. I started a IBLOG group for promoting blogging and promoting environmental-friendliness.
  9. I self-learned basic French and Japanese{Both still in amateur stage}
  10. I went green for the environment and went red for the blood-donation. {I felt quite happy doing all these charity work.}

Okay , these were all the stuffs I did during my holiday. Maybe, they seemed like small matters; however, to me , they meant a lot. Actually, I want to say is that this is my holiday, if I have worked all the time, I might miss the chance of doing some of the most meaningful things during my holiday. So, please don't judge me because I did not work throughout my holiday! and I did worked for 3 months in a row before {Well, I worked as a part time-blogger, hopefully, you all can support my ads{haiz, really need to show people that I really did something meaningful and blogging is one of them}}

Anyway, a big thanks to Kokleong for inspiring me to write this post. Hopefully, I can explain myself that I did something quite meaningful during holiday and I blog about it!{Omg, I sound so serious in this post! I hope that I did not sound too harsh, it was just an explanation to myself} Okay, after explaining myself, I think I need to take a rest! Off to swimming lesson!!! Bye bye for now(^^)


Billy said...

Owh, you're from the famous SamTet school ah. Hehe.. Your result must be very good. Hope you get your scholarship!

You did quite a lot in your 3 months wor.... For the past 3 months, I only goyang my kaki and tangan till all dropped off already. Hahaha~~ =P

Xjion89 said...

haha, u oso hv a splendid time, tavelling and seeing new things. My results okay only lah. Hopefully will get the scholarship, really need it!