Monday, August 11, 2008

Piano Concerto - Sassy Canon in C Variation

Actually, I always have heart for music. Even when I was a little child, I enjoy singing in the shower(Well, most people sing in their shower, I guess or do they?) Maybe they would not admit it. Anyway, my music side begins to develop when I was about 6 or 7-year-old. I learned piano along with my siblings. However, back then, I was not that consistent;therefore, just after months of learning, I abandoned it.

Then, when I was in my secondary, the passion was back again when I watched the Korean movie "My Sassy Girl" and Japanese drama "Long Vacation". It was just mesmerizing when they played the piano. Then, I decided to learn piano when I was in Form 1 and there was no turning back. In certain moment, I did try to learn other instruments; but, they are not really my type(Omg, I am like talking again relationship). I really did try, yup, I was a non-active member in Brass Band for 2-3 years, changing from section to section, instrument to instrument,...(Exaggerating again). At the end, piano has my heart again.

In about 10 days, I am going to have my practical test. Well, I am extremely nervous. This is mainly because I think that I did not practice enough after attending class in my Uni(My Uni's piano, not a real piano, an electrical piano, really really....thumb down). After that, I think I start to deteriorate. Oh well, no use crying now. I have to practice very hard these days. In least than 10 days, I have to fix my three pieces, annoying scales(especially 6th apart), aural, sight-reading...I think that is about it. Hopefully, I will pass....(My expectation is not high, okey, just pass....enough...pray)

Okey, put that aside. Today, I finally have the courage to post one of my favourite pieces here, which I played personally(Can see my not-that-nice fingers) Well, I know that it is not perfect. But, I really like it - Canon in C variation from "My Sassy Girl". So, hopefully you all will like it, if you want to criticize it, go ahead, bring it on!!! hehe, really! Because personally, I think that my fingers are rusted. This is the only song I memorize because it really means a lot to me. Yup, this time no exaggeration because after watching this movie, I hope that I will be in a relationship with a girl with long,dark, straight hair who knows how to play this song as well. (Omg, I am making this into a post looking for relationship, nope, again, I believe in love in first sight[how impractical]) Okey, crapping a lot, I better shut up and you all enjoy!!!!!!

P.S: Do you see the NIKE ad down there? very cool leh!!!!I really like this ad.
P.S2:For video uploading, youtube is still the best.Blogger video really needs improvement!
P.S3: Sorry for so many P.Ss , the video was taken with my Nokia 5300, not a video cam.


v4n3s2a_k said...

Good job Jay :) U said u don't mind comments right? Ngiek ngiek ngiek.. I'm sure u expect the worst after seeing that its a comment from me :p However! As a piano senior, here goes: Lil' slips here n there and sounds like ur in a lil' bit of a rush (were u nervous?). Could have been better if u put more feelings into the song, which im sure is a brush for u since u love this song so much. Overall, nice one! ;)

Xjion89 said...

hehe, I dun mind becoz comments are guides for improvement. Err, not really nervous, juz a little bit tension in my spine becoz my test is coming soon. Anyway, thanks for ur comment, I will work on it(Personally, I think I stil lack of romance in playing piano).hehehe, thanks again.(^^)

v4n3s2a_k said...

What Grade are you in? Practice hard but don't practice too much because it will make you lose interest in your pieces. It is crucial to love your songs and bring out the best in them. Remember to be confident even if you make minor slips. If you are too panicky take a deep breath before you start and don't rush yourself. The examiner won't minus marks for that :D All the best!

puiyeel said...

Hey! Nice song there!
I love Canon too, but couldn't play it yet. Good luck in ur exams ya!!

lcfu said...

admire those who can play any music instrument... i will let my children learn any one of those they like

Xjion89 said...

Thanks a lot. I will try my best, Grade 8, the last 1 for me. Mybe will retired after this.hehe, c c 1st.

Hey, really thank you. Hope that u can play soon too.

Well, u can learn too. But, i guess u r too bc. Haha, so, planing to work hard for ur children. Very good!!!Full of fatherhood oredi! Gambateh(^^)