Monday, August 4, 2008

Bloody + Mummy 3

As you can see from my title, I am going to talk about Mummy 3. But, before that, I am going to share with you all another very interesting incident that happened yesterday. Actually, I wanted to update yesterday. However, my blogger got problem. Sigh...Oh well, what can I do? I have no choice but to update today.

Before giving out the details, let's play a little games. I will give you hints, let's guess. No prizes, but a lot of fun.


  1. A bottle that I drank from it.
  2. A towel with my sweat on it.
  3. An empty plastic which I ate from it.
p.s: This is not an e-bay auction. Well, who wants to buy anyway(hehe, all people want is Britney's) Okey, with these kind of hints, most probably, you won't be able to know what happen.

more hints........

  1. A plaster on my (beautiful) arm, hehe, I guess this is the main hint.
  2. A lot of free food.
  3. A beautiful key chain
  4. A couple of tickets, well, this is the hint for the next incident.
Yup, you guess right!!! Yesterday, I went to donate blood. Actually, this is already the third time I donated blood.

It really felt good after donating blood, like I did a good thing(I did). Actually, yesterday, a lot of people were very supportive including me and my friend, Kok Leong. There were even a group of volunteers helping at the event. That was truly a event of charity. After donating blood, they even gave us a goodies-bag which consisted of food, drink, key chain, towel and etc. So, what you waiting for, a drop saves a life-----------don't be afraid to donate your blood because your red blood cells will eventually be destroyed in your body. So, if your blood can save a life, then, donate!!!!


Be a part of this meaningful even! Your blood might save more lives than you thought.!!!

Now it is the time to talk about Mummy 3.

Obviously, after donating blood, I was just near the cinema, so, again, I planned to waste some money again. With Kok Leong again, we watched The Mummy 3:The Tomb of The Dragon Emperor. Actually, I had high expectation towards this movie. This was because the Mummy and Mummy 2 were huge successes. The old movies combined the ancient and the mystical of Egypt and brought alive a movie of mysterious with ancient language, codes, and spells. Of course, I really liked the old Evelyn played by Rachel Weisz.

In this new movie, it shifted the plot from mysterious Eygpt to ancient China. This time, a lot of Chinese actors were added to pump in new excitement, such as Michelle Yeoh-Our Own Datuk, Jet Li, Isabella Leong, Russell Wong, and Jessey Meng. However, because the movie revolved a lot on the rivalry between Emperor Han by Jet Li and Zi Juan-Michelle Yeoh, the O'Connell family was little bit neglected. Apart from that, the new Evelyn was very adventurous, but, the old Evelyn just mesmerized the audience. Nonetheless, new Evelyn can really fight.

The O'Connell Family really made a great team. But, actually, I was hoping that their son won't grow up that fast. Like at least, in this movie ,he is still a teenager. But, to my surprise, his son was all grown up. Brendan Fraser was in his middle-age(But, actually, they looked like brother than father and son.)

I told you all already, they really looked like brothers.

They have been mother and daughter for more than 2000 years, Omg, they are really go at maintaning their appearances(真的很会保养哦)

The Emperor Han who united the China in the movie. He was very powerful, capable of controlling the 5 elements, water, wood, metal, fire, earth. A man crazed for power and eternity of life.

Mummy 3 was another must-watch movie. With the plot set in China, it really made the movie very interesting. I also loved the story of the beginning when Zi Juan cursed Emperor Han, it was a beautiful story.


Monica said...

I've never been able to donate blood despite numerous attempts as I felt nervous...LOL

KoKleOnG89 said...

Haiz, I felt damn tired after donate my priceless blood. Need to sleep more to regenerate my energy. >,<

Xjion89 said...

ooo, actually not tat scary. Dun hv to feel nervous because it is not painful at all.really!(^^)

omg, u are very weak lah. I am just fine after donating blood. hehe, u shud donate more !!!