Wednesday, August 31, 2011

KTM just Gave The Nation an Unforgettable Merdeka and Hari Raya Celebration!

I sudah balik-ed kampung~ Therefore, today, I decided to take the 3 something bus to return to KL. It was a bit jammed at Simpang Pulai. However, after that, the journey was all smooth until the real nightmare came into my life! 

The bus dropped me at the KL Central. Obviously, to reach my place, I needed to take the KTM ~~~ (><)!!!! So, I reached there around 6.30 p.m. I was thinking it would not be as crowded as the usual days because of the holiday. Think again, I was super wrong! When i reached the platform, it was truly a sea of people! Basically,most of them were foreign workers! Yup, they really conquered KL during holiday!!!!~~

Well, the sea of humans weren't horrifying; but, the never-coming trains were definitely terrifying! From 6.35 p.m, the train did come; but, it was impossible for me to squeeze inside the train at all because of my luggage. Then, for the past 1.5 hours, I was stuck there with a huge crowd and barely could breathe without air-condition! 

The broadcaster kept on saying because of technical problem between Bank Negara and KL stations; therefore, only 1 rail could be used! I was like even if 1 rail could be used at a time, there would be a way to balance the time and the train because usually the trains came at different time. Oh well! 

Finally, I was able to push my way into the train. Then, there were people shouting and pushing. Yup, currently, I am full of bruises and cuts! There was this girl finally could not stand it and shouted out:

I beh tahan; biar saya turun!!!!~~

I should have followed her. For the journey on the train, I was super uncomfortable with people pressing on me and I could not move and my heong piang all ruined!!!!!!!!!!!~~~I was sweating from inside and outside!!! People inside the train were all talking and laughing; Yes, Maggie, their smells were more horrible than me!!!!~ Oh please, when there are so many people in the train, please shut up because you are taking a lot O2!!!~

Anyway, "thanks" to KTM for making this a "wonderful" and unforgettable celebration of Merdeka Day and Hari Raya celebration!!!! You always give me "good" memories!


Monday, August 29, 2011

Pudu Central (The Old Puduraya)


The old Puduraya has finally gone through an extreme makeover! Abundant of money was invested into the renovation process. Wah lah, here is the exterior design of the new Pudu Central! To me, the exterior design is not that important~

Let's go inside and have a look!


Well, the interior is majestically white! Most of the shop lots are still empty. But, the design is still lack of consideration! The ticket booths are situated at the 1st floor. And, before that, there is a staircase that we need to take before getting to the elevator! Imagine that old people need to carry their luggage and walk the stairs@@~~


The atmosphere there is cool because of the internal air-condition. There are ample of spaces for the visitors. So, no worry for not having enough seats! Of course, there are numerous of the digital screens to show the visitors the departure time and platform. This, I give credit~


The passage way to the bus terminal is beautifully designed. But, it is not really convenient for the visitors because the sign on how to open the doors is so small~~ Very paiseh leh, I had a hard time finding the button there..hohohoho~~~


Wednesday, August 24, 2011

University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus Green Week (UMNC) Going Green!

Finally, after studying so many years, my uni decided to take huge step in going green! Even though I consider myself as a green person, I still think my effort is not that strong~ I practice 3Rs and try to minimise the usage of energy and water. I am hoping to venture into renewable energy field. Oh well, what a nice dream I have! 



This was the launching of Green Week. The second picture was the programme prepared by Our Nature Club. To be honest, this was one of the most successful event in 2011 in UNMC Campus (^^)~~~ I joined almost all the events there. (Catch? I can get a free tupperware and also support the Green Trend)~~


After the launching, there was a tree planting ceremony! Oh yes, I planted a tree that day (^^) Hopefully after 10 years away, the tree will stand strong and shade our Motherland !~


The next event was a talk from The Greenest Man on Planet! Super duper coool!!!~~~~


The last night was a SUPER DUPER fun night which was like a little Pasar Malam with night show (^^)

Oh yeahhhhhhh~~~ these were the goodies I got from the event! It was so coool~~


Monday, August 22, 2011

I am Getting Lucky Again ( Lucky Lamp)

It had been a while since I share any lucky news. But, I can't keep this anymore. Hahaha, actually, not really, I am so busy that I lost track that I actually won something this year!~~Hohohoho~ FYI, Mr Kenneth Fan~ So, I randomly joined an online contest host by Sunrise Berhad. Just accidentally, I won the consolation prize. (I was hoping to win the grand prize - ipad)......(><) Oh well, it is my luck!~


Here was the prize collection venue! Super duper not easy to find! However, I was only late for 15 mins..hehehhee~Oh well, it was a simple event! But, totally grand though!~ However, when I went to the assigned shop to collect the lamp, the owner was rather irresponsible! He insisted that there were not stocks ~~ (What~~ Then, don't promise the company like that lah)~~~Cis~~~


This is lucky lamp I won! Well, I don't really want to talk about its worth~It is not about the money money moeny~ It is just about some little good things that happened in my life.....I am just a grateful to have won something...Hahaha, I am super duper easy to be contented even I won a little key chain(^^)~~

For those who are reading this post, Have A Lucky Year (^^)


Thursday, August 18, 2011

I am a What? Weird Uncle Magnet??? Thanks to KTM

Every day seems like moving so slow for me, to an extend, it is a hellish feeling! So, today or just now, KTM gave me another horrible slap on my face! So, at 7.47pm, I reached KTM. As indicated by their notice, the next train should be arriving at 8pm! Guess what?! It only arrrived at 8.50pm! 

Oh yes, I waited for a freaking hour!!!! But, that was not all. A weird Chinese uncle just dropped by and greeted with me. At least, I felt nothing until he walked one round and sat by side. Then, he took out a magazine and started to laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh.......Until there were too many people there, he decided to shut up~~~

This wasn't the 1st time I met weird Uncle. Last time, in KTM (again), an Indian uncle just took his cloth bag and started to throw stuffs on the floor~ like coins, fake teeth , etc~ Confirmed, I am a Weird Uncle Magnet which means that I am soon become a Weird Uncle in the future!!!!!!!

The story don't just end there. When I finally reached my stop, I realised that he was staying near by too~ In the midst of walking towards my home, he became a bir weirder when he suddenly shouted and talked to the air~ Then, he straightaway "released" by the road side with people walking passed. (@@)~~~

But, come to think of it, maybe he is either desperate for attention or as suggested by my medic friend, he got a disorder~ Anyhow, I think he just needs some1 to care for me~ So, have to treat your parents good good good oooo~

Anyway, just a bits and pieces of my life ~


Sunday, August 14, 2011

I Love Flying in The Lunar Night!

Oh yes, another MIA from me~ These few months were really unexpected busy! From internship to holiday, everything just seemed to "lum" together. Anyway, hahahaha~ I am in my hometown again~ Loving everything here! It is so weird. I have been spending my lifetime in hometown; yet, I feel nothing much about it until I leave this beautiful place. People really only start to appreciate when things are gone! Oh yeah!

Anyhow, I bet you are still scratching your head thinking how come I love flying in the lunar night?? Hahaha, it is my 1st Nike which I picked myself finally!~~Yes, previously, my dad always pass his old shoes to me to wear! This time, I finally have the chance to choose my NIKE. 

I know it sounds a bit exaggerating. Unlike my friends, they are rich and wealthy. I see them getting themselves a lot of pairs of NIKE. For me, I am usually a person who love 1 thing almost for a lifetime unless it is spoiled or lost or kena stolen. If not mistaken, this will be my shoes for the next 5 - 8 years~~No kidding!  So, no time being wasted, announce my baby:


Pretty right? I think this shoes really suits my personality. I love to brag~ But, not too much! Hahaha, if you notice, the shoes usually will remain under the radar. However, in the night, you will see it glowing!!! Yes!!! Loving it(^^)


LUNARFLY is such a beautiful name! I love everything from head to toe even some of friends said tat it is normal and not nice...It all goes back to personal taste (^^).....

Tata, planning to take my LUNARFLY a night jog (^^)


Thursday, August 4, 2011

The 4-Legged Creature A.K.A Monitor Lizard

I feel so much better right now. Thanks for your support my friend! I am less emo now (^^)

If you remember my previous posts on animals, you basically can guess that my house is a mini zoo. Sometimes, it also attracts some uninvited "wild" guests. For example, my Panda (German Shepherd) was killed by a Cobra... (here). Anyway, it was just another normal day when my dogs were barking crazily~

Just in an instance, my dad spotted the 4-legged creature! It was very huge! (I didn't even know the English name of this creature)..Haha, I have to admit my vocab sucks!~ Anyway, my brave dad who is always looking for adventure, decided to capture the monitor lizard himself. If for me, I will lock the door and ignore its existence. Hahaha~ look at how long it was!

No kidding! It was super long and we suspected that it was actually feeding on our fishes! Kesian our fish (><)~ Instead of killing it, papa decided to release it (放生). I think it is some sort of a way to redeem the sins we did intentionally and unintentionally. So, if you see any horrible abuse of animals, try to set them free! You are doing a good deed!

Oh yes, a close up! Its scale looks pretty right! My dad was trying to sort a number from its pattern. Haiz, how typical~ Like that also can derive number@@~~~

After that, we released it to the huge drain near our house. Hopefully,it will not be coming back~Did i mention that this is the 3rd monitor my dad caught? (@@)