Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Mental Boosting Songs (^^) ~

It is kinda funny! With all the crazy things running around, there are several mental boosting songs that accompany me throughout the hardship! Yes, assignments and exams will always be around the corner making you crazy a bit! Then, here comes the Savior! I roughly remember what songs had been with me throughout those almost falling moment for me; yet, they pulled me up again and again!

Foundation Year
  • Teardrops on my guitar (Taylor Swift)
  • Love Songs (Sara Bareilles)
  • Man Eater (Nelly Furtado)
Yup, I was listening to them non-stop when I have assignment-rush and exam-revision! They give me some weird energy boost!

Year 1
  • Mariah Carey 18 No. Hits!!!!!!!
  • Touch My Body
  • We belong together
  • It's like that !
  • Through the rain!!!!!! (Still my fav)

 Year 2
  • Love Song (方大同)
  • 爱情万岁 (郑秀文)
  •  Voice Within (Christina Aguilera)
  • Toxic (Britney Spears)
Year 3
  • 礼物 (刘力杨)
  • 一半 (丁当)
  • 没那么简单 (黄小琥)
  • Love You Like A Love Song (Selena Gomez) @@~~
  • Rolling in Deep (Adele)
Year 4
  • 想自由 (Yoga Lim)
  • A thousand Years (Christina Perri)
  • It will Rain (Bruno Mars)
  • Someone like You (Adele)
  • End of Time (Beyonce)
  • Love On Top (Beyonce)
  • Dance for You (Beyonce) (18 sx)

Oh Yes, currently crazy of this video!!! It is just plain amazing and full of motion (^^)
This is song of my sunshine this year!!!! It gives me a breath of fresh air with loads of sunlight!!!
Totally My QUEEN (^^)~
Anyhow, still don't have time to do blog-visit (><) To do list:
  • Examinations - 4 modules
  • FYP still needs to continue
  • CFD Coursework while preparing for exam @@~~~~~~~~~~